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Wien | 21.9.2002 | 11:52 
Dave digs the dirt, webtips and IT-memes.

Pinguin, BorisJordan

Today's webtip
September 21st: The nose knows
  As a boy I used to stand next to my father while he was shaving and pretend to shave too. I could hardly wait for the day I would actually have to lather up for the first time, entering into the hairy world of manhood.
I knew being a man was all about having hair.
Hair on my arms, knuckles, face, chest, and losing the hair on my head. The one thing no one prepared me for was nose hair.
Shaving is cool. Not shaving can be cool.
Their is nothing cool about nasal growth.
Except for this website.
Pluck the authors nasal hair, create hair poetry, and mail the reults to a friend.
Nothing shows that you care more than a poem made out of nasal hair.

nose card

nose art
September 20th: What did they say?
  Graffiti and political campaigns share a long and sordid history. The earliest example of political campaign advertising also carries the oldest graffiti...
The times haven't changed much. Campaign poster still offer an irresistible target for budding urban artists and grassroots political theorists. Whether magic marker, stickers or mini posters, this street level form of political expression is for many people one of the most satisfying and entertaining aspects of any political campaign.
The Institute for Graffiti Research has been documenting graffiti since the early eighties and has a collection of nearly 2000 photos. Their archive is now online for your viewing enjoyment.

September 19th: Video Activism
  Early internet enthusiasts believed the net would finally be the great equalizer. If creation and distribution was finally cheap and available to all, more viewpoints would materialize, niche programming would be feasible, and the end result would be a truly healthy and flourishing media landscape.

Things don't look so rosy now. The aftermath of the great dot.bomb has seen many an innovative, alternative media project destroyed as the market tightened and costs continue to rise. The dream of an active participatory media democracy was trampled underneath the leaden hooves of multinational media conglomerates and hopeful content producers have been forced into early retirement. Really?

Some people still believe in the need for alternative media viewpoints and continue to produce whatever they can to get their message out onto the net. Like kanalB. A German group of video activists and artists based in Berlin who have committed their time to education and media action.

kanalB provides an alternative perspective to classic media reporting of various events. One sided? Propaganda? Maybe. That's something everyone is going to have to decide for themselves...

September 18th: Multi Medial
  People have been trying to create and define computer-based multimedia for well over a decade now. Unfortunately most efforts have ended up being electronic versions of things we already know, never really breaking out and creating a new experience. We have e-magazines that could just as well be printed, online video that would fit well into classic broadcast concepts and endless ramblings of half-witted paranoiacs that could just as well be.... endless ramblings of half-witted paranoiacs.
Broken Saints seems to have found a way to actually translate the idea of a graphic novel or comic book into an online experience that is unique.
Combining classic illustration, music, sound effects, light animation and a mix of comic book and cinematic narrative, Broken Saints puts it all together without hogging bandwidth or killing my computer. I have seen a few attempts at creating a multimedia comic, and I think this is the first one that has actually succeeded.

September 17th: On The Ball
  Creative ego's going head to head in a display of artistic one-upmanship is nothing new. Design battles have been going on for quite a while, indeed, PhotoShop Tennis actually started up in the summer of 2001 during a slow moment in the offices of Coudal Partners.
The basic idea is pretty straightforward. One player creates a layer in PhotoShop and sends it to an opponent, who then adds another and sends it back. This goes on until ten layers have been created, one player gives up, or both agree to end the match.
The progressive layers are posted on the Coudal home page accompanied by a running commentary from a guest designer. At the end of the match viewers are invited to vote on the works and a winner is declared.
The matches take place every Friday, but even if you miss the live action you can check out the results of previous matches and vote on which artists you would like to see participate in the RGB invitational cup.

September 16th: Bin There Done That
  Nothing like cleaning your room to unleash a heavy bout of Deja vu. The boys responsible for the online comic "Get Your War On" have apparently been hit by an early fall fit of spring cleaning.
Luckily for us, they stumbled upon a couple of early strips dated sometime in the eighties. You remember the eighties right? Ronald Reagan, bad bombing jokes, Margaret Thatcher, Iran as super bad guys and Iraq as savior of the Arab World?
Don't Remember? No Problem, just read today's headlines, switch around a few of the names and pretend you are listening to the latest single from Frankie Goes to Hollywood.
Or just read today's comic...

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