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  Österreich |  6.6.2007 | 18:23 
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Programm: Donnerstag, 7. Juni
Morning Show (06-10)
  with Stuart Freemann
Sunny Side Up (10-13)
  with John Megill

A Little Soul

The Young-Holt Unlimited / They Long To Be Close To You (1973)
This US soul-jazz group was formed in Chicago in 1965 as the Young-Holt Trio. They later joined the Ramsey Lewis Trio and were featured on two of the group's best-known singles, "The 'In' Crowd" and "Hang On Sloopy" (both 1965). The bass player and drummer then broke away to pursue their own direction. Soon the act was reconstituted as the Young-Holt Unlimited. Under that name, the act hit in 1968 with the million-selling "Soulful Strut", a US pop Top 5 hit. Young-Holt Unlimited's recordings have been extensively sampled by R&B and hip hop artists.

Gloria Lynne / Speaking Of Happiness (1966)
Native New Yorker Gloria Lynne started her promising career as an unusually emotional and sensitive singer in the 1950s. The success of her single "I Wish You Love" in the early 60s was mild compare4d to the triumphs of "Speaking of Happiness". The song was not only used in a Ford commercial, but also in the movies "Seven" and "U-Turn", reviving Glorias live career, as well as giving her the opportunity to write her autobiography and record new albums in the 90s.

The Clark Sisters / I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles (1962)
The Clark Sisters (Ann, Jean, Peggy and Mary), formerly known as the "Sentimentalists," sang with Tommy Dorsey and had several chart hits in the 60s. What sets them apart as special is their ability to mimic instruments with uncanny accuracy, such as on "Sugar Blues," where they capture every nuance of the trumpet sound, muted and open.
  Meirelles / O Orvalho Vem Caindo (1966)
More madness feat.the Brazilian masterdrummer Meirelles & his Orchestra. Taken from his 60s album 'Bossa Nova Fire Relax.'

Asha Puthli / Lies (1974)
Indian-born coloratura Asha Puthli has been in the show biz for 30 years. Intensely dedicated to the cause of music Asha took New York's music world by strom, way back in the 60's. In the 1970s, the Bombay based model, singer, released her biggest hits "Right Down Here", "The Devil is Loose" and "Space Talk" in Europe.

Montana Sextett feat. Nadiyah / Who Needs Enemies (1983)
With over three decades of success and influence, Vincent Montana, Jr. the multi-talented Producer, Arranger, Composer, Conductor and renowned Vibraharpist continues to be a vital force in music today. With countless gold and platinum awards to his name, his contribution and dedication to music has inspired and profoundly affected many producers, DJs, artists, musicians, listeners and dancers alike. Among the numerous credits to his name, Montana is most recognized for his integral role in both the development of "The Philadelphia Sound" as key MFSB rhythm section member and established studio musician for Philadelphia International Records as well as dance pioneer of the "Disco Era" as the creative and driving force behind the legendary Salsoul Orchestra.
Doppelzimmer Spezial (13-15)
  mit Elisabeth Scharang

Warum hat Karl Markovics schon im Alter von 5 Jahren gewusst, dass er Schauspieler wird? Welche 'Parallelwelten' hat er als Arbeiterkind in Gerasdorf erfunden? Was hält der Ex-Stockinger von der Verlockung zum Serienheld? Oder warum bringen ihn Pannen zu sonst unmöglichen Höchstleistungen? All das und mehr fragt ihn Elisabeth Scharang im Doppelzimmer Spezial.
artist title
 Outlines ft. RZANOW THAT I'M FREE
 Brian Ferry JUST ONE
 Geoff MuldaurBRAZIL
 Half Cousin BIG CHIEF
 Marlene Johnson COMING HOME
Connected (15-17)
  mit Natalie Brunner

Shadowrun (Xbox 360 / PC)
Ein Multiplayer-First Person Shooter, bei dem man nicht nur läuft und schießt, sondern auch mit Flügeln gleitet und sich teleportiert. Das spielt sich ganz gut, und es ist das erste Game, das SpielerInnen von Xbox 360 und PC/Windows Vista (Shadowrun erscheint für beide Plattformen) gemeinsam über ein Netzwerk spielen lässt. (Christoph Weiss)

Termine | Prime Cuts: Simian Mobile Disco - "Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release" | FM4 Draußen
Update (17-19)
  mit Heinz Reich

Close Up: Ocean's Thirteen
Zum dritten Mal versammelt sich die Gang rund um George Clooney, Brad Pitt und Matt Damon unter der Regie von Steven Soderbergh. Dieses Mal geht es dem windigen Casinoboss Willy Bank (Al Pacino) an den Kragen - er hat Gangmitglied Reuben (Elliott Gould) über den Tisch gezogen und bekommt dafür jetzt die Rechnung präsentiert. (Erika Koriska)
Homebase Parade (19-22)
  mit Mirjam Unger

Die FM4 Radiosession mit den Kaiser Chiefs
Am 18. Mai waren die Kaiser Chiefs in der exklusiven FM4 Radiosession im Wiener Radiokulturhaus zu sehen, heute gibt es die Aufzeichnung des Konzerts zu hören.

Prime Cuts: Simian Mobile Disco - "Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release"
Tribe Vibes (22-00)
  mit Trishes
Projekt X (00-01)
  mit den Projektleitern Haipl, Knötzl und Votava

Projekt X gibt's auch als Podcast!
Sleepless (01-06)
  with Joe Joe Bailey

03-04: Wiederholung: Tribe Vibes Mix
04-05: Wiederholung: Spielzimmer
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