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  Österreich |  24.4.2003 | 18:07 
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Programm: Freitag, 25. April
Morning Show (06-10)
  with Stuart Freeman

Frühlingserwachen - Männer und Frauen

Do you know what you are talking about?
Männer und Frauen - Rollen, Klischees - verschiedenste Begriffe, die oft verwendet werden, aber zum Teil nicht richtig angewandt werden; z.B. Macho, Flittchen, Zicke, Softie, Schlampe ... (Johanna Zechner)

Women in my Head
A 20 something Europeanized Asian man who listens to his traditional Chinese grandmother, his modern Chinese mother, and his liberal Austrian girlfriend. What different expectations do these women have from him? And is he able to deliver all these expectations to them all at the same time?
Update (10-12)
  with Hal Rock

The Dating Game
Want to make the "right" impression but don't know how? FM4 gives you a step by step guide through some of the real life situations faced in dating by men and women. (Michael Ho)

Soundpark Kuschelrock-Song: Beautiful Kantine-Band

Termine | Movie Update | Webtip | Prime Cuts: Ginger Ale - 'Laid Back Galerie'
Reality Check (12-14)
  News of the day with Steve Crilley

Chuck Barris II
The subject of Gerorge Clooney's new film, 'Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind', Chuck Barris is many things to many people:

For American televisions viewers in the 1960s and 1970s he was the man who created 'The Dating Game', 'The Newlywed Game' and the 'Gong Show'... forerunners of Reality TV as we know it today.

For American cultural critics, he was a man with a "dangerous mind" who was destroying American culture.

By the 1980s his shows were cancelled and Chuck Barris fled to France where he lived for 10 years. During this time he wrote his autobiography on which the film 'Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind' is based. In it he revealed that all the while he was doing game shows... he was also assassinating "bad guys" for the CIA.

Today Reality Check will be speaking with Chuck Barris about his life story, about the film, about the CIA and what today's Reality TV has to do with the game shows he produced in America.
Connected (14-17)
  mit Claudia Unterweger

Die Offene Beziehung
"Ich liebe dich! - Ich werde dir immer treu sein". Sexuelle Treue, ein Leben lang? Kann das funktionieren? Seitensprünge in der klassischen Zweier-Beziehung sind weit verbreitet. Doch gibt es Alternativen zur Zweier-Beziehung? Marianne Lang hat mit einem Pärchen gesprochen, das in einer offenen Beziehung lebt und regelmäßig Sex mit anderen Partner hat. Wie wird mit Eifersucht umgegangen und wie funktioniert so eine offene Beziehung? (Marianne Lang)

FM4 klärt auf
Aufgeklärt sind wir ja alle irgendwie. Dennoch gibt's bei der einen oder anderen Frage noch immer mehrere Antworten. FM4 hat deswegen die Frauenärztin Dr. Gabriele Knappitsch um Rat gefragt und klärt auf. Heute: Pilze und Geschlechtskrankheiten. Was kann/soll/muss man tun? (Zita Bereuter)

Fräulein Frieda: Ejakulation
In unserer Spezialwoche über die Liebe dreht sich heuer alles um Rollenklischees. Und ein Bereich, wo diese Klischees ganz stark zum Tragen kommen, ist das Autofahren. Wir haben unseren Spürhund Fräulein Frieda auf diese Fährte angesetzt. Und wollen jetzt von ihr wissen: Können Frauen wirklich nicht Autofahren?

Update (17-19)
  mit Claudia Czesch


Seniorinnen erinnern sich an die Leidenschaften ihrer Jugend: Der Ungarische Name.

Movie Update | Termine | Prime Cuts: Ginger Ale - 'Laid Back Galerie' | Mellow Mark | Gonzales
Jugendzimmer (19-20.15)
  mit Elisabeth Scharang

Eine junge Mutter aus dem Burgenland lädt in ihr Jugendzimmer, um über ihr "neues" Leben mit Kind, über die Umstellungen, die Schule, die Freunde, die Umgebung zu reden.
Salon Helga (20.15-21.30)
  mit Stermann und Grissemann
La Boum de Luxe (21.30-06)
  Dog's Bollocks the breakbeat show on FM4.

