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Wien | 29.3.2008 | 09:45 
Dave digs the dirt, webtips and IT-memes.

Pinguin, BorisJordan

Today's webtip
I'm a turncoat
  A traitor. A lowly dog.

Up until this morning I was committed to helping team dirtychai take over Vienna.

But then I changed my mind, decided to make the game urban takeover a webtip and form my own team to rule em all.


And since I am telling you all about this little project by an Austrian developer I expect all of you to run out and join in, actively taking over bits of property in the name of team_sheesh. See the idea is that you can claim places for yourself or your team, and then post the location using the webform or sms, and get more and more area, fame and glory. Or something like that.

Go check it out . And if you play, make sure you play for team_sheesh.

Apropos Geoblogging
  I was sent a mail yesterday with a link to a nice little project. It's called Quietnoise and it is collecting sounds in Vienna and presenting them on a map. It's not just something to be consumed, it's something to help out with, and if you happen to be out and about with a recording device (and aren't we all these days) you can send an audio file and gps coordinates to the site owner and he will post them for you.

No gps device? Don't worry, I have a link that explains how to get the coordinates from Google maps.

It's just a little more work than typing in the address.

  I get some things to share that really excite me. Things that make the little kid in me jump and down with excitement.

They Shoot Music is one of those things. It's a video and geoblog featuring Viennese locations and Austrian and International acts. Anyone who has seen Blogotheque will find the whole thing vaguely familiar, which isn't that surprising since Blogotheque gets a shout out on their about us page.

The difference of course is that They Shoot Music is an Austrian project. The other difference is that they have added a few things that really make it special.

That's where the geoblog comes in. The videos for the bands are shot in various locations around Vienna. Each band has a lovely little bit of text info around the shoot, as well as extra information about the location. I really love this aspect of the project. It's a nice way for people to get a feel for this city that can frequently be so much more than it seems.

So go check it out, and feel free to tell em DaddyD sent you.

It's funny
  The way ideas come and go. I could have sworn that sometime round 2002 there was a page for people who wanted to make the online equivalent of the mixtape. I also could have sworn that it was a webtip.

If it was, I can't find it.

So I guess it's okay to do Muxtape as a webtip. It's pretty simple. You can put together a playlist, share it with friends and avoid any lawsuits. Well, I'm jumping to conclusions about the lawsuits thing, but it looks like it would be JSTN's problem ad not yours, so go play around with it while the fun lasts.

I loves my BrainAge
  It's one of those terrible side effects of getting old I guess. Gimme some puzzles over a sidescroller, and don't even think about trying to get me twitchy with a first person shooter. Those days are over.

So I make do with these grandfatherly things meant to maintain my grey cells.

I have no idea if it really works, but it is interesting to play them regularly and see what kind of an effect the time of day and states of stress can have on my scores.

And now I could compete against a whole serverload of other people. Online.
BrainArena is basically a complete rip-off of the Nintendo DS game Brain Age. It's not quite as charming, is lacking in the input department and is just generally worse than the original. Except for one thing. You can play a global competition.

That makes it just a bit more fun.

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