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  Österreich |  26.8.2004 | 19:11 
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Programm: Freitag, 27. August
Morning Show (06-10)
  with John Megill
Update (10-12)
  with Hal Rock

Close Up: Movie Update

Termine | Webtip | Prime Cuts: Mouse on Mars - "Radical Connector"
Reality Check (12-13)
  with Steve Crilley

New York: Protesters gathering
New York is bracing itself for protests ahead of the Republican Convention there. Protesters have been told they will not be allowed to stage a huge rally in Central Park. Organisers say the ban is a violation of their constitutional rights of assembly and free speech. But a judge at New York's state Supreme Court has ruled against the protesters because it could cause damage to the grass. We find out what's going on and speak with one of the protest groups.

 Heading to the Big Apple to protest
  Moscow Planes: Suicide Bombers?
Traces of explosive have been found in the wreckage of one of two airliners that crashed on Tuesday. The crashes came just days before the presidential election in Chechnya. There have been a number of Chechnyan terrorist attacks in Russia including in 2002 the Moscow Theatre siege when Chechyan suicide bombers held theatre-goers hostage until the theatre was stormed by russian security forces. Anya Ardayeva gives us the latest news coming out of Moscow on the news that these planes would probably downed by suicide bombers.
Supersonnig (13-14)
  Im Juli und August gibt's täglich ein Supersonnig. Promis und FM4 Mitarbeiter und vor allem ihr spielen von Montag bis Samstag ihre persönlichen Sommer-Hits. Frische, fruchtige, sonnige Sommerlieder.

Heute: Samy Deluxe
 Supersonnig Mix von Samy Deluxe (27.08.04) 
artist title
 Kool & The GangSummer Madness
 Arkestra OneI Really Want You
 Markus EnochsonSweet Love (Bita Remix)
 Naughty by NatureFeel Me Flow
 Fila Brazillia & Djinji BrownDipper
 Dimitri from Paris feat. OmarStrong Man
 Samy DeluxePDSA
 Beenie Man feat. Janet JacksonFeel It Boy
 McKayTell Him
 Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceSummertime
 New Sector MovementsBig It Up
Sonnendeck (14-17)
  mit Gerlinde Lang

Digital Underground: Mashed
Schräg-von-oben-Draufsicht-Spielzeugautorennen. So könnte man das Genre bezeichnen, dem "Mashed" angehört. Vier Controller vorausgesetzt könnten Freundschaften auf eine harte Probe gestellt werden - vorausgesetzt, das Multiplayer-Spiel ist so gut, dass es auch wirklich an die alten Tage mit Party-Hits wie "Micro Machines" oder "Rally Speedway" erinnert. (Christoph Weiss)

Heartbreak Hotel:
"Ein Rotz- und Tränenabend mit Fritz Ostermayer & Freunden" verspricht die Veranstaltung "Heartbreak Hotel", die heute im Rahmen der Festwochen Gmunden stattfindet. Barbara Matthews war für FM4 bei den Proben dabei.

Interview mit Rocko Schamoni zu seinem neuen Buch "Dorfpunks". Ein Salon Helga Spezial zu "Dorfpunks" gibt's heute zur gewohnten Zeit. (Andreas Gstettner)

IT-News (Robert Glashüttner):
- Prince of Persia 2 wird in der Verkaufsversion "Prince of Persia: Warrior Within" heißen, hier kann man einen neuen Trailer laden.
- Das "Sicherheitscenter" des neuen Windows Service Pack 2 könnte Probleme bereiten berichtet das amerikanische PC Magazine.
- Das Sicherheitsunternehmen Secunia warnt vor einer Sicherheitslücke mit komprimierten WinAmp-Skins, die im Internet Explorer geöffnet werden.
Update (17-19)
  mit Fred Schreiber

Termine | Movie Update | Luna News | Prime Cuts: Mouse on Mars - "Radical Connector"
Jugendzimmer (19-20.15)
  mit Elisabeth Scharang
Salon Helga (20.15-21.30)
  mit Stermann und Grissemann

Spezialsendung zu Rocko Schamonis neuen Buch "Dorfpunks".
Dogs Bollocks. Baltic spezial on FM4 La Boum de Luxe (21.30-06)
  Or,what I did on my summer holidays.

