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  Österreich |  18.11.2005 | 18:27 
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Programm: Samstag, 19. November
Morning Show (6-10)
  mit Stuart Freeman und Rainer Springenschmid

Das allerneueste von der FM4 Tour und Tote Puppen zum Frühstück. Huaaaah.
Update (10-12)
  with John Megill

Youki 7 - Internationales Jugend Medien Festival
von 21. bis 25. November 2005 in Wels Oö / Alter Schlachthof und im Medienkulturhaus (Marianne Lang)

Termine | Webtip | Soundtrack Corner
Reality Check (12-13)
  with Steve Crilley

South Africa is booming... the economy is growing, it has become a top tourist destination, the image is of a young happening nation, whose artists and musicians are celebrated around the world. But scars still remain from the apartheid era and these continue to affect everyday life: an aids crisis, a president, whose critics argue, seems to be becoming more autocratic. Meanwhile despite the boom, millions of black South Africans are being left behind as opportunity passes them by. Steve Crilley speaks with analysts, authors, and everyday South Africans. We also hear from South African Supreme Court judge Edwin Cameron who is himself HIV+. Have the dreams for the Rainbow Nation faded - what still needs to be done? [more]
Unlimited (13-15)
  die FM4-Mixshow mit DJ Beware & Functionist
Connected (15-17)
  mit Claudia Unterweger

micromusic - low tech music for high tech people
Bereits seit 1998 besteht die Netz-Community "micromusic", eine Plattform für Liebhaber von 8-Bit- und Chipmusik, die von den Sounds alter Computer- und Videospiele inspiriert ist. In den vergangenen Jahren hat sich das Projekt micromusic vom Webauftritt langsam auch in andere Bereiche hinausgewagt: Parties und Workshops, Tonträgerveröffentlichungen auf CD und Vinyl und merchandise wie T-Shirts. Einer der Mitbegründer von micromusic ist Carl aus Zürich. Er wird im Interview mit Robert Glashüttner über die Anfänge, das Konzept und die Entwicklung von micromusic plaudern und anschließend im Wiener Museumsquartier (Subotron Games-Shop) bei freiem Eintritt einen Vortrag halten.

Neues aus dem FM4 Soundpark

Die höhnende Wochenschau mit Haipl und Puntigam.
Update (17-19)
  mit Fred Schreiber

Spiel: The Warriors (Gerlinde Lang)

Veranstaltungstipp der Woche: Turner (im Chelsea Sonntag Abend)

Termine | Prime Cuts: Au Revoir Simone - 'Verses Of Comfort, Assurance and Salvation'
FM4 Charts (19-21)
  mit Robert Zikmund

Die Top 25 von FM4
Solid Steel Radio Show (21-22)
  Coldcut in the mix

Swound Sound System (22-00)
  Makossa & Sugar B @ Wirr (recorded 17.11.05)
 a funky special @ Wirr 
artist title label
 Fabrizio MammarellaWay OutHairy Claw
 Six Cups of RebelTemperertFeedelity
 Ben Mono ft. Capitol A.Transmission (Space Organ rx)Compost
 Devil McDoomBlood MoneyMPM
 ProtassovCucumber Lounge (Kabanjak rx)Switchstance
 Phantom Hand BandBangers & MashCottage promo
 MuddAdventures in Bicket Wood (Iayne rx)Rong
 How & WhyCruisingRong
 Ray Mang & Foolish FelixWho said Boogie DubEskimo
 Lindstrom & Prins ThomasClaudioEskimo
 Dirty MindsI'm for pleasure (Glimmers/Ray Mang dub)Eskimo
 InflagrantiParoli Codek
 Daniel WangDas ist kein TechnoGhostly Int.
 T-ConnectionDo what you wanna do (re-edit)Hardrock Soul
 Jimmy CastorIt's just begun (Cracker edit)Break Beats 7"
 12 Shades of FantasyJungle SoulPlay Hard 7"
 Geraldo PinoHeavy, Heavy, Heavy (Tumba rx)DMI
 SchmooveThe revolution will be televisedAcid Jazz
 LTG ExchangeWaterbed (Underdog edit)white
 Roy AyersEbony Blaze (Dam edit)white
 Alfonso XWatu WasuriPlayhard
 Flying Fish Armon's Theme Skyline 7"
Spielzimmer (00-01)
  Basement Jaxx
Benicassim Festival, Spanien 4.8.-.7.8.05
Digital Konfusion (01-06)
  with JoeJoe Bailey

Hey Yo, you know what you're listening to... Digital Konfusion Mix-Show!!!"

On the airwaves, through the speaker and up in your ear. The Digital Konfusion Mixshow spans the globe and brings to you some of the most talented dj's from all over the world as well as Locally. Giving you all genres of music that's played by Dj's the world over; Hip-hop, House, electro, Drum-n-Bass, Nu-school breaks, reggae/Dancehall to Techno, THE DK MIX-SHOW will try to bring it to you, each and every weekend holds a surprise. Hosted and produced by DJ Joe-Joe of the world reknown New York DIGITAL KONFUSION KRU and The J&D Sessions on Sleepless, the DK MIX-SHOW offers a club/party style atmosphere as well as interactivity with the phone lines open to talk to the guests, cool give-aways and a LIVE internet chat-room to let you REALLY become a part of the party going on in your radio or computer.
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