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  Österreich |  26.12.2002 | 18:42 
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Programm: Freitag, 27. Dezember
Morning Show (6-10)
  with Stuart Freeman

'Der Brief ans Christkind' in the FM4 Morningshow... we fulfill all your wishes and dreams, concerning music at least: The Morning Show Wish List.
Update (10-12)
  with Dave Dempsey

Termine | Prime Cuts: Die besten Compilations der Saison, heute: 'Grand Theft Auto' (Albert Farkas) | Webtip
Best of 2002 (12-14)
  with Hal Rock

Die besten Platten des Jahres im Überblick
Connected (14-17)
  mit Gerlinde Lang

Rewind 2002: Der Jahresrückblick
Pop und Politik, Kunst und Elektronik, Musik und Film: Was hat das abgelaufene Jahr gebracht, was wurde versäumt, und was soll das alles überhaupt bedeuten? FM4 blickt zurück auf das, das war:

Das Festival Radio 2002 (Lukas Tagwerker)

Hip Hop auf Deutsch: das Jahr nach dem Hype (Burstup)

Pop Will Eat Itself: 2002 im Bastard Pop-Remix (Christian Fuchs)

Das Jahr des George Bush (Jill Zobel)

Die besten Computergames aus der Digital Underground Küche (Robert Glashüttner)

Ein Jahr der Sprachlosigkeit der Popmusik (Martin Blumenau)
Update (17-19)
  mit Fred Schreiber

Termine | Prime Cuts: Die besten Compilations der Saison, Heute: 'Grand Theft Auto' (Albert Farkas)
Jugendzimmer (19-20.15)
  mit Elisabeth Scharang
Salon Helga (20.15-21.30)
  mit Dirk Stermann und Christoph Grissemann
Dog's Bollocks (21.30-06)
  mit Slack Hippy

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's the last time of the month this year for the Dog's Bollocks. But have no fear, 2003 is set to be fattest ever and too round off the old year, Dog's Bollocks is putting on its slippers, lighting a fire and settling into a comfy armchair to see off 2002 with a bass filled bang!

The show, as ever, starts off at 21.30 with the latest in breaks and beats from Slack Hippy. The Terminkalender shows its ever faithful head around the studio door to tell us all what's up partywise for the last few days of 2002. DJ Alive is here with his IQ Beats and from 23.00-01.00 its D&B time with your host D.Kay. His special guests this month are Roswell 47 and DJ Plak who will be in the studio telling us something about their new record shop 'Bounce' and of course the D&B Party Calender. New tunes, unreleased tunes, dub plates, all the usual D&B business...

From 01.00-03.30, it's Christmas Party time and the Dog's Bollocks will be setting off some fireworks and emptying a few bottles of Sekt with a group of friends, colleagues and DJs in a rather large chaotic 'don't-know-whats-going-on' DJ back-to-back session - not one special DJ but rather 10-15 special DJs who will be filling the studio the hallway and the radio waves with fun laughter and their favourite records of the last year. Mit dabei for the party: Kevin Device, Tim Hausmann, DJ Glow, DJ Alive, Philip Soulglo, Clemens, Alex is my Bro, Stefan Strobl aka 3Volt and me Slack Hippy!
We at the La boum de luxe Dog's Bollocks show thank all listeners for supporting us in the last year and hope you enjoy the show. Have a 'Guten Rutsch' into the New Year and keep on listening. See you in 2003 - Prosit!

01h - 03h30
La boum de luxe X mess new years bash (9 Djs / 15 min each)
 1. DJ Glow (Trust/Vienna) 
artist title label
 Silicon ScallyRequest (Original Mix)Gassoline 05
 Black PhutureUnfriendlyMotech 01
 Shifted PhasesSolar Wind _rip jmcTresor 196
 Mr. DéGive it Up (dub mix)Elektrofunk 2006-1
 2. Alex is my Bro (Shade rec/Vienna) 
artist title
 Wi22Bit3am hot
 Agent xDecoy
 Artful DodgerRuffneck Sound
 Alex is My Bro'We All Celebrate
 3. Clemens (Suna3/Vienna) 
artist title label
 Mat CarterFly Bi WireFire Wire
 ArpanetWireless InternetDataphysix
 The AdventLet Us Take You Ecko Unlt
 The AdventTrue ComboKombination Research
 4. Kevin Device (33/45/Con:verse /Vienna)  
artist title label
 ??temple 04
 dmx krewjack tha partypharma 08
 slope dee jculture crunchernoodles dicotheque 005
 france coplandfrance copland 001
 5. Soulglo (Satellitenstadt/Microthol/Vienna) 
artist title label
 K-RockBlack On White Rephlex 50
 Se~nor CoconutElectro Latino (DJ Rodriguez Mix)EMN Rec
 PP.RoyOne StepRephlex
 Astrobotnia 2---Rephlex
 6. Tim Hausmann (Trust/Vienna) 
artist title label
 ------Bunker 3000 01
 Move DRain/ShineWarp 80
 Le CArAudio File FourSabotage 13
 PlatexLatexErsatz Audio 4
 Move DRain/ShineWarp 80
 7. 3Volt (Cheap/Satellitenstadt) 
artist title label
 Smith N Hackno gimmicks, no flashTribute
 PhMagic ForheadNoodles Discotheque 4
 Alek StarkLights & SexDisko B
 rem by el. companytheme song to cexTigerbeat6
 Sean KosaI go to workTurbo Rec.
 8. Bernd Rausch aka Dj Alive (syncmode rec.) 
artist title label
 akufennagnagnag rmxnova mute
 carl a. finlowelectrology pt. 2device
 anthony rotherdie machtpsi net
 syncmodehermes groovesyncmode
 Slack Hippy (La boum de luxe/FM4) 
artist title label
 auroradark paradiseU.R
 Dance for meKenny HawkesM.F.F
 Chateau flight remixBrain on drugsKraked Rec
 Reckless womenListen To The MusicOut of the Loop
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