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  Österreich |  18.2.2005 | 18:52 
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Programm: Samstag, 19. Februar
Morning Show (6-10)
  with John Megill and Rainer Springenschmid

Petra Erdmann meldet sich von der Berlinale.

Update (10-12)
  with Hal Rock

Termine | Webtip | Soundtrack Corner: Land of Plenty (Wim Wenders)
Reality Check (12-13)
  with Riem Higazi

Global Warming: Man-Made or Made-Up?

Back in 1997, an international climate agreement was drawn up in Kyoto, Japan and last Wednesday, the Kyoto Protocol went into effect. Russia, Canada, New Zealand, the entire EU and a host of other countries have agreed to lower greenhouse gas emissions by more than 5% by 2012. Austria has promised to lower its greenhouse gas emission by 13%! Is this really going to help stop global warming? Not if the biggest producers of greenhouse gas emissions, the United States, don't get on the Kyoto bandwagon some say. Others think the legally binding protocol is a political ploy meant to damage the economies of developing nations and that the global warming everybody is so worried about is in fact a completely natural atmospheric process. With a multi-layered take on the Kyoto Protocol, Riem Higazi presents "Global Warming: Man-Made or Made-Up?" - on FM4's Reality Check.
Supersonnig (13-14)
  Der FM4 Hörer-Mix

Mitmachen unter:
 Supersonnig-Mix von Ella Huditz (19-02-2005) 
artist title
 Radiohead High & Dry
 Chemical Brothers & Noel Gallagher Let Forever Be
 Stereo Total Supergirl
 Daft Punk Digital Love
 Fischerspooner Pink Panther Theme
 Foo Fighters Learn To Fly
 Rio Reiser Herzverloren
 Jesus And The Mary Chain Just Like Honey
 Coco Rosie By Your Side
 Edson Believe In A Thing Called Love
 Schneider TM The Light 3000
 Zoot Woman Snow White
 Ladytron Tru Mathematics
Connected (14-17)
  mit Mirjam Unger

Live zu Gast: Rhythm King and her Friends, anlässlich ihres Auftritts am abend beim Ladyspace, dem Ladyfest-Solifest im Wiener EKH.

Trishes präsentiert neues aus dem Soundpark.

Marianne Lang berichtet von der Snowkite WM in Obertauern.

 Zu Gast im FM4 Studio: Rhythm King and her Friends
Update (17-19)
  mit Heinz Reich

Petra Erdmann berichtet live von der Berlinale

Veranstaltungstipp der Woche: Private Dancer Special in der Fluc Mensa

Termine | Prime Cuts: The Thrills - 'Let's Bottle Bohemia' (Eva Umbauer)
FM4-Charts (19-21)
  mit Robert Zikmund

Die Top 25 von FM4
Solid Steel Radio Show (21-22)
  Coldcut in the mix

Swound Sound System (22-00)
  Sugar & Makossa & Chris Rhythm (33/45)
 Swound Sound Playlist (19-02-2005) - Sugar & Makossa & Chris Rhythm (33/45) 
artist title label
 Black Leotard Front Casual Friday DFA
 Chicks on SpeedWordy Rappinghood (Playgroup dub)EMI
 CommonNew Wave (Playgroup rx)white
 J-Rod & Pat Nice ft. Joe GoodPeter Pan rxs (Acid rx)BriqueRouge
 OptimusFlash Harry Hi Phen
 Dr. Olive The End of the beginningMissive Mus
 Inland KnightsIn your mind Drop Music
 Swag My FriendVersion Ltd
 John Tejada Chords/Mono on MonoPalette
 The Liptrick Liptrick (2020 Soundsystem rx)2020 Vision
 Caspa Codina Chemistry Nonstop
 Simian Mobile Disco Upside Down Cliché 04
 Chris Rhythm & Paul MasterstbaRhythmTrax
 Headman It Rough (Chicken Lips rx) Gomma
 Savas PascalidisThis is your fantasyUFO
 The Architect Nubian Minimal Karloff
 DJ Naughty Silver & Gold Eskimo
 Unreleased Vol.6 Give me the house (Dirty Crew rx) Mood Music
 Steve Barnes Cosmic SandwichMBF
 Justin Martin & Sammy DCats & DogsClassic
 How & WhyCruising Rong
 Louie Austen & Peaches Grab my shaft (Playgroup rx)Peacefrog
 Frankie Bones Anthem for Purists Last Label
 Unreleased Vol.2Jammin?Mood Music
 Todd Terrje Bodies (Prins Thomas rx)Bearfunk
 Willie WilliamsRocking Universally Basic Replay
Spielzimmer (00-01)
  The Frames, aufgenommen am "FM4 ist 10!"-Fest, Arena Wien, 22.1.05
Sleepless (01-06)
  with JoeJoe Bailey
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