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  Österreich |  3.12.2004 | 18:23 
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Programm: Samstag, 4. Dezember
Morning Show (6-10)
  with Stuart Freeman and Esther Csapo

If you've never been snowboarding before, now you will. We're giving away a pair of snowboard bindings, an abo to a snowboard magazine as well as a chance to meet some snowboarders. We're also giving away a PlayStation2 "Sing Star" Game!

Update (10-12)
  with John Megill

Termine | Webtip | Soundtrack Corner | Geschenke für Freunde
Reality Check (12-13)
  with Riem Higazi

Ukraine special:
Head east from Vienna, drive straight through Slovakia and bang - you're in Ukraine. The former Soviet Republic has dominated the news headlines the past two weeks and made Yushchenko and Yanukovych unlikely household names. Even before its independence from The Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine has endured many changes, not least of which, its name. The country famous for its unbelievable Black and Azur Sea coastlines, has gone by the names Oriana, Roxolania, Scythia and Sarmatia, and now it wants most of all to be known for a democratically elected government free of bribery and intimidation. That's why hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians took to the streets to protest the results of their recent presidential election. The demonstrations and the historic deliberations over alleged voter fraud in the Ukrainian Supreme Court are just one part of the current turbulence there. Accusations of poisoning, the colour orange, and the setting for next year's Eurovision contest all play a part in the unfolding story.
Supersonnig (13-14)
  Der FM4 Hörer-Mix

Mitmachen unter:
 Supersonnig Mix von Roli aus Wien (04.12.04) 
artist title
 RadioheadCreep (acoustic)
 Janis JoplinMe and Bobby McGee
 Nina SimoneLove Or Leave Me
 Red Hot Chili Peppers Road Trippin'
 Garbage Temptation Waits
 Joan Osborne Spider Web
 Sheryl CrowWe Do What We Can
 Marcy PlaygroundSex And Candy
 Vera BilPas o panori
 Marla Glen Destiny
Connected (14-17)
  mit Mirjam Unger

Live zu Gast: Gilles Peterson
Anlässlich der G-Stone Worldwide Session im Wiener Flex ist der charmante Londoner Radio-DJ wieder einmal im Wien.

Tim Renner ist nicht nur als jüngster Plattenfirmen-Chef (Universal Deutschland) bekannt geworden. Bereits vor seinem Engagement bei Universal war sein Name eine Trademark für Popkultur in Deutschland. Nach seiner Trennung von Universal Deutschland hat er ein Buch über die Medienbranche geschrieben: "Kinder, der Tod ist gar nicht so schlimm". Kristian Davidek hat mit Tim Renner gesprochen.

Neues aus dem Soundpark.

Studio Braun |
Update (17-19)
  mit Claudia Unterweger

Termine | Prime Cuts: Beans - "Shock City Maverick" | Licht ins Dunkel
FM4 Charts (19-21)
  Die Top 25 von FM4 mit Kristian Davidek
Solid Steel Radio Show (21-22)
  Coldcut in the mix
Swound Sound System (22-00)
  Sugar & Makossa & DJ Kris @ 33/45 Studios

 512. Swound Swound: Sugar & Makossa & DJ Kris @ 33/45 Studios 
artist title label
 Bebel GilbertoAganju (Spiritual South Sub Rub)Crammed
 SlimIt's In The Mix (Chateau Flight rx)Crippled
 Wahoo ft. Capitol A.Make 'em Shake ItSonar Kol.
 Kango's Stein MassivSaltvann (rx)Trailerpark
 Popular People's FrontAny Way Ya Wannawhite
 Ed RoyalPeople Get UpInnvision
 SwagScat LitterVersion
 Zoo BrasilWe ArePhysical
 Patrick TurnerHouse MusicTHG
 In FlagrantiNonplusultraCodek
 !!!Hello, is this going on ?Warp
 Kango's Stein MassivTheme from K.a.n.g.o.Trailerpark
 CoppaCornuts & CouvoisieDisc Joint
 StrategySuper VampOral
 MichoanTwo BulletsGreyhound
 Nil LindstromThere's Drink In My ...Norway
 The Emperor MachineAimee Tallulah IsDC
 VilleneuveGraceland (Konrad Black rx)PIAS
 SwayzakAnother WayK7
 Matthew JonsonMoss RockArbutus
 Junk & FunkPercussion Vol.2I Rec
Spielzimmer (00-01)
(aus dem WUK in Wien vom 12.11.04)

Mehr Infos zu den kommenden Spielzimmer-Terminen gibt es hier:
Sleepless (01-06)
  with JoJo Bailey
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