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  Österreich |  28.10.2004 | 18:47 
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Programm: Freitag, 29. Oktober
Morning Show (06-10)
  with Stuart Freeman
Update (10-12)
  with John Megill

Termine | Webtip | Movie Update | Prime Cuts: I-Wolf & Burdy - Meet the Babylonians
Reality Check (12-14)
  News of the day with Hal Rock

We said we would go to Washington and that's exactly what we did! Reality Check's Steve Crilley and FM4 News Chief Paul Brennan are roaming the streets of Washington D.C. to get the inside scoop on American rituals the weekend before the political path of the next four years is decided. Between Halowe'en goblins and ghosts, Steve and Paul will be meeting with representatives of the Republican and Democrat parties, not to mention mingling with The American People. On the eve of the US Presidential Election, the US media, its foreign policy, the way the world is keeping an eye on America the Beautiful--we've got it covered on today's Reality Check PLUS we look at the bizarre twists in the Ukraine race for Presidential office and we kick off in Rom where the EU Constitution is being signed Italian-style. As of midday, with Hal Rock!

 Paul Brennan in Washington
Connected (14-17)
  mit Claudia Unterweger

Studieren in Österreich und Europa
Überfüllte Hörsäle, keine Seminarplätze - zuwenig Geld für zuviele interessierte Studierende, dafür aber Debatten über Zugangsbeschränkungen und Elite-Unis - was ist los mit der universitären Bildungspolitik? Veronika Weidinger im Gespräch mit dem Bildungssozilogen Stefan Vater, der Tendenzen im Uni-Bereich analysiert und internationale Vergleiche zieht.

Zustände an der Universität Innsbruck (Georgia Schultze)

IT News (Robert Glashüttner):
Update (17-19)
  mit Fred Schreiber

Termine | Movie Update inklusive Viennale-Tipps | Popnews | Prime Cuts: I-Wolf & Burdy - Meet the Babylonians
Jugendzimmer Spezial (19-20.15)
  mit Claus Pirschner

MuslimInnen in Österreich
Was bedeutet praktizierenden MuslimInnen ihre Religion und wie leben sie diese im Alltag in Österreich?

Welche Frauen- und Männerrollen leitet etwa ein junges muslimisches Paar vom Koran ab? Warum studieren TürkInnen mit Kopftuch lieber in Österreich als in ihrem Heimatland ?  Was bewegt eine Christin zum Islam zu konvertieren ? Diesen Fragen geht Claus Pirschner im Jugendzimmer spezial nach.
Salon Helga (20.15-21.30)
  mit Stermann und Grissemann
La Boum de Luxe (21.30-06)
  Dogs Bollocks

Good evening Gentle Beings,
The witching hour approaches and if I see one more pumpkin or silly mask? Anyway forget that we are back after a months abstinence and are ready to rumble. It's an all exclusive anything goes show with breaks and bleeps, mimimal, pop, down tempo, that cursed deep house and of course D&B presented by our man Mr. D.kay
So starting off at 21.30 with D&B presented by D.Kay.At midnight: Slack Hippy & Prof. Alive presenting their favourite tracks of the last month
From 01-03 austrian DJ newcomer special: One Lady, one Man, one mission: Good quality music with a couple of good old hits thrown in for ( I hope) good measure. Tracklists and running order are listed below,enjoy!
Your Dogs Bollocks Crew

In der ersten Stunde spielt der internationale DnB-Superstar D.Kay euch eine Mix aktueller Tunes, verrät euch die besten Parties des Monats und verlost jede Menge Karten, unter anderem für Loxy im Flex, DJ Hype in der Arena, Bad Company in Linz und noch viel mehr.
Danach gibts die beliebten Top5, lauscht und findet heraus, wer es diesmal an die Spitze geschafft hat. Die letzte Stunde bis 00 Uhr selektiert DKay die neuesten, exklusivsten Tracks von internationalen Top-Produzenten,
und zeigt euch, was sich so in den nächsten Monaten in der Szene tun wird. Das Ganze ohne Gequatsche und ganz ausgespielt. Für Auskenner, Liebhaber und Einsteiger die beste Gelegenheit alles über DnB zu erfahren. You heard it first on Dogs Bollocks! Die Tracklists findet ihr hier ab etwa 00 Uhr!

Slack Hippy & Prof Alive on the mic, representing the other side :)

The First DJ is a young lady I met in Linz @ the Con-Trust wird 5 Fest. A very sympathetic person with a good taste in music and fine skills behind the decks. She wishes to be known as a DJ outside of OÖ and so...bitte sehr.

