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  Österreich |  12.11.2004 | 18:19 
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Programm: Samstag, 13. November
Morning Show (6-10)
  with Stuart Freeman und Esther Csapo

Hugh Grant am Wort

Movieoke mit einer noch unveröffentlichten Szene aus Bridget Jones 2

"Urge overkill, where are they now?"

John Peel Tribute

and the US seems to be sorry...
Update (10-12)
  with John Megill

Termine | Webtip | Soundtrackcorner
Reality Check (12-13)
  with Riem Higazi

"25 Years of Rapper's Delight"
Can one song change the world? If the song is called "Rapper's Delight" and sets off a new way of living, it can. The New Jersey-based Sugarhill Gang released their seminal "Rapper's Delight" 25 years ago and the term 'hip-hop' spread from inner city streets to mainstream America and beyond. The poverty-stricken urban roots of hip hop has little to do with the current state of the musical genre - P Diddy has just become the first African-American to open shop on New York's glitzy Fifth Avenue and blingin' has become as prevalent as singin'. On the eve of the 25th anniversary of the song that started it all, Reality Check takes a look at hip hop culture; then, now, and in the future. This Saturday, as of 12:00 noon and with Master M.C. Riem Higazi.
Supersonnig (13-14)
  Der FM4 Hörer-Mix

Mitmachen unter:
 Supersonnig-Mix von Alexander Iwanov (13-11-2004) 
artist title
 Blind Melon No Rain
 Tomte Die Schönheit Der Chance
 Sigur RosStaalfar
 Turin Brakes Oblivion
 Smashing Pumpkins Today
 Distillers Drain The Blood
 Bauchklang Don't Ask Me
 Radiohead Idioteque
 White StripesSeven Nation Army
 Mogwai Hunted By A Freak
Connected (14-17)
  mit Gerlinde

Echo verhallt?
Karl Schmoll über die Zukunft des Integrationsvereins für Jugendliche der 2. und 3. Generation.

GTA San Andreas auf der PS2 (Trishes)

Update (17-19)
  mit Heinz Reich

Livegäste: Mouse On Mars, anlässlich ihres Auftritts beim La Boum de Luxe Auswärtsspiel am Samstag abdn im Wiener Flex

Termine | Prime Cuts: März - 'Wir sind hier'
FM4 Charts (19-21)
  Die Top 25 von FM4 mit Robert Zikmund
Solid Steel Radio Show (21-22)
  Coldcut in the mix
Silly Solid Swound System (22-00)
  Makossa & Crazy Sonic @ Flex
 Freeland session pt.2 (Flex, 16.10.04)  
artist title label
 FreelandMindkillerMarine Prarade
 TelemarkI feel allright (radikal version)La Rosiere
 DJ Moon vs. BreakneckNasty Groove white
 Rennie PilgremComing up for air (Koma & Bones rx)TCR
 Super Style Deluxeft. Mc Chickaboo (Capoeira Twins rx)Muto
 Aquasky vs. MasterblasterSeville (General Midi rx) Cryptic
 Koma & Bones ft. R.OwensTake me back (Koma & Bones rx)TCR
 Johnny HaloZoot SuitCellar Door
 Incredible Funky BreakersSupa ReedsLab-rok
 J.D.S. vs. MihellPurple Funky MonkeyTCR
 Jaydee Plastic Dreams (2004 Breakz rx)Mantra Breaks
 Jaydee Plastic Dreams ( 2003 rx)Positiva
 Lee Coombs & Christian JDubheadwhite
 Busta Rhymes My flat's on fire (rx) white
 Donna SummerI feel love (rx) white
 FK5White Strippedwhite
 Nirvana Lithium (rx) white
 New Order Crystal (rx)white
 tba Rockit (rx) tba
 Mike Monday Housequake Level
 White Stripes 7 Nation Army (Freeland rx) white
 Alden TyrellPhaze me not Panama
Spielzimmer (00-01)
  Urge Overkill
2 Days A Week Festival, Wiesen, 25.8.04
Sleepless (1-6)
  with Michael Ho
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