Welcome welcome one and all to the biggest breakbeat show in town. We have Nu school breaks, Electro/Pop, Old School, Experimental, many different flavours of Drum and Bass and just the good old wired stuff lined up for you tonight. Take your pick and find your flavour!!
First up, as ever, Slack Hippy bringing you the latest from a months record shopping.
The Termine kalender raises its voice to all the party massive (look out for free tickets).
DJ Alive will be on at 22.45 giving you the latest I.Q breaks and he has also prepared an extra special chill set (05.00-06.00) (track list below)
  In the drum n bass zone from 11-01 d.kay will be playin the hottest tunes on the scene at the moment, viele various styles, mellow and hard!
Expect a load of party dates, free tickets and a special surprise give away.
Also on the show an interview with Concord Dawn, out of New Zealand, giving us the lowdown on their future plans. after successful tunes, such as Morning Light and Take Me Away, they are a bright star in the drum n bass universe. Hold tight!

Slack Hippys special guest tonight from (01.00-02.00) is Michael Holzgruber,the tour DJ and drummer of the Sofa Surfers.
Michael plays the drums also for I-WOLF AND Princess Him and will be touring with I-WOLF Through Austria, France and Germany from now until the end of May, a very busy man who next to his skills as a live musician, likes to play, as he says, bösere breakbeats totally different from the Sofas or the I-wolfs sound because it reminds him of the older form of rock music,that he still loves to listen to ... (track list below)
  Slack Hippy will be dropping a suprise set from 02.00-3.00 and some old archived rewinds will be dug out from the dusty old Hippy box to refresh your ears from 03.-00-04.00 ...
Dkays set will be rewound without talking for recording heads out there from 04.00-05.00
and DJ Alive returns to fry your brains from 05.00 till the birds awaken (06.00)
All this music,just makes you wanna smile eh!!!! So until then dear people, machts gut and enjoy the show.
Your Dogs Bollocks crew
 Track List. DJ Michael Holzgruber (Sofa Surfers) Nu School Breaks/Breakbeats/Bösere 
artist title label
1 Lee Coombs and Meat KatieTwo men on a tripFinger Lickin Records
2 Vigi&ZeroUltrafunk (Latina Mix)TCR
3 DJ EraPig Unstable Label
4 Cedric BenoitMultibass(summer mixLab-Rok Records
5 SmithmongerOutside my FlatTCR
6 For MePercussive Thinking(Meat Katie&Elite Force rmix)Marine Parade
7 Deep ImpactMethodsSupercharged Rec.
8 MulderListen to the BasstonePlastic Raygun Rec.
9 Another HomicideAnother HomicideRaw as Fuck rec.
10 Chris CarterESPTCR
11 TerminalheadBeats,Rhymes,FlavourKilowatt recordings
12 SkyboxThe Breaks 2002(Pierre Js Cut Up Rmix)Pure Breaks
13 Meat KatieMy Little Dancing girlKingsize
 DJ Alive Track List Chillout/experimental/think  
artist title label
1 bola horizophonfyuti (skam)
2 phonem displacement ilisu (morr music)
3 bauriabyssembyo ep (de:bug hartwaren)
4 fizzarumbionic boogieseries 500 (domino rec.)
5 quenchswordfish - ep(aim records)
6 kettelher thin voicesmiling little cow (neo ouija) d'arcangelo
7 d'arcangelo chair themebroken toys' corner (rephlex)
8 alder and elius...parental guidance (skam)
9 plaid diddymousedidp-brane ep (warp)
10 apparatbugs and fixestttrial and eror (shitkatapult)
11 modeselektor dustin der kleene? (bpitch control)
12 squarepusherlove will tear us apartdo you know sqarepusher (warp)
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