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  Österreich |  8.10.2005 | 18:17 
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Programm: Sonntag, 9. Oktober
Morning Show (06-10)
  with Duncan Larkin
Sunny Side Up (10-13)
  with John Megill

A little soul:

1. The rotary connection / Alladin (1968)
Cosa nostra / Suite latino (1972)

2. Grady tate / Moondance (1976)
Dennis Coffey / Free spirit (1977)

3. Labelle / Gypsy moths (1978)
Les Baxter / Who will buy (1967)

The rotary connection / Alladin (1968)
The brainchild of chess records executive marshall chess, rotary connection represented the label's most successful attempt to expand into the rock/psychedelic market in the late '60s. Chess recruited three members of a white rock band, added a couple of female singers and chess vocalist Sidney Barnes, and backed them up with star musicians from chess' house band, including guitarist Pete Cosey and bassist Phil Upchurch. Arranger Charles Stepney co-wrote a lot of songs on their debut album, a desperately trendy effort that combined soul, folk-rock, psychedelic sitars, and quasi-classical themes and orchestration. Yet the band remains most noted for one of the female vocalists, Minnie Riperton, who graced many of the tracks with her impossibly high operatic sopranos.

Cosa nostra / Suite latino (1972)
The wicked mexican rendition of Donny Hathaway's "The Ghetto"! Cosa Nostra was formed by very different young personalities who just had in common a strong desire to "make it" outside of their Mexican frontiers, way up the Rio Grande. The recorded two ultra rare- Monster & Spicy Latin funk albums in 1971 & 1972.

Grady Tate / Moondance (1976)
Grady Tate on the vocal instead of drums, sounding good, with Wilton Gaynair on tenor saxophone, backed up by a west german big band. A better version of this song than van Morrison's own.

  Dennis Coffey / Free spirit (1977)
Session guitarist Dennis Coffey was a dominant figure in Detroit during the early '70s. He recorded fusion and jazz-rock but gained more recognition doing dates with Marvin Gaye, the Temptations, the Jackson 5, and David Ruffin. Coffey landed a gold single with "Scorpio" in 1971.

Labelle / Gypsy moths (1978)
While Patti Labelle was the vocal force behind the group bearing her name, Nona Hendryx was providing the material for which Patti and Sarah Dash would use to deliver their energetic sound. Hey struck gold with "Lady Marmalade" (and its "Voulez-vous couchez avec moi" chorus). Then, after just a couple more albums, they split up to do solo projects. The last of the original Labelle albums, "Chameleon" is on record considering this the group's best vocal performance, including the eerie latinized "Gypsy moths."

Les Baxter / Who will buy (1967)
It has been said that the property of genius is the capacity for effecting changes in set ideas. If this is true, Les Baxter is certainly one of the musical geniuses of the 20th century. Composer - arranger - instrumentalist - orchestra conductor - singer Les Baxter has won numerous awards for his work - among them are awards for "Lassie," "Flintstones" and other original television scores.
Doppelzimmer (13-15)
  mit Stermann und Grissemann
Gästezimmer (15 bis 17 Uhr)
  mit Heinz Reich

Zu Gast: Jamie Lidell
Jamie Lidell, der Soulstar des Laptop-Zeitalters, zeigt mit seiner Gästezimmer-Songauswahl, woher die Inspiration für seine markante Gesangsstimme kommt. Funk und Soul, vorwiegend aus den 70er Jahren, geben in diesem sonntäglichen Musikmix den Ton an. Lidells Entertainer-Qualitäten kommen dabei in den Zwischenmoderationen auch nicht zu kurz.
 Jamie Lidell im Gästezimmer (9. Oktober 05) 
artist title
 Femi Kuti Water Got No Enemy
 George Clinton & The Funkadelics Not Just Kneedeep
 Sly And The Family Stone In Time
 Marvin Gaye Why Did I Choose You
 Aretha Franklin Daydreaming
 ParliamentThere Is Nothing Before Me But Thang
 Minnie Riperton Only When I'm Dreaming
 Stevie Wonder Bird of Beauty
World Wide Show (17-19)
  with Gilles Peterson
artist title label
 Some Water And Sun See You Next Springhefty
 Mozez Take The Sunapae
 Hanne Hukkelberg Do Not As I Dotest
 Beth Gibbons Romanceether
 Son Of Dave San Franciscohusky
 Steve Reid For Coltranesoul jazz
 Cellestal Blues
 Love Supreme
 You Gotta Have Freedom
 Sa Ra Creative Partners Smokeless Highstest
 Lone Catalysts La la la labuk
 Lawless Element Rulesbaby grande
 Q Tip Black Boytest
 Holly Golightly There Is An Endtest
 Lou Rawls You've Made Me So Very Happycapitol
 Status 4 You Ain't Really Down (Jazzanova Mix)test
 SouflaySkratchstrictly breaks
 Skull Snaps A New Daycharly
 Syl Johnson Right Oncharly
 Stevie Wonder Superstitionmotown
 ManzellMidnight Themedope brother
 Grand Puba Change Gonna Comeelektra
 Gary Bartz Gentle Smileprestige
 A Tribe Called Quest Butterjive
 Bobby Hutcherson Sierralandmark/fantasy
 Kid Sublime The Harder I Rockkindred spirits holland
 Cannonball Adderly Soul Virgocapitol
 Freddy Hubbard Red Claycolumbia/CTI
 PharcydeSomethin' That Means Somethin?delicious vinyl
 Reflection Eternal Fortified Liveroyalty
 U Roy Tom Drunklive & love
 CrusadersIn The Middle Of The Riverblue thumb/ICA
 ABBA The Name Of The Gameatlantic/polygram
 Konrad Black Medusa Smilewag
Zimmerservice (19-21)
  mit Martin Blumenau

Im Sumpf (21-23)
  mit Fritz Ostermayer & Thomas Edlinger

"Die Kunst, das Leben zu lieben"
Im Eichborn Verlag erschien soeben eine prachtvoll aufgeputzte Michel-de-Montaigne-Compilation, ein Reader mit so hilfreichen Kapiteln wie "Lehrmeister Tier folgen" und "Krankheiten höflich behandeln". Der Plumpsack in uns stellt aber trotzdem lieber die Kapiteln "Lieben", "Essen" und "Trinken" vor. Einmal im Jahr muss der große Humanist und Essayist im Sumpf zu Wort kommen ...

Attwenger setzen mit ihrer neuen CD ihre Tradition der Einwortbetitelung fort. Ansonsten aber gibt es viel Neues zu hören und zu reden. Ein Studiogespräch mit Markus Binder und Hans Peter Falkner.
Graue Lagune (23-00)
  mit Fritz Ostermayer

Mark Eitzel: Candy Ass (Cooking Vinyl)
Friends Of Dean Martinez: Lost Horizon (Glitterhouse Rec.)
Liquid Radio (00-01)
  Aus unserer Serie "Vintage DJ-Sets": Untertourige Dub-Schleifen, zerfaserte Beats, Slo-Mo-Elektro-Funk und eine Prise Cosmic Jazz. Ein Mixtape von DJ Romeo, Resident im legendären Wiener Camera Club zwischen 1989-1992, aufgenommen ebendort im Februar 1990.
Enjoy the ride!
artist title
2 BLIZZFRIZZStranded In The Jungle
6 ??
7 YELLODr. Steiner
Soundpark (01-06)
  mit Manuva
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