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  Österreich |  28.3.2002 | 18:47 
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Programm: Freitag, 29. März
Morning Show (06-10)
  with Duncan Larkin

FM4 Osteraktion: 'In 6 Tagen um die Welt!' Zu gewinnen gibt es ein Notebook von HP
Update (10-12)
  with John Megill

Termine | Movie Update | Prime Cuts: Waxolutionists - 'Plastic People' | Webtip
Reality Check (12-14)
  News of the day with Hal Rock
Connected (14-17)
  Live zu Gast bei Claudia Unterweger ist Sven Regener von Element of Crime (Live-Termine: Donnerstag - Rockhaus Salzburg, Freitag - Planet Music Wien. Special Guest: Tomte)

Digital Underground
Update (17-19)
  mit Christian Davidek

Termine | Movie Update | Prime Cuts: Waxolutionists - 'Plastic People' | Luna News
Jugendzimmer (19-20.15)
  mit Elisabeth Scharang
Salon Helga (20.15-21.30)
  mit Stermann und Grissemann
 Salon Helga Spezial 
artist title
 Bernd BegemannEin Fremder in deiner Wohnung
 SchikowskiIch kannte dich erst kurz..
 2 Raum Wohnung 2 Millionen von Sternen
 ReimundLiebe auf dem Land
 Stermann/GrissemannDas schönste Ding der Welt (Ostermayer)
 Peter LichtDie transylvanische Verwandte ist da
 Stereo TotalSchön von hinten
 ElmarSuzi Trio
 Chrono Popps SuperbettTogether 4ever
 Element of CrimeBring den Vorschlaghammer mit
 Blumfeld Anders als glücklich
 Die UlizPopschutz
 Attwenger Kaklakariada
 Stermann/GrissemannDas schönste Ding der Welt (Rochus)
 Element of CrimeSeit der Himmel
 I Santo CaliforniaTorneró
La Boum de Luxe (21.30-06)
  Dog's Bollocks
with Slack Hippy, D.Kay and Alive

Welcome listeners to the monthly breakbeat show on FM4. Much has been going on in the world of breaks this past month, with the English press discovering Retro/Electro at last (bit late but what the hell) and some English producers starting to use these elements in their productions, things are hotting up and Slack Hippy will be presenting what he's dug up from those old dusty record shops that litter Viennas streets.
Alive is back with more weird electronica for your brain to melt to and there's a small feature on J. Saul Kane aka Depth Charge, who will be DJing the following day (Saturday 30th Mar) in the Cembran Keller in Linz.
D.Kays D&B selection promises more sub basses and rolling beats for all D&B addicts out there. Part One (11-12) will feature fresh tunes from various artists from all over the world. On the guestlist we have DJ Aziz, who will present the relaunch of the austrian drumandbass-forum. The launch party at the flex on 01.04. will feature one of the UKs hottest artists at the moment: High Contrast. Further more D.Kay will present DJ Shroombabs new label HighTension, and be playing new tunes from their roster.
  Part Two (12-01) brings you the pleasure of one hour drum and bass in the mix by a very special guest, tbc ...
After the D&B action theres no turning off the radio yet for Slack Hippy has also been hard at work going from Pub to Disco to Pub to Club picking up more international mixes from world famous DJs: his month we have a mix from DJ Danny Briott from Renegade Soundwave recorded live in Dub Club (Flex) and *OH MY GOSH* DJ Patife laying down some jazzy, latino D&B for all lovers of the deeper sound.
A Fat programm is guaranteed indeed. Big THANKYOUS to the Dub Club for supplying the mixes and Big SHOUTS out go to the Dogs Bollocks faithful.
Keep it unreal, your Dog's Bollocks crew, woof, woof.
  21.30: programme begins with lots of new breaks and info
21.50: Termine
22.00: More music from the Hippy
22.20: special feature on J. Saul Kane (Depth Charge.G.B)
22.30: oh wow, even more music
22.40: DJ Alive is back from the dead with more weird electronica to make your brain twist and take a new direction in life
23.00: D.Kay's D&B selection featuring AZIZ and Shroombabs new label HighTension Recordings
00.00: D.Kay's D&B guest this month - tbc (either Paul Reset or DJ Addiction)
01.00: Danny Briott from Renegade Soundwave
02.00: DJ Patife (Sao Paulo, Brazil) - a rare mix Cd from him just to warm you up for his performance on the 01.04.02 in Dub Club Flex
03.00: Slack Hippys mix up of all things fresh and funky in a breakbeat style
04.00-05.00: the rewind section for all those who missed D.Kay's guest DJ set earlier on in the show
05.00-06.00: Slack Hippys chill-thrill for all you sleepy heads out there
 monatliches experimental electronica update von bernd rausch aka dj alive 
artist title label
 lucien nicoletproblem kidz ep part 2mental groove
 eiterherdnovus ordo seculorumpeace off
labelfeature - shitkatapult
  Shitkatapult wurde 1997 von Marcus Stotz und Marco Haas aka t.raumschmiere gegründet. Der sound bewegt sich von digitalen high speed attacks über minimalen Techno bis hin zu Ambient und elektronischem Dub.
Momentan ist Shitkatapult bei Releasenummer 27, und veröffentlicht so um die 2 Platten pro Monat.
Unbedingt ausgechecked gehört die nette Flash -Homepage unter mit allen Releases zum Anhören und Bestellen, einem Newsletter und seit kurzem auch mit einem Userforum.
 DJ Patife(Sao Paulo Brazil) 
artist title
 Dj Patife6cOSMONAUTICS rEMIXtorch of freedom
 Truby Trioa GoGo
 Bad CompanyRevisted
 Cosmaunautics RemixSo Tinha de ser com Voce
 Makota remixFutures Call
 John BThe way i Feel
 Special TouchJust a Groove
 Solid StatePure Funk(from us to you)
 Jairzinho Oliveira vs DJ PatifeGrooves ritmos sons e vinhetas
 Cosmonautics RemixEsfera
 Danny Byrd RemixWishing Well
 DJ Patife and Joah Parahyba remixJam Session
 Carlito&Addiction remixSupergrass
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