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  Österreich |  30.5.2002 | 18:23 
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Programm: Freitag, 31. Mai
Morning Show (06-10)
  with John Megill

Phantom Planet Day on FM4

Bauchklang live - am Freitag im Stadtsaal Tulln beim Vocal Summit Festival

Breakfast with The Tryp
Update (10-12)
  with Julie McCarthy

Phantom Planet Day on FM4

Termine | Movie Update | Prime Cuts: Binder & Krieglstein - International | Webtip
Reality Check (12-14)
  News of the day with Steve Crilley
Connected (14-17)
  mit Natalie Brunner

Fußball WM: Martin Blumenaus täglicher Spielreport

Digital Underground:
Bericht vom Symposium Chaos Control 2002. Technik - Macht - Recht, und wie das alles zusammen hängt. (Gerlinde Lang)

Phantom Planet Day on FM4
Update (17-19)
  mit Kristian Davidek

Termine | Movie Update | Prime Cuts: Binder & Krieglstein - International | Luna News
Jugendzimmer (19-20.15)
  Heute zu Gast im Jugendzimmer bei Elisabeth Scharang: Die Hörspiel Crew, vier HipHopper aus der Nähe von Eisenstadt, die in Wien studieren und im FM4 Soundpark vertreten sind. Sie werden gemeinsam mit Jessica, Robert, Axel und Nika von den Writing Maniacs über ihre Texte plaudern und sicher auch etwas zum Besten geben.
Salon Helga (20.15 bis 21.30)
  mit Stermann und Grissemann
Dog's Bollocks (21.30 - 06)
  Dog's Bollocks back after a hot May with hot breaks, sweaty guests and tasty tickets! Slack Hippy, Dkay and Alive, presenting eight and a half hours of fun and laughter. On the show tonight, loads of new, blue and yes old school breaks. As ever the trusty Termine calender and my special guest in the show this month is DJ Glow, ein alter Hase when it comes down to spinning, producing and basically being cool!!! He's got a new record coming out on his label Trust, a label that's been around for a while though releases are scarce... He's going to be introducing the record, plus some new stuff he's been working on and of course a DJ mix for all you Electroheads out there. DJ Alive is back with some intelligent breaks to test your I.Q. and due to popular demand a bit more Drum&Bass, the Dog's Bollocks sways to the bass. The Unknown DJ section has been born. Well known DJs who buy but don't play out D&B are going to be doing some DJ sets for the Dog's Bollocks, dropping their normal DJ names and spinning under the DJ Unknown pyseudonym. You won't know who they are, you will only know that he/she normally plays other music! But who cares what their real names are, music is the important factor here, be it old skool, new skool or no skool. The first DJ up on the wheels plays a selection from '97-'02 , track list of course included. And if you're clever you might even guess who it is. Mr. Dkay has been hard at work for you D&B lovers out there and here's what's happening from 23.00-01.00.
  Running order for the Dog's Bollocks:

21.30 Music, Music
22.00 Termine Calender
22.15 DJ Alives I.Q Breaks
22.30 DJ Glow interview and the new TRUST Rec.
22.45 Music, Music
23.00 Dkay | Hot news from the scene | Interview with Andy C | New tunes and exclusive dubplates from all over the world | World exklusive Loxy+Ink (Metalheadz) album preview | forthcoming on Architecture recordings | all party-dates+ ticket giveaways and tunes tunes tunes
00.00 Dkays very special guest live in the studio (D&B)
01.00 DJ Glow (Electro)
02.00 The Unknown DJ (D&B)
03.00 Rewind. Dkays special guest
04.00 Rewind. DJ Glow
05.00 Slack Hippys chill thrill

So a fat funky breaks session is guaranteed from 21.30-6.00 on the Dog's Bollocks, La Boum De Luxe
 DJ GLOW For The Dogs Bollocks 
artist title label
 Ryocchi Ikedetime Staalplaat
 Team Doyabihorse and trapSkam
 Smash TVlaptop dancerBpitch
 Voice stealerwe suspectMass Transit
 Transllusionnegative flashSupremat
 Drexiyaplankton organisationTresor
 GrumptronixLevel 5Erotic city
 Scape 1eskimo push mass transit
 DJ DigitaldarkwindsDirect beat
 ErotekteksloTwilight 76
 K rockinsideBreakin'
 Beigepfennig inc.Nonplace
 Scape 1fukdabreaksmass transit
 PrivateLightning6look straight(J.Tedjada Rmix)Pomelo
 Daniel LodigPuta FloieraTrust 3
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