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  Österreich |  14.6.2001 | 18:08 
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Programm, Freitag 15. Juni
Morning Show (06-10)
  mit Hal Rock
Update (10-12)
  mit Julie McCarthy
Reality Check (12-14)
  News of the day with Steve Crilley
Connected (14-17)
  mit Claudia Unterweger und Gerlinde Lang

Kamerakinder für Samstag gesucht!

Digital Underground: : PS2: Star Wars Racing - Imagine Super Mario Cart mit Star Wars Figuren

Bericht von Sonar Festival in Barcelona

Das letzt Mal: KandidatInnen - Selektion für die Varta Experience in Island Stefan Pollach berichtet vom neuen Spielekanal auf ORF ON. (Siehe dazu auch Spielen ist Experimentieren mit dem Zufall)
Update (17-19)
  mit Christian Davidek

Termine | Close Up: Movie Update | Prime Cuts: Weezer | Gerlindes Glamourous
Jugendzimmer (19-20.15)
  mit Elisabeth Scharang
Salon Helga
  mit Stermann und Grissemann
La Boum de Luxe (21.30 - 06)
  Ungarn Spezial mit Heinz Reich und Susanna Niedermayr

Wer sich gedacht hat, in der elektronischen Musikszene Ungarns ist nichts los, nur weil man von Ungarn so wenig hört, der hat sich geirrt. FM4 tritt im dieswöchigen La Boum de Luxe den Gegenbeweis an. Anfang dieses Jahres ist Susanna Niedermayr im Rahmen der Ö1 Reihe "Nebenan - Erkundungen in Österreichs Nachbarschaft" zu einem dreitägigen Interviewmarathon nach Budapest aufgebrochen. Zurück gekommen ist Sie mit einem Rucksack voller neuer CDs. Die besten Tracks gibt es diesen Freitag in einem La Boum de Luxe In Deep zu hören, dazu jeder Menge Interviews mit Musikern, Veranstaltern und Radiomachern. Um Mitternacht übergeben wir dann an das legendäre ungarische DJ-Duo Keyser und Shuriken, die für FM4 La Boum de Luxe einen speziellen Taste of the East Radio-Mix aufgenommen haben, mit Musik ausschließlich aus Ungarn - darunter viel bislang Unveröffentlichtes.
Mehr dazu: Einblicke in Ungarns Musikszene

Ablauf der Sendung:
21.30 - 24.00: Ungarn Special In Deep
24.00 Keyser & Shuriken Mix
01.00: Vlada Janjic Mix
02.00 WH Mix Ras Kwame (London Dodgers) -> Playlist
03.00 WH Glow Mix -> Playlist
 Ungarn In Deep 
artist title label
 DJ Palotai The Disco Duck/Lemon Jelly UCMG/Hungary
 DJ Palotai Karminsky Experience/Redback UCMG/Hungary
 DJ Palotai Jadell/Mint Royale UCMG/Hungary
 DJ Shuriken Psyked Up Muzak Compost Records
 Crate Soul Brothers Solar Force unreleased
 Pal Thot Requiem for 98MHz unreleased
 gerg marketig terror pt.1 unreleased
 gergbankomat fucking unreleased
 PorousherMukaanSEN012 (MP3)
 YonderboiNo Answer from Petrograd Mole Listening Pearls/UCMG Germany
 YonderboiBodysurfMole Listening Pearls/UCMG Germany
 Miraque i Myro Hantier UCMG/Hungary
 Miraque i Myro Unne Hlavek UCMG/Hungary
 Tigrics Instrumental: Scrig it! unreleased
 Gábor Deutsch Kidnapped Radiance Mole Listening Pearls/UCMG Germany
 Marcel felejteni Mole Listening Pearls/UCMG Germany
 SU4E.M.D.Subscope Recordings
 Naga and Amb MalackaChi Recordings
 The Carbonfools TILOS.O.S unreleased
 DJ Palotai Juno Reactor UCMG/Hungary
  Keyser & Shuriken "Taste of the East" mix for FM4

1. Másfél - Idegen anyag (Membran remix) (Bahia)
Másfél is a Hungarian alternative rock band blending Hungarian folk and repetitive elements in their music. Three men producer team Membran restyles their music focusing on the cello (an unusual instrument in rock bands, but Másfél is like this) giving it the head nod treat with a raw hip hop beat. You can't get any closer to the Hungarian soul.

