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  Österreich |  6.5.2005 | 18:27 
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Programm: Samstag, 7. Mai
Morning Show (6-10)
  with John Megill und Esther Csapo

Before the FM4 football game, which takes place in Neufeld today, we have breakfast with Hannes Duscher and Wolfgang Bauer, the team captain of "Hauptsache Sieg".

Daft Punk Remix Contest
Update (10-12)
  with Dave Dempsey

Termine | Soundtrackcorner | Webtip
Reality Check (12-13)
  with Steve Crilley

Ganglands: From USA to Europe
Next year the FBI will open a 10 million dollar Gang Intelligence Center in Washington D.C. President Bush's wife Laura (a self-described "desperate housewife") has been heading-up America's faith-based, get kids out of street gangs initiative since February. Her budget: 150 million dollars! From coast to coast, America is suffering from a street gang boom of astonishing proporations: At least 750,000 young people belong to 21,000 different street gangs which are held responsible for about 1,000 deaths per year.
So, what about Europe? Max Edelbacher from the Vienna police who attended the FBI's gang summit in March gives a "Reality Check" on gangs in Europe compared with the states and talks about gangs in Austria past and present. Ex-gang member Jim Hernandez who from 15-30 enjoyed the power of running an Oakland, California gang until his brother got shot in a gang fight and his 11 year old son died (a tragic but not-gang-related death). Jim talks about why these days he's breaking-up gang fights in northern California and what it takes to turn a gangbanger into an ex-gang member. Irving Spergel who has been working with Chicago street gangs for 40 years joins James "Buddy" Howell from America's National Alliance of Gang Investigators to give a run down of the myths and realities of gangland life in America today.
We also look at the much publicised but often misunderstood relationship between gangs and the hip-hop scene.

Supersonnig (13-14)
  Der FM4 Hörer-Mix

Mitmachen unter:
 Supersonnig-Mix von Doris aus Wien (7. Mai 2005) 
fm4 playlist    
artist title
1 Weezer Beverly Hills
2 Whale Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe
3 Jamiroquai Feels Just Like It Should
4 Outkast Hey Ya
5 Jestofunk Can We Live
6 Cypress Hill What¿s Your Number
7 Fun Lovin' Criminals Scooby Snacks
8 AirAlpha, Beta, Gaga
9 Hives Walk Idiot Walk
10 Killers Somebody To Love
11 Ruby Tiny Meat
12 U2Mofo (Phunk Phorce Remix)
Connected (14-17)
  mit Mirjam Unger

Albert Farkas meldet sich von den Vorbereitungen zum FM4 Fußballspiel in Neufeld.

FM4 Soundpark
Porträt von Zsolt Marx (Homepage), einem der allerersten FM4 Soundpark-Entries, der mittlerweile in England auf einer Musik-Uni die hohe Kunst der Popmusik studiert, und es mit seinen elektronischen Sounds auf den Soundtrack des international vertriebenen Computerspiels Trackmania Sunrise geschafft hat. (Robert Glashüttner)

Die Wochenschau von Haipl und Puntigam
Update (17-19)
  mit Gerlinde Lang

Albert Farkas berichtet vom FM4 Fußballspiel

Robert Glashüttner meldet sich vom Donaufestival, das dieses Wochenende in Korneuburg stattfindet

Veranstaltungstipp der Woche: Platinum Pied Pipers (8. Mai im Wiener B72)

Termine | Prime Cuts: The Dissociatives
FM4-Charts (19-21)
  mit Robert Zikmund

Die Top 25 von FM4
Solid Steel Radio Show (21-22)
  Coldcut in the mix
Swound Sound System (22-00)
  Makossa & Sugar B present:
Megablast Soundsystem ft. Aminata, Hubert Tubbs & Boomshagg, live @ Dub Club 18/4/05

Spielzimmer (00-01)
  Mouse on Mars
Bavarian Open, Bayerischer Rundfunk, München, 27.11.04
Sleepless (01-06)
  with JoeJoe Bailey
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