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  Österreich |  24.9.2005 | 18:15 
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Programm: Sonntag, 25. September
Morning Show (06-10)
  with Stuart Freeman
Sunny Side Up (10-13)
  with Hal Rock

 "A Little Soul"-Playlist 
fm4 playlist    
artist title
1 Ramsey Lewishot dawgit (1974)
2 Ella FitzgeraldMas que nada (1971)
3 Chuck MangioneThe children of sanchez (1978)
4 Botho Lucas Singers & Sound Masters Garillo (1972)
5 La Lupe & Tito Puente Steak-o-lean (1965)
6 The DramaticsGet up and get down (1975)
  Ramsey Lewis / Hot Dawgit (1974)

jazz legend, composer, and pianist ramsey lewis has been referred to as "the great performer", a title reflecting his performance style and musical selections which display his early gospel playing and classical training along with his love of jazz and other musical forms. a native chicagoan (born may 27, 1935), mr. lewis represents the great diversity of music for which chicago is noted. by 1965, he was one of the nation's most successful jazz pianists, topping the charts with the in crowd, hang on sloopy and wade in the water. he has three grammy awards and seven gold records to his credit. he was was one of the olympic torch runners who carried the winter 2002 olympic torch during its journey to salt lake city in january of 2002.
  Ella Fitzgerald / Mas Que Nada (1971)

in 1934, an awkward sixteen-year-old girl made her singing debut at the the harlem apollo theatre amateur night in new york city.that evening marked the beginning of ella jane fitzgerald's singing career. one of the great compliments paid to ella was from ira gershwin who said 'i didn't realise our songs were so good until ella sang them'. ella's life was marked both by extreme highs and lows. born in newport news, virginia in 1917 and orphaned at the age of 15, ella was placed in the colored orphan asylum in riverdale, one of the few orphanages at the time that accepted afro-american children. ella was literally living in the streets of harlem when she was discovered by webb. she was married twice, first at the age of 24 to a shady character by the name of benjamin kornegay, and then again to bass player ray brown at the age of 30. both marriages ended in divorce. a diabetic for many years, the disease compromised her vision as well as her circulatory system before taking her life. in 1992, both of her legs were amputated below the knee due to diabetes related circulatory problems. as an artist, however, ella achieved legendary success in a career that spanned six decades, yielded recordings numbering into the thousands, and earned the singer countless awards ella died on june 15th of complications associated with diabetes. she was 79 years old.
  Chuck Mangione / The Children Of Sanchez (1978)

jonathan livingston seagull ­director hall bartlett also directed the rural drama the children of sanchez, based on the novel written by oscar lewis in the '60s. anthony quinn starred as the widowed jesus sanchez, a poor farmer struggling to provide for his family in mexico city. flugelhornist & jazz-pop performer chuck mangione was nominated for a golden globe and won a grammy award for his original musical score. mangione, however, had an extensive jazz background, having played during the 1960s with family friend dizzy gillespie, as well as woody herman, maynard ferguson, and art blakey's jazz messengers.
  Botho Lucas Singers & Sound Masters / Zigarillo (1972)

in the years leading up to the outbreak of the 2nd world war, botho lucas (born 1923) an elder statesman of easy listening, was performin with his first band in clubs in berlin. in 1949 this acclaimde doyen of accordion then formed the botho lucas trio, which led to several recordings and a firm place in the programm schedules of berlins rias radio station. he joined up with three guys and one girl, which later became famous as the botho lucas singers. in addition to the widley known hymn-like melody "danke, für diesen guten morgen", surley one of his most succesful compositions, lucas had also composed and arranged several hundred advertising jingles for radio and tv ­ like "zigarillo"
  La Lupe & Tito Puente / Steak-o-Lean (1965)

bandleader, "oye como va"-composer and conga-master tito puente, is revered by many as one of the greatest exponents of afro cuban rythm. la lupe and her story are full of colorful events, she left her native cuba long before political upset, indeed she did not leave but was expelled because whilst performing at a local club she started to strip tease: that is la lupe. she would get so carried away, so intrinsically connected to what she was doing that she is the author and performer of songs of all styles rendered in an unfamiliar strong, heart felt, intense and electric way. she is the first performer of that era who left aside "beautiful singing" to produce, sometimes awkward sounds but emotionally accurate interpretations.
  The Dramatics / Get Up And Get Down (1975)

this r & b vocal group was formed in detroit in 1964 as the sensations. they changed their name to the dramatics in 1965 and originally consisted of: larry reed (lead), rob davis, elbert wilkins, robert ellington, larry demps and ron banks. the dramatics were a typical 60's stand-up vocal group, specializing in romantic ballads, but ably made the transition to the disco era in the late 70's with aggressive dance numbers. in 1971 the group signed to the memphis-based stax records. us hits with the label included "whatcha see is whatcha get", "in the rain³ and "get up and get down".
Doppelzimmer (13-15)
  mit Mona Moore und Hermes
Gästezimmer (15 bis 17 Uhr)
  mit Heinz Reich

