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Wien | 11.11.2006 | 12:07 
Dave digs the dirt, webtips and IT-memes.

Pinguin, BorisJordan

Today's webtip
Merlin Mann
  Is a pretty clever guy. Especially when it comes to getting organized, something I seem to always be struggling with.

One of the areas he has been working on recently is getting peoples music collections under control. iTunes has had a wonderful little thing called smart playlists for quite some time now, and people who have played with them tend to really like it. They aren't completely intuitive though, and some people might need a little primer to get up to speed on the possibilities they open up.

Mr. Mann has been kind enough to put together some examples of smart playlists that can get your colleciton more organized and trimmed. They are also good examples for you to go on and build your own smart playlists.

I like tattoos
  I even used to do them. I also used to be a graphic designer. Although there are some skill sets shared by both jobs, a good tattoist doesn't always make a good designer, and a good designer doesn't always make good tattoo designs.

Reset Design is giving it a shot though. They have sponsored an exhibition of tattoos designed by some of there favorite designers, who have been asked to ppropose new directions for tattoos.

Some worked others didn't. What do you think?

  Is the reason for today's webtip as well.

Sometimes I forget that I'm a geek. Or nerd as the tests might say. Anyway, I frequently assume more interest or knowledge in particular areas than some of you might share with me. That is, of course, a very good thing but it can probably make some of the posts here a bit confusing.

Since I would much rather confuse people on purpose than by accident, I'm going to see if I can't present some more basic information for once.

Mit Firefox Per Du is an 11 chapter introduction to the wonders of that foxy web browser. It includes a lot of basic information on how to do various things, like basic navigation, setting the homepage, installing extension, and most importantly for Illarion I hope, getting Adblock to run.

Hope this helps Illarion.

  was looking for an adblocking solution for IE yesterday. That was a bit of tasty serendipity since I just switched over to Opera and am also looking for a decent adblocking solution. One that goes beyond the content blocker built in to Opera.

Unfortunately for Ilarion, I don't have access to anything that can run IE right now. Fortunately for Ilarion, I have found something that will work with any browser you might want to use.

It's called Privoxy, and it is a proxy that you can run from your local machine. It's not quite as easy to use as Adblock, but just downloading it and installing it will give you a fairly effective block against most annoying web content. It tamed MySpace right off the bat, replacing that forest of slow loading ads with checkered boxes.

It also blocked the artists music. That means that you WILL have to roll up your sleeves and figure out how to configure it. Well, I will have to, and maybe I will share the rule set once I get it figured out.

In the mean time, I have another site loaded with information on content filtering. It's a nice run down of various solutions, including privoxy, adblock, and grease monkey.



Apple Fans
  are a strange bunch. Well, I am at least. I always manage to find orphaned machines looking for a good home. Machines that still run well and could do most of the things they once did, if only they could find someone to love them and cherish them.

See, we're creepy.

Anyway, that means I end up with a bunch of old computers living on abandonware and broken dreams, most of which can't keep up with the demands of today's life online.

That's what I thought at least. It turns out that there might just be hope for some of those ancient macs. Even more interesting, it turns out that there are at least 100 browsers (or software capable of browsing the web) that have been developed for the Mac platform.

If you want to take a surf down memory lane, and maybe discover some unknown online fun, you can check out this comprehensive list of apps, including links to files and mini reviews of a good portion of the software.

So, was anyone else as excited about Cyberdog as I was when it came out?

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