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  Österreich |  12.9.2001 | 18:30 
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Programm: Donnerstag, 13. September
  Aufgrund der aktuellen Ereignisse ändert FM4 sein Programm. Nachrichten in Englisch sind zu jeder vollen Stunde zu hören, Nachrichten in Deutsch zu jeder halben Stunde.
Reality Check Spezial (12:00-14:00)
  New York and Washington D.C.: Live reports from journalists Simon Marks (Washington) and Nathan King (New York) on efforts to treat victims and locate survivors. And, updates on government investigation into who is responsible for the attacks.

U.S. airlines should have resumed scheduled flights late Wednesday. Talking with President of National Air Transportation Association, James Coyne, on resumption of flights, new airport security rules and why it was possible for terrorist pilots to have been trained in America.

NATO: The North Atlantic Treaty Alliance has agreed that the attack on America is equal to an attack on any Alliance member and voted to fully back any U.S. retaliation for the historic terrorist attack. What does this really mean and how would Partnership for Peace member countries be effected by NATO's decision.

America Mourns: As passenger lists get published and hope dwindles for finding more survivors, Americans begin to mourn the loss of their friends and loved ones. Trauma expert Hal Lipton from the American Trauma Society on the shock, depression, anger and grief of individuals, those whose job it is to search and rescue and a nation at large.
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