Welcome ladies&gents to the Dogs Bollocks. A bit different than normal this time around cos, as has already been said, the main features from 00.00 until 06.00 are the countries Lithuania (Litauen) and Latvia (Lettland) the main music House, D&B, HipHop and Chill out.

Your hosts remain their smiley selves Slack Hippy; D.Kay& Prof. Alive

Lithuania & Latvia are two of the new E.U. countries who joined the E.U. on May 1st 2004. And your host Slack Hippy took it upon himself to pack his trusty record bags and,via Warsaw and Bialystok (Poland) took himself off(with trusty DJ Simon Labon in Gepack) to Kaunus and the Capital city Vilnius for a week of Holidays and DJing.

He met many interesting people along the way and filled his hand luggage with mix CDs, Albums and 12" vinyl and promised to introduce Austria to the Musical delights of this beautiful country

But first and foremost, the rest of the show:
D&B. The freshest tunes, party tips, gifts, news & special guests presented by the man Mr. D.Kay

Slack Hippy & Prof Alive presenting their favourite tunes of the month. Plus of course a Baltic taster with House music from the Baltics and the most popular hip-hop crew from Vilnius, Lithuania, G&G Sindikatas. Slack Hippy will be introducing their new album Alchemja (only available in Litauen & Poland)

DJs Lauris Lee & Karalius (Kaunus.Lit) two of the first initiators of the Baltic electronic scene ...
DJ Karalius being the first DJ to Organise parties in Kaunus back in 1995 and Lauris Lee collecting international DJ experience as a Resident DJ in a Club in San Francisco, bringing you the housey vibes of Lithuania ...
 Pasaka (The fairy tale) Mix (27.08.2004) 
artist title
 ExitlabelMorning Routine Rollin
 ResoundCollaborating Humankind
 KMOur meaning of House
 Hek&SoulJourney Through Sounds
 Jazzus JuiceY.A.M.O.L.
 Pablo BachanoffNot me
 Mario BasanovIt's Time to Change
 Jazzus JuiceU gonna Make it
 SilvermoonEntering Saturday (RyRalio style Remix)
 Ryralio feat. GiedreVisu Greiciu
  02.00-03.00 DJ Rudd (Lettland, Riga) not much info about this chap cos he was in a bit of a rush to DJ and go back to Riga ... Needless to say Quality House Music from a well known Baltic DJ.

DJ Astralus (Vilnius, Litauen). The man that brought D&B to Litauen. He runs a small club called Club 45 in Vilnius where he and fellow DJs from the Boogaloo Crew (Litauen)play D&B, HipHop & Funky Breaks.
D&B is relatively new in Vilnius, starting off 1 year ago it already has a healthy following and international guests such as Dylan & Technical Itch will be pushing the Vibe in the near future. This mix is from 2003, cos once again I surprised Astralus by asking for a mix and he only had the one to hand, still it gives you the feeling of what D&B in Vilnius was like one year ago ... His Style Smooth & Soulful but he also loves the Hard Stuff ; )

D.Kays Rewind. D&B without Moderation for all you burners out there

The Chill Thrill special mixed by DJ Walkman (Lithuania) a mix of Electronica and Trip-Hop from a well known Chill out DJ from The Baltics.
Other things you should know about Lithuania: Beer costs 1 euro, Food costs between 2 & 6 euro for a main course, Trains are very slow ; )
The country is rich in culture and the Baltic sea is only a few hours away by Bus or Car.
The Girls are indeed attractive and the Boys aren't too bad either.
Club Culture and electronic music from Hip Hop, Ragga, DanceHall to House and D&B is very present and the clubs are cheap, attractive and full of dance hungry people ...

Here some links to some relevant Labels, Radio and Clubs

Ok folks that's it for now.
Enjoy the Baltic Flavours and hear you soon

Your Dogs Bollocks Crew
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