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  Österreich |  26.2.2004 | 18:56 
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Programm: Freitag, 27. Februar
Morning Show (06-10)
  with Duncan Larkin
Update (10-12)
  with John Megill

Movie Update | Termine | Webtip | Prime Cuts: Texta - "So oder So"
Reality Check (12-14)
  News of the day with Hal Rock
Connected (14-17)
  mit Gerlinde Lang

25 Jahre Maxi-Singe: 1978/79 wurde die Vinylsingle im Grossformat ins reguläre Veröffentlichungsangebot der Plattenfirmen aufgenommen. Aus diesem Anlass gibt's eine Veranstaltungsserie im Porgy und Bess in Wien, die sich auf die musikalischen Spuren dieses DJ-Tools macht. Zu Gast im Studio ist DJ Kris DaRyhtm

Rascos: Auf wird gleichzeitig mit der anstehenden Oscar-Verleihung die alljährlichen "Alternative-Film-Highlights" unter den FM4 Hörern gewählt. FM4 Connected stellt die wichtigsten Rasco-Kategorien vor.

IT-News (Christoph Weiss):
Eine Spam-Trefferquote von 99,97% verspricht das Programm "CRM114" vom Open Source Entwickler William Yerazunis. In einem Test hätte seine Software bei 6.000 Werbemails nur einen Fehler gemacht. Eine Testversion gibt's hier.
Update (17-19)
  mit Fred Schreiber

Termine | Close-Up: Movie Update | Prime Cuts: Texta -'So oder So'
Jugendzimmer (19-20.15)
  mit Elisabeth Scharang
Salon Helga (20.15-21.30)
  mit Stermann und Grissemann
La Boum de Luxe: Dogs Bollocks (21.30-06)
  mit D.kay, Slack Hippy und Dj Alive

Hello, ladies and gents and welcome to your monthly breakbeat fix. It's white and icey cold outside so make yourself comfy on the sofa, shut the curtains, and give winter no chance to break the bassmess pleasure coming at you from your radio speakers. As ever we have the Terminkalender, free tickets, goodies and of course fresh music from DJs and live acts out of the UK and Graz presented by your hosts D.Kay, Slack Hippy and DJ Alive.

Mr D.Kay on the mic presenting the freshest D&B tunes from around the globe and telling you where the partie's at.
 21.30-23.00 playlist d.kay 
fm4 playlist    
artist title label
1 d.kayits on the waysoulr
2 roni sizestrictly social rmxV
3 total scienceelementsmetalheadz
4 bt+altosoul samba?
5 dj dieautumn rmxV
6 uncutchinese silk rmxwired
7 calibrepissed up raverssignature
8 dj zincsteppinbingo
9 jor-type rmx?
10 calibre do it right ?
11 high contrastmade it tonighthospital
12 calyx+teebeefollow the leader?
13 total science?
14 illskillzunrealhardware
15 bassline smithodysseyprototype
16 pendulumanother planetbbk
17 loxy+keatonhaterzhardware
18 generation dub??
19 karl ksoul on fire rmx?
20 tiki????
21 concord dawntake me away rmxproject human
d.kay's guest of the night in the mix:
Kasra from one of the freshest london newcomer labels: critical recordings

Slack Hippy and Alive presenting the latest in breakbeat tunes for your restless feet and your local club sound system plus one or two extra surprises.
 0:45 - 1:00 playlist Dj Alive 
artist title label
 ronald gonko u.a.stop disco mafiapoptronics
 bogdan raczynskithere are many...rephlex
 curtis chipeating pastezod records
 exilronloadokzod records
 the wee djsrooogasoline
ZOD recordings special DJ Alives Restless party was a definitive success, Dogs Bollocks was there with trusty recording equipment and so we are proud to present from Bristol U.K, BINRAYs Live act - very, very danceable electronica. See the party pics here.

Slack Hippy and Alive present the more intimate moments of electronic music
 2.45-3.00 playlist DJ Alive pt. 2 
artist title label
 huaratronmale bondingbunker records
 vicknoisechromosoma 23 (rmx)bpitch control
 gridlockbu'yaa.voiceless.f².estrellazod records
Special guest DJ Lenz (Graz): Lenz has been active as a DJ since the early Nighties, he started off playing Techno and as the years went by so grew his love for modern experimental breaks and beats. His label LEE recordings offers him the platform for his experimental music. Next release on LEE Recordings: Emstonji (No tracklist available)

Rewind from D.Kays D&B set without moderation

The Chill Thrill presented and mixed by DJ Slack Hippy
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