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  Österreich |  31.5.2002 | 19:15 
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Programm: Samstag, 1. Juni
Morning Show (06-10)
  with John Megill
Update (10-12)
  with Hal Rock

Termine | Popnews | Webtip | Soundtrack Corner
Reality Check (12-13)
  with Steve Crilley

Gay TV
On May 30th, 1997, mainstream television was changed forever by three little words. When Ellen DeGeneres' character on the autobiographical and hugely popular sitcom called appropriately enough 'Ellen' uttered the words 'I am gay', lots of television producers wanted to jump on Ms. DeGeneres' bandwagon and lots of conservative anti-gay groups didn't want open homosexuals on TV at all.
These days, mainstream television features gay characters on many shows. The American sitcom 'Will and Grace', the teen-soap 'Dawson's Creek', 'Friends', 'The Simpsons', 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', the British series 'Queer as Folk', and German-made television shows like 'Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten' - all these TV programs have main characters who are gay. The growing presence of homosexuals on TV is good news for some, bad news for others.
On Saturday's Reality Check, we will be focusing on GAY TV. We'll be talking to the executive producer of a 24 hour gay channel, we'll get some perspective from an anti-defamation and gay rights lobby, we'll discuss the presence of homosexuals on Austrian TV, and we'll get some viewpoints on GAY TV from a representative of a 'family values media-watchdog organisation. The ongoing debate concerning homosexuals on commercial television is rather heated and Saturday's Reality Check promises to be just as hot.
Supersonnig (13-14)
  FM4 Supersonnig ignoriert die Widrigkeiten des Wetters.

FM4 sucht Musikprogrammierer für den Samstag! Eure Platten sind der Silberstreif am Horizont.
 Supersonnig-Playlist von Zeno aus Bayern (1.6.2002) 
artist title
 Sportfreunde Stiller Ein Kompliment
 Placebo Special K
 OutkastSo Fresh, So Clean
 HerbaliserSomething Wicked
 Air/Beth HirshAll I Need
 Walkner/MöstlBirth Of My Soul
 Kid Paris/Agim Lapastica Leave The World Behind
 ResThe Hustler
 2Raum WohnungMillionen Von Sternen
 St. GermainRose Rouge
 Curse Warum Nicht
 FreundeskreisMit Dir
Connected (14-17)
  Natalie Brunner erfüllt eure Hörerwünsche. Mit ihr im Studio: Das Kamerakind. Außerdem: News aus dem FM4 Soundpark.

It's the economy, dude: Unser neuer Webhost, der Pinguin, bekannt aus Print und TiV (und wohnhaft in Malmoe) bietet Werkzeuge zur geistigen Selbstverteidigung in Wirtschaftsfragen.

Am Samstag präsentieren Michelle Grinser und Florian Horwath (Grom) im Wiener Flex ihr Album Sadness Sells, das im August auf dem Hamburger Label Ladomat erscheint. An den Plattengeräten begleiten werden sie Patrick Pulsinger (Cheap), Turner (Ladomat) und Heiko M/S/O (Playhouse).

Debatte um die Matura: Der Bundesschulsprecher Jakob Huber und ein Maturant diskutieren über Matura und mögliche Veränderungen.
Update (17-19)
  mit Claudia Unterweger

Termine | Frag Fräulein Frieda! | Prime Cuts: Prime Cuts: Binder & Krieglstein - International
Charts (19-21)
  mit Functionist
Solid Steel Radio Show (21-22)
  Coldcut in the Mix
Silly Solid Swound System (22-00)
  Makossa und Sugar B. present: DJs Nickodemus & Megablast recorded 23.5.02 @ Intonation

Swound Sound live: Samstag, 1.6.: Makossa & Darcosan @ OFFTRACK / St. Gallen
artist title label
 marzebianlet it ridehudson river 4
 plastic buddah string vibe- nickodemus/osiris rxwea
 faridSunday paperesl music
 j livesatisfied coupe d'etait
 desmond williamsnatty dread esl music
 quanticlife in rain rxtru thoughts
 reclooseAin't changinplanet e
 eric sumojust a womanpulver
 femi kutido your best-faze action rxmca
 fisher p ?afrodisiac
 zongamintunnel musicunknown
 music man?unknown
 pogo & fernando paiva da silva orfeosunshine promo
artist title label
 ilsnext levelmarine parade
 breakneckv-neck tcr
 stereotypun dos tresg-stone
 dirt diggersdisco muffcurious
 zimpala mahagooplatinum
 funk d'voidbarnabeatssoma
 paloma bad guysfabrique
 automatorestrangement breakit
 badmarsh & shrieswarm outcaste
 hi gradethe jug bingo
 el-b ft. juicemandigital locked on
 smith & mighty b-line fe blowk7
 paradoxa black sunarchive
 megablast meets sugar b.let go intothis
Spielzimmer (00-01)
  Live: Gonzales, recorded on Tuesday, 28.5.2002 at the Vienna WUK.
Gonzales über alles: The canadian "entertainist" with the safari hat is on Staatsbesuch in Austria. Chilly Gonzales gives the audience a private tour of his "Presidential Suite" - the maestro's 3rd album on Berlin's Kitty Yo-label. A romantic/evil, man/woman show with costumes and sweat, from baroque to broadway and back. Let's groove again!
Gonzales live in the FM4 Spielzimmer, this Saturday at midnight.
Sleepless (01-06)
  with Robin Lee
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