Im Gästezimmer nimmt Regisseur Christian Petzold, dessen neuerster Film "Gespenster" momentan in den Kinos läuft, Platz und spielt seine Lieblingssongs.
 Gästezimmer-Playlist Christian Petzold 
fm4 playlist    
artist title
1 Orange JuiceFelicity
2 SpiritualizedThe Ballad of Richie Lee
3 The FallSmile
4 Bonny Prince BillyI see a darkness
5 Brian Auger & TrinityRoad to Cairo
6 Dexy's Midnight RunnersI love you
7 Young Marble GiantsSearching Mr. Right
8 SpecialsToo much too young
9 Cat PowerNude as the news
World Wide Show (17-19)
  with Gilles Peterson
 World Wide Show (25.09.05) 
artist title label
 Archie Shep Sea Of FacesRebtuz
 Oliver Nelson 'Stolen Moments' Impulse
 Theo Parrish 'Capritarious # 7' Sound Signature
 Max Cole Not Of This Earth White
 Micah Gaugh 'Revelation' Accidental
 Dwele'Eve' Test
 Dwele'A Pimps Dream' Virgin
 Platinum Pied Pipers 'Stay With Me' Ubiquity
 Geology / Mos Def 'Superstar' White
 Q- Tip 'Black Boy' White
 Ty & Kori 'Untitled' White
 Kanye West 'Drive Slow' Roc A Fella Records
 Kanye West 'My Way Home' Roc A Fella Records
 Gil Scot Heron & Brian Jackson'It's Your World' Arista
 Laika Faten 'ShallowsBody & Soul
 Domu / Yolanda 'Dangerous Times' White
 Likwid Biskit Inner War' White
 Freeform Five 'Electromagnetic' Test
 Mariel Ito DX TZ Love
 Billy Higgins 'John Coltrane' Riza
 Double Famous 'Elephant Waltz' Victor
 Soil & Pimp Sessions 'Fragment'Victor
 Jeanne Cheral Les Photos de Mariage¿ Totou Tard
 Theievs OF Time 'Time Machine' White
Zimmerservice (19-21)
  mit Martin Blumenau

Im Sumpf (21-23)
  mit Thomas Edlinger und Fritz Ostermayer

Das Land der toten Lebenden
Der Filmemacher Christian Petzold avancierte 2001 mit "Die innere Sicherheit" zur Lichtgestalt des deutschen Films. Nun startete in Wien sein neuestes Werk "Gespenster", das Petzolds Interesse für vorwiegend weibliche Drifter-Existenzen konsequent weiter führt.

Bilder des Kolonialismus
Der deutsche Künstler Dierk Schmidt versuchte bislang, mit figurativer und gleichzeitig recherche-gesättigter Malerei Themen wie den Untergang von Flüchtlingsschiffen oder restaurative Architekturbestrebungen in Berlin auf kunsthistorischer als auch politischer Ebene zu reflektieren. In seiner aktuellen Arbeit im "Salzburger Kunstverein" zur Aktualität der europäischen Kolonialgeschichte wählt er den Weg der graphischen Abstraktion, um den Zynismus einer geplanten "Teilung der (afrikanischen) Erde" in den Blick zu bekommen.

Auto Play
Das Erste Wiener Heimorgelrorchester stellt sein gleichnamiges neues Album vor.
Graue Lagune (23-00)
  mit Fritz Ostermayer

Erstmals außerhalb ihrer norwegischen Heimat "on air":
Jake Ziah: These Days Do You No Justice
Serena Maneesh: Serena Maneesh
Liquid Radio (00-01)
  Ambient Works by Makossa

Ruhige, fließende Ströme von Sounds, akustische Landschaftsbilder zum Zurücklehnen und Entspannen .
Dazu wird diesmal gänzlich auf Beats verzichtet: "Ambient Works", ein klassisches Vintage-Chillout-Set von DJ Makossa, aufgenommen am 16. April 1993
Soundpark (01-06)
  mit Manuva

Neben wunderbaren Neuvorstellungen aus dem FM4 Soundpark, beleuchten wir heute die blühende Tiroler Elektronikszene, die sich um ein paar wenige, aber ständig releasende Kleinlabels, wie z.B. dem Musicpark gebildet hat. Des weitern gibt es Livekonzerte von der Mediengruppe Telekomander vom Elevatefestival aus Graz und Velojet vom TwoDaysaWeek. Ab 3 Uhr gibt es eine Wiederholung der Studio2 Session mit Mika, aufgezeichnet am 9. September.
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