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  Österreich |  25.11.2004 | 17:48 
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Programm: Freitag, 26. November
Morning Show (06-10)
  with Stuart Freeman and Nina Hofer

Hooverphonic Concert Review from our man Arthur Einöder

Your chance to win yourself a free subscription for Datum magazine. Hint: pay attention to the news!

Downloads of the Day, brought to you by Clemens Fantur alias Manuva - Great music, free of charge!

[Zero 7] - Destiny

[Sophia] - Holidays Are Nice (Radio Edit)
Update (10-12)
  with Hal Rock

Termine | Webtip | Movie Update | Prime Cuts: Kings Of Leon - 'A-Ha Shake Heartbreak'
Reality Check (12-14)
  with Steve Crilley
Connected (14-17)
  mit Natalie Brunner

"...und was hat der Musiker, die Musikerin davon?"
FM4 Soundpark-Host Manuva geht der Frage nach, wie Musiker, die nicht Britney Spears heißen, von diversen kommerziellen und nicht-kommerziellen Downloadplattformen profitieren können.

Download war gestern!
Christoph Weiß berichtet über zukünftige Modelle, Formate und Ausspielstationen für Musik in der Zeit nach der Download-Hysterie.

Zap Mama
Update (17-19)
  mit Fred Schreiber

Termine | Konzert-Tipp: The Soundtrack Of Our Lives | Movie Update | Luna News | Prime Cuts: Kings Of Leon - 'A-Ha Shake Heartbreak'
Jugendzimmer (19-20.15)
  mit Elisabeth Scharang
Salon Helga (20.15-21.30)
  mit Stermann und Grissemann
La Boum de Luxe - Dogs Bollocks (21.30-06)
  Welcome back gentlefolk to the last Dogs Bollocks on FM4 this year 2004. What? Nothing in December? Leider nicht, cos this years New Years eve falls on a Friday and FM4 have something extra special lined up for all Gentle listeners. But, to make up for the missing month we have a vor-NYE special der Extra Klasse. Which you can then put in your stereo on 31.12.2004 on endlos rewind. Cos we just know your gonna miss us babies!

Ab 21.30 sitzt d.kay am Mikrofon und spielt für euch die besten und neuesten Drum and Bass Tracks. Dazu gibt's die D'n'B-Top5, jede Menge Party-Termine inklusive Kartenverlosungen und einen Live-Gast. Der kommt diesmal aus Brasilien und eigentlich sind sie zu zweit: Drumagick. Wer kennt ihn nicht, den locker-flockigen Track 'Easyboom', mit dem 'take it easy brother charlie...'-Vocal. Jetzt sind sie live in Wiener Roxy zu sehen, und d.kay lässt es sich natürlich nicht nehmen, die Brasilianer in die Show auf ein Interview einzuladen. An den Plattenspielern werden sie sich auch vergnügen und für alle DogsBollocks-Fans ein exklusives DJ-Set spielen.

Doch bevor Drumagick in Aktion treten, serviert d.kay Frisches aus der internationalen D'n'B-Szene. Spitzt die Ohren für Dom&Roland's Remix von 'Neo', d.kay+lee's 'Eternal Sunset' auf Metalheadz, ill logic+raf's 'One Step to Glory' und viele Schmankerl mehr - verpackt in einem Mix, den ihr in der 'Rewind'-Section nochmal ohne Moderation hören könnt.
 DnB Top 5 
artist title label
1 CalibreBlue TopInnerground
2 PhotekBaltimorePhotek Prod
3 Marcus IntalexZumbarSoul:R
4 JujuJuju EPLiquid V
5 MathematicsDrowningSocial Studies
 DKAY: 21:30-22:30: 
artist title label
1 CalibreGeminiInnerground
2 MarcusIntalexTemperanceSoulr
3 LogisticsKaleidoscopeHospital
4 Keaton + VerseRedemptionRefuge
5 LogisticsInside my soulHospital
6 JujuThunderLiquid V
7 DBridge + FierceDaylightExit
8 PhotekBabylon Viptekdbz
9 C4CLife SupportMetro
10 DJ Zinc??white
11 Photek+FabioNo JokePhotek Prod
DJ Slack Hippy & Prof. Alive in the studio making animals nervous. With a fresh selection of the last months breakage tracks and tunes