2. Dub City Fanatikz - Birds (unreleased)
Dub City Fanatikz is a brand new side-project of the well-known Hungarian band Anima Sound System. Check the scary combination of jazz, dub, psychadelica and head banging hip hop beats. The full-lenght album will be finished later this year, and we are sure it's gonna be very-very BIG!

3. Homeza - Barbie (unreleased)
We don't know much about this guy, we got the CDR from our progressive-breakz-producer friend Kevin a.k.a. Fine Cut Bodies. Anyway, this cool jazzy little tune attracted us for the first time, so we couldn't help playing it in the set.

4. Superbeat - Plastic Rootz (unreleased)
Superbeat is definitely among the best nu jazz oriented producers you should whatch out for. His first cut is a serious urban blues trip with George Benson style guitar licks and scat by jazz/blues guitarist Elek.

5. Easy Life Natural - ? (soon on Juice label)
New talents from Veszprém, a city near lake Balaton. Unfortunately they haven't given out a copy of their very freshest tune, which - if they have luck - will be a floor-filler on broken beatz dancefloors world-wide in a few months. This one is nice, too.

  6. Yonderboi - Road Movie (Virgács "Widescreen" remix) (soon on Mole label)
Hungarian wunderkind gets remixed by Virgács. This piece of downtempo experimental electronica shows Virgács's deep involvement with drum n bass (he was the first dj in Hungary to have a drum n bass radio show), and movies.

7. Mr. Tristram Shandy - The Do It Yourself Disko (CDR)
Mr. Tristam Shandy is known as the producer of Amorf Ördögök (their album is released by UCMG Hungary), a band which can't be file under any styles. Mr. Shandy did it again: slowed down hip hop with Eastern sounds.

8. Crate Soul Brothers - Solar Force (CDR)
Crate Soul Brothers is Keyser & Shuriken, bassman Shabaak and Yonderboi's keybordist Balázs Zságer on the Fender Rhodes electric piano on this recording. Crate Soul Brothers is supposed to grow and mutate as a collective of musicians and producers getting high on jazz, soul, funk and disco.

9. Modul feat. Kontrol Art Del & Protokol Droidz - Kont-Rollin' (instrumental) (Juice)
Turntablist, hip hop freak, and abstract beat maestro DJ Mango does his nu skool jazz break routine with the help of fellow producer and percussionist K-Roy. On this version you won't hear KAD (Sumah, Mok & Mango) rapping, but if you can easily catch them rhymin' over drum'n'bass at parties here. Sadly, K-Roy is no longer among us. He left this Earth during the last summer. Rest in peace, brother!

  10. WLF - The First Hungarian On Moon (Csoko Matiné remix) (Twentysomething Tunes)
WLF is a bedroom project of the Twentysomething Tunes label in Vienna (soon to break through big time). The spaced out afro-dub-disco remix is by Csoko Matiné (DJ Keyser and Mr. Tristam Shandy). Released on a 12" by the Twentysomething Tunes label in Vienna. The fretless dub bassline is played by Tobi aka Mr Superbeat.

11. Pete Walsh - Summer Love (Gary Blade Nu Step mix) (Pornostar)
A remix by Hungary's two step expert Gábor Deutsch (aka Gary Blade, aka Anorganik). His album is out showing the wide spectrum of styles he produces. He is simply the best producer in Hungary right now.

12. Nu Phusion Project - Terrorist (Live at Trafo, Budapest)
Nu Phusion project started last year, its goal has been to make a creative mixture of traditional accoustic music and the underground electronic dance music of today. Last December the audience of Trafo cultural centre had the chance to listen to the musical experiments of open minded jazz, ethno and contemporary musicians and Budapest's finest underground DJs. Listen to their live version of the already hip hop classic Terrorist.
 Vlada Janjic (B92, Belgrad) 
artist title label
 Kings of tomorrow feat. Julie McKnight Finally (kosmic dub) distance
 Steve OżSullivan vs Exos Mosaicmosaic
 Voom Voom Ginger & Fred compost
 Jerome Sydenham & Kerri Chandler Beat down ibadan
 Knee deep feat. Kenny Bobien If you luv me roi
 HaciendaSabor pt 2 infracom
 dZihan & Kamien Aida couch
 peace division presents Dark Daze Lottieżs vogue fuju
 Mr G. That day end
 x-press 2 Muzikizum (part 2) skint
 dj q Hidden agenda filter
 Valentino Kanzyani Feverintec
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