 DKAY: 21:30 - 22:30 
artist title label
1 calibre+high contrastmr majestiksoulr
2 AIsoul good rmxcom suicide
3 kluteacid raincom suicide
4 roni sizewant your bodyliquid V
5 commix ??31 rec
6 ???uncovered funkdub
7 makotogolden girlgood lookin
8 total sciencegood game lpCIA
9 ed rush +opticalbacteria rmxvirus
10 total science??31 records
11 amitgatecrashermetalheadz
12 klute time for changecom suicide
13 logisticsspace jamhospital
14 future propheciesdreadlockbbk
 DnB Top 5 
artist title label
1 nightbreedpack of wolves rmxRAM
2 high contrasthigh society lphospital
3 total sciencegood game lpCIA
4 variousjungle sound 2 lpbbk
5 altosoulsambainnerground
 TrackList: DJ Lena: Contrust-Music 
fm4 playlist    
artist title label
1 Spectrumnew sound word powerplayhouse
2 spectrummusic alchemyplayhouse
3 anibertthe thing I wantsepare
4 pc synergybrett Johnson Rmix-realizeexplicitsoul
5 the Human Leaguefreaks rmix-the sound of the crowdVirgin
6 mitsusereneeskimo
7 k.i.mkim kongtigersushi
8 tiefschwarznixclassic
9 tiefschwarzghosttrackfour music
10 manana-prettybaby-talk dirty productions
11 roy davis jrsolid groove rmixabout loveclassic
12 daniel bellphreak your bodylogistic
13 abe duqueB1abe duque rex #4
14 new electric doga Step abovewasnotwas
15 lullabies feat. Karinealexkid club mix-marmelademissive music
16 kc flightshes sexxxycoco machete
17 .the Kitbuildersvs Jermemy Caulfieldget out remixedware rec
18 .tigapleasure from the bassdifferent
19 lionel Hamptonjoakim rmix-vibramaticcrippled dick hot wax
20 yellobase for alecoutput
The second newcomer this month is a young man recommended by DJ Darcosan
Born in 1983, Phillip started DJing Acid Trance at the young age of 13, after a very short time he had his first gig at the age of 14 and discovered his passion for House & Breaks which he still plays to this day. He has played in clubs in Germany, Spain, France & Greece and is presently taking time out from the music biz to study here in Vienna and gather inspiration from other styles and DJs from the Donaustadt. This is his first mix in Vienna and represents his current music flavour and a retrospective view of his recent sets.

 DJ Phillip van het veld 
fm4 playlist    
artist title label
1 Grandmaster Flash&the Furious FiveScorpioSugar Hill
2 OxiaStoryGoodlife
3 I:cube&RZACan you deal with thatVersatile
4 TigaHot in hereK7
5 The Capoeira TwinsMESSIN Around (Quantic Mix)-Tru thoughts
6 Stereo 8Groove DigginFingerLickin
7 Plump DJsThe funk hits the fanFinger Lickin
8 SLY Fidelity&Clubfoot feat.Africa Islam4 the white KnightLot49
9 Lee Coombesa&Dylan RhymesAlright All nightFinger Lickin
10 Donna KebabUntitledBootleg
11 UnknownDancing in the Parkbootleg
12 Steve Bug vs DJ TMonsterbazeMarine Parade
13 PanashJack 2 Jack(Jesper Dahlbäck rmix)Turbo
14 C.I.TPlasticElectric Avenue
15 TigaPleasure from the BassPias
16 TiefschwarzGhosttrack (Blackstrobe Rmix)Four Music
17 Azzido da BassDooms Night (Timo Maas Rmix)Edel
18 The Capoeira TwinsFlick the Switch
RewindHalloween is coming up on sunday. Ilsa Gold are throwing a party in the Arena with special guest Donna Summer (the Guy not the girl) and so to give those people a taste of what will happen if they have never heard this man perform. Live and dangerous: Mr. Donna Summer. Arrrggggggggghh

Rewind part 2: D.Kays special guest Mr Bryan Gee (V.rec)

Slack Hippys Chill Thrill Mix
 Slack Hippys Chill Thrill Mix 
fm4 playlist    
artist title label
1 Bang BangShineYellow
2 DuplexSteinholz(monolake Rmix)-Shit Katapult
3 DJ FabOne DayBack to the Beat
4 StezoPiece of the Pie (inst.)Stones Throw
5 Glenn Undergroundthe Fish FryMush Rec
6 People under the StairsAcid raindropsOm Rec
7 VisionisticsMysterious waysMo-Wax
8 StezoGangster Groove(inst.)Stones Throw
9 .J.Live&WordsworthBosums (inst.)Seven Heads
10 Freddie CrugerBab Yo Head(up high rmix)Jugglin
11 Robag WruhmeK.T.BMusik Krause rec.
12 Gael BaillerHappy ManChok Rock
13 Shawn LeeSo much trouble (Sparo R,mix)-Scenario Music
14 Zap MamaBandy Bandy (Carl Craig Rmix)Giant Step Rec
  This months show is dedicated to John Peel, a great radio presenter and DJ who left us for fluffier places last Tuesday. R.I.P. you will be sorely missed.
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