Music Non-Stop with 2 international guests and 2 local heroes keeping the beats rolling into the year 2005

The alias of jazz keyboard player and vocalist Maurizio Dami, Alexander Robotnick, has existed for over 2 decades now. During the '80s, as an Italian synth-pop/disco crossover musician for the Italian labels Materiali Sonori and Fuzz Dance, Robotnick enjoyed a healthy fan base far beyond Europe. Unpredictably, as 1000s of import copies of the single 'Problèmes d'Amour' influenced many later house and techno pioneers in Chicago and Detroit, 'Problèmes d'Amour' finally acheived acclaim as an italo-disco classic.

Logan (Rinse 100.3 FM London) (Vocal Grime Garage)
Logan in his own words:
'I play on underground station Rinse 100.3 FM in London. Have had a regular show friday nights 7-9pm for the last 2 years. Started out playing UK Garage and then began focussing on the vocal style coming from the underground artists and producers. That's about it really.'

Logan Sama's current style can be best described as 'Vocal Grime' or 'Vocal Grimey Garage'. There is a lot of confusion about word grime and garage. The reason for this is that for many years London garage scene was open to anything that moved the dancefloors. As Logan put it himself: 'Many confusing opposing styles of music were coming out of the UK Garage scene from the start of the Speed Garage era in 1996. It was merely people drawing on whatever sounds they felt like and anything goes. From the heavily House influenced sounds of Todd Edwards and Grant Nelson, to the RnB 2 Step beat sped up to 130bpm, to the sub bass lines used experimentally by Tim Deluxe and Armand Van Helden in order to fuse House and Jungle into one music form. In the raves though, it was always the tunes with the biggest bass that got the reactions.'

The sound most people now call Grime (not to be confused with the genre on Rephlex Records 'Grime' compilations) moves freely between Ragga, Hip Hop, 2step, Breakbeat and RnB always sounding different from all these genres.

Logan's mix is a preview of styles that will dominate pirate radio shows next year, and given the success of artists like Dizzee Rascal, it is quite probable that this sound will be picked by mainstram radio and record labels as well.


Thanks to DJ JaY-S from the nice and tight crew for supplying the mix and press text.
Bastamun from the Reset crew, Vienna playing a selection of Nu school Funky&Prolo breaks. First appearance on The Dogs Bollocks. Bastamun started DJing in 1995. He has already played in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and will be starting a new monthly club series in Fluc mensa next Wednesday going by the name of ALLSKOOLZ


Rewind: D.Kays set without moderation

The Chill Thrill mixed by Simonlebon (project east, slave to the rhythm) - Beats, HipHop, Funk
fm4 playlist    
artist title label
1 Fritz Pauer & Don Menza Morning Song (Dj DSL mix) Universal Jazz
2 8:35 Mingle With A Sound Altered Vibes
3 Ianeq Cloudy Picnic Mental Groove Records
4 Bobb Deep Shook Ones AV8 Records
5 Dernier Domicile Connu Twitch Sido Music
6 KLF Don´t Take Five (Take What You Want) KLF Communications
7 Quanté Jubila Pax Americana (Depth Charge Remix) Play
8 Photon Wallet Worship The Glitch Noodles Discotheque
9 Photon Wallet Droppin Packets Noodles Discotheque
10 Cabbage Boy Dance In The Cabbage Noodles Foundation
11 Beastie Boys Get It Together Capitol Records
12 M.A.R.R.S. Pump Up The Volume Rough Trade Records
13 John Carpenter The End ZYX Records
14 Max Sedgley Happy (Soul Mekanik Remix) Irma Records
15 Elevator Suite Blue Lights Bulletproofsonics
16 Obie Trice vs. Dizzy Bull Got Some Baby Teeth Soundlybeaten
17 Streamer Phule Phatt Kidnapp
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