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  Österreich |  11.11.2005 | 17:30 
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Programm: Samstag, 12. November
Morning Show (6-10)
  with Duncan Larkin
Update (10-12)
  with John Megill

Termine | Webtip | Soundtrack Corner
Reality Check (12-13)
  with Riem Higazi

With a Rebel Yell
Student Uprisings in History

Paris, the City of Lights, has been illuminated by more than decorative streetlamps the past two weeks. Gangs of youths, protesting the disputed deaths of two teenagers who were allegedly being chased by the police, sparked violent rioting that still shows no sign of letting up despite the French government's implementation of evening curfews. As the nightly rioting spread from one French town to another, the disgruntled French youths became the latest in a long, international tradition of student uprisings. In the 60's, American students took to the streets to ensure civil rights and stop the Vietnam war. In the 70's, high school students marched the streets of Soweto and kicked off a movement to end apartheid in South Africa, and in the 80's, Chinese students took over Tiananmen Square to denounce economic instability and political corruption. What makes young people confront authority and how has youthful rebellion changed the world? [more]
Unlimited (13-15)
  die FM4-Mixshow mit DJ Beware & Functionist

mit Special Guest DJ Nickodemus
Connected (15-17)
  mit Kristian Davidek

Aktuelle Reportage aus Frankreich
Freitag kam es in Paris zu einer Großkundgebung von 155 Organisationen gegen Diskriminierung und Segregation, unterdessen gießt der französische Innenminister Nicolas Sarkozy weiter Öl ins Feuer, indem er seine Aussage vom "Gesindel" in den Banlieues bekräftigt. Ein erneutes Anschwellen der Unruhen wird fürs Wochenende erwartet.

Michael Schmidt berichtet vom Pleasure Jam am Dachstein.

Neues aus dem FM4 Soundpark

Die höhnende Wochenschau mit Haipl und Puntigam.
Update (17-19)
  mit Heinz Reich

Anlässlich des Gerichtsurteiles im Fall Cheibane Wague startet um 15 Uhr eine Demonstration in der Wiener Innenstadt. Claudia Unterweger ist für FM4 dabei und hat nach den Beweggründen und Zielen der DemonstrantInnen gefragt.

Termine | Prime Cuts: Babyshambles - 'Down In Albion' | SZ Diskothek: 50 Jahre Pop | Veranstaltungstipp der Woche: Maria Taylor live in Wien, Graz und Aflenz
FM4 Charts (19-21)
  mit Robert Zikmund

Die Top 25 von FM4
Solid Steel Radio Show (21-22)
  Coldcut in the mix

Swound Sound System (22-00)
  Makossa & Sugar B. @ FM4 Fest - Ampere / Muffathalle (22.10.2005)
Spielzimmer (00-01)
Dinosaur Jr live @ Southside Festival, Deutschland 12.6.2005
Digital Konfusion (01-06)
  with JoeJoe Bailey

Hey Yo, you know what you're listening to... Digital Konfusion Mix-Show!!!"

On the airwaves, through the speaker and up in your ear. The Digital Konfusion Mixshow spans the globe and brings to you some of the most talented dj's from all over the world as well as Locally. Giving you all genres of music that's played by Dj's the world over; Hip-hop, House, electro, Drum-n-Bass, Nu-school breaks, reggae/Dancehall to Techno, THE DK MIX-SHOW will try to bring it to you, each and every weekend holds a surprise. Hosted and produced by DJ Joe-Joe of the world reknown New York DIGITAL KONFUSION KRU and The J&D Sessions on Sleepless, the DK MIX-SHOW offers a club/party style atmosphere as well as interactivity with the phone lines open to talk to the guests, cool give-aways and a LIVE internet chat-room to let you REALLY become a part of the party going on in your radio or computer.
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