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  Österreich |  22.6.2007 | 19:18 
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Programm: Samstag, 23. Juni
Morning Show (6-10)
  with Dave Dempsey and Judith Gruber

Hermes is with us in the very early morning and talks to some celebrities, while we try to check out how much CO2 our Morning Show studio produces per year.

Then we have a detailed review about yesterdays first evening at the Donauinselfest in Vienna and we also talk to Andreas Gstettner who's at the Southside Festival at the moment. And we have guests for breakfast: "A life, A Song, A Cigarette" visit our studio.
Update (10-12)
  with Hal Rock

DVD-Corner: "In drei Tagen bist du tot" | Termine | Webtip
Reality Check (12-13)
  with Steve Crilley

Thinking of planning a Summer trip?
More and more people are going off the beaten track and heading to unusual places around the world. Exotic tours are becoming all the rage with travellers venturing deeper into Central America, Saharan Africa and the jungles of Asia. Travel experts are also studying a phenomenon called "Dark Tourism" where visitors seek out tourist sites with a so-called darker theme or a place that is connected with a particlarly sad event in history (eg. the Killing Fields of Cambodia). But what about heading to North Korea or Burma where there are currently questionable regimes, is it ethical to travel there and what should you do if you end up stuck or run into problems with authorities when out and about in such places... [more]
FM4 Unlimited (13-15)
  Live DJ-Mix mit Beware und Functionist.

Heute zum letzten Mal vor der Sommerpause, die eigentlich keine ist... Alle Infos und die Setlisten gibt es auf
Connected (15-17)
  mit Natalie Brunner

Donauinselfest in vollem Gange ist, findet etwas weiter im Westen, in Neuhausen ob Eck, nahe beim Bodensee das Southside statt. Wir haben unsere ReporterInnen auf beide Festivals geschickt und werden von ihnen auf dem Laufenden gehalten.

Festival der Regionen
Veronika Weidinger über die Eröffnung des biennalen Festivals in Oberösterreich

Martin Puntigams und Clemens Haipls höhnende Wochenschau
Update (17-19)
  mit Esther Csapo

Alles neue vom Donauinselfest, unsere Außenstelle hält uns auf dem Laufenden.

Veranstaltungstipp der Woche: Hey Willpower am Sonntag im Wiener Chelsea (Sophia Weyringer)

Termine | Das Beste aus dem Soundpark | Prime Cuts: Dizzee Rascal - 'Maths & English'
FM4 Charts (19-21)
  Die Top 25 von FM4 mit Kristian Davidek
FM4 am Donauinselfest 2007 (21-00)
  Wir übertragen live von der FM4 Planet Music Bühne am Wiener Donauinselfest.
Sleepless: Digital Konfusion Mixshow (00-06)
  with DJ Joe-Joe

The show is definitely something for our House-heads, but we did not forget all about our HipHoppers either!

- Dennis Deen (Dirty House Department) & Chris Groove (Orange Music)
- Miss Protexid (Female Pressure/Club Nova)
- Paul Blaze (Digital Konfusion/Orange Music)

We're all the way live, so if you wanna let us know what you're thinking about the show, hit us up with your message! Mail to
 DJ Paul Blaze 
fm4 playlist    
artist title label
 Amy Winehouse In my bed Island Music Group
 I-Cue Shit's real Liquid Sky Music
 Pharoahe Monch Let's go SRC
 Mos Def Wylin' out Grand Slam Rec.
 Sauce Money Intruder Alert Chrysalis
 AZ Sit em back Quiet Mum
 Frank'n'Dank Hustle Need Ill Works Rec.
 Pete Rock 914 Nature Sounds
 Sean Price You already know Duck Down Rec.
 D-tension Pretty little whore Brick Rec.
 Charli Baltimore Everybody wanna know Chrysalis
 Lord Finesse Strictly for the Ladies Wyld Pitch
 GangStarr Battle Chrysalis
 Non Phixion Thug Tunin' Uncle Howie
 Boy Big Proper Dosage Works of Mart
 Run DMC Down with the King Re-Edits
 Mos Def Most Def Grand Slam Rec.
 Hell Razah Project Jazz Nature Sounds
 = Rubberband Man Editions Disco
 Orange Allstars Afterhours Club Orange Music
 DJ Numark Canto de Ossanha Up and Above
 Dirty House Punks  
fm4 playlist    
artist title
 Dirty House Punks aka Groove & Deen Sunday Morning Dub
 Christoph Trücher & Dennes Jeremic Flex
 Christopher Groove & Dennes DeenThe Good The Bad and Us
 Christopher Groove & Dennes DeenFight Club
 Andre BachmanKick Back (Christopher Groove & Dennes Deen Dirty Dubmix)
 Groove & DeenSorgenkind EP
 Christopher Groove & Dennes DeenB.O.W. (Balls on Weed)
 Trücher & Jeremic Maximal Minimal
 Christopher Groove & Dennes DeenDeep Down and Under
 Promo Special Believe in me - (Christopher Groove's & Dennes Deen's Not for Sale Mix)
 DJ Miss Protexid  
fm4 playlist    
artist title label
 Eric Prydz Armed Pryda
 MelaniAl denta (Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner RMX)Karateklub Rec.
 Parov Stelar Love (Club Version)Etage Noir
 Santos Camels (Trick & Kubic RMXAlphabet City
 Lifelike & Kris MenaceDiscopolisDefected
 Margot meets the melody makerTorch (Namito's torture RMX)Great Stuff
 Autotune Keep it wrongFumakilla
 Chris SourceHugs n kissesMauritius
 Bukaddor & FishbackLessTraum Schallplatten
 Berovic & LeicherCrazy soulWBA Rec
 Miracel Whop Doppelwhipper (Live) Platzhirsch
  Wiederholung Swound Sound System vom 14. April (03-05)
Wiederholung Liquid Radio (05-06)
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