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  Österreich |  17.9.2005 | 17:26 
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Programm: Sonntag, 18. September
Morning Show (06-10)
  with Duncan Larkin and Rainer Springenschmid

Wir hören Neues aus Berlin von der pop.komm und Neues aus Wien vom Jamie Lidell Konzert.
Sunny Side Up (10-13)
  with Riem Higazi

A Little Soul
1. Astrud Gilberto & The James Last Orchestra/ Champagne & Caviar (1987)

James Last & Astrud Gilberto / Champagne & Caviar
Astrud Gilberto, known as "the girl from ipanema" and often referred to as "the queen of bossa-nova", is an artist with roots firmly planted in brazilian music. Her music has become an interesting combination of the sensual rhythms of brazil and american pop and jazz. Her album "Astrud Gilberto plus the James Last Orchestra", released in 1987, solidified her career as songwriter. The album includes a few of her own original compositions of which "Champagne & Caviar", is best known.

East Coast / The Rock (1978)
East Coast , a studio project by producer Charlie Wallert and philly soul bass legend Michael Foreman, hit it big on new yorks disco scene with "The Rock" in 1978.
  2. Celia Cruz / Oye Como Va (2000)

A native of Cuba, Celia Cruz was the legendary Queen of Salsa. Her more than 50 CDs showcased her talent, intensity and determination. Cruz's fans reached over four generations breaking down racial and cultural barriers. She collaborated with an eclectic group of musicians, ranging from puerto rican salsa and jazz celebrity Tito Puente to pop star David Byrne. In 2000, at the age of eighty, Celia was still performing, singing and dancing, and did not plan to retire. Her year 2000 CD was dedicated to Tito Puente and includes the song "Oye como va" that was composed by Tito. It was finished before he died and the idea was to have Tito Puente play a solo, but it was too late.

The Flames / Stand up and be counted (1971)
"Freedom right now or else damnation" sing the Flames, a superb vocal group, produced by James Brown, venting their righteous anger and turning it into one of the most effective and funky black power hymns. "Stand up and be counted" released in 1971, is saying it loud and proud, most likely with more than a little help from the JBS.
  3. Adriano Celentano / Tre passi avanti (1968)
Born in milan (1938) to parents from italy's Puglia region, Adriano Celentano first began his performing career as a comedian and impressionist in milanese cabarets, then made his official singing debut at milan's ice-skating rink during the first festival of rock and roll in 1957. From 1965 onwards he achieved similar success in the cinema, both as a director and as an actor, revealing a unique comic vein accentuated by a sly look and a springy step that came to be his hallmark. During a career that has lasted some 40 years, he has collected a staggering number of record hits, but his acting career has been no less successful.

Claudja Barry / Sweet Dynamite (1977)
Jamaican-born Claudja Barry landed several jobs as a session vocalist and was casted by Frank Farian, who'd just scored a european hit with "Baby do you wanna bump?" under the pseudonym "Boney M". Due to the success, there was a demand for live appearances so Barry, along with 3 other girls and 1 guy were hired. This line-up did only dancing, lip synching and press appearances. Following the tour, Barry was replaced by Liz Mitchell in 1976, and began working on her solo-career as damn hot disco-diva!
Doppelzimmer (13-15)
  mit Mona Moore und Hermes
Gästezimmer (15 bis 17 Uhr)
  mit Gerlinde Lang

"Ich bin der Eine von uns Beiden" heißt das aktuelle Album von Andreas Dorau, der seit den frühen Achtzigern gekonnt Pop, Elektronik und Schlager kombiniert und vor allem durch seine prägnanten deutschen Texte bekannt wurde. Im FM4 Gästezimmer präsentiert er alte und neue musikalische Einflüsse sowie Songs und Tracks von Freunden wie DJ Koze oder Wolfgang Müller.
 Andreas Dorau im FM4-Gästezimmer, am 18. September 2005 
artist title
 Meloboy Hot Love
 Roxy Music Over You
 Anthony & The Johnsons My Lady Story
 Electronic Light Orchestra Twilight
 Gustav Rettet die Wale
 DJ Koze aka Adolf Noise Zuviel Zeit
 Wolfgang Müller Ich hab sie gesehen (Elfen, Zwerge und Feen)
 Cheap Trick I Want You To Want Me
World Wide Show (17-19)
  with Gilles Peterson
Zimmerservice (19-21)
  mit Martin Blumenau

Im Sumpf (21-23)
  mit Thomas Edlinger und Fritz Ostermayer

John Reed: Eine Revolutionsballade, Mexiko 1914. Erschienen in der Anderen Bibliothek bei Eichborn.

Subcomandante Marcos: Botschaften aus dem lakadonischen Urwald.
Erschienen im Nautilus-Verlag.

Stefan Wimmer: Die 120 Tage von Tulúm.
Erschienen im Maas-Verlag.
Graue Lagune (23-00)
  mit Fritz Ostermayer

Thin White Rope (1984 - 1992):
eine kleine Werkschau der besten "Wüstenband" ever.
Liquid Radio (00-01)
  Vintage DJ Sets Pt. 2

Makossa @ Camera 13.12.1989 (Art & Soul Vol.1)
Soundpark (01-06)
  mit Marianne Lang

Dieses Mal: Musikalische Neuigkeiten aus dem Soundpark, die Wiederholung der Studio 2 Session #5 mit MIKA, ein Konzertmitschnitt der Waxolutionists live vom Grazer Elevate Festival und weitere chillige Musik für die Sonntag-Nacht.
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