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  Österreich |  27.6.2002 | 18:36 
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Programm: Freitag, 28. Juni
Morning Show (06-10)
  with Stuart Freeman
Update (10-12)
  with John Megill

Close Up: Movie Update | Termine | Webtip | Prime Cuts: Alpinestars - "White Noise"
Reality Check (12-14)
  News of the day with Steve Crilley
Conntected (14-17)
  mit Claudia Unterweger

Digital Underground: Unser "Educational Games Suck"- Experte packt die Lakmusstäbchen aus und testet: Die Bürgerrechtsorganisation Electronic Frontier Foundation hat gemeinsam mit Privacyactivism ein Computerspiel entwickelt, das über den Schutz der eigenen Privatsphäre im Internet und den fairen Umgang mit Urheberrechten informiert. Wie in ähnlichen animierten Spielen von der BSA und auch aus Schweden wird der Nutzer unter anderem über Gefahren, die sowohl von Peer-2-Peer-Netzwerken (P2P) als auch Onlineshops ausgehen, informiert. (von Karl Schmoll)

Am Samstag findet die Regenbogenparade in Wien statt. Wie schon in den letzten Jahren demonstrieren Lesben und Schwule, Bi, Transgender... für mehr Anerkennung und rechtliche Gleichstellung. Dass noch viel zu tun ist, zeigt die Diskussion um den vor kurzem vom Verfassungsgerichtshof aufgehobenen §209

Schulschluss in Ostösterreich: Ruft an und erzählt uns, was ihr aus diesem Schuljahr mitgenommen habt.
Update (17-19)
  mit Christian Davidek

Close Up: Movie Update | Termine | Betthupferl | Luna Luce | Prime Cuts: Alpinestars - "White Noise"
Jugendzimmer (19-20:15)
  mit Elisabeth Scharang
Salon Helga (20:15-21:30)
  mit Stermann und Grissemann
La boum de luxe (21:30-06)
  Dog's bollocks mit Slack Hippy und D.Kay

Yes, its that time of the month again, Dogs Bollocks here to shake your eyeballs.

The Regular crew of Slack, D.Kay and Alive are back with new breaks, free records, free entrys, termin calenders, interviews and of course very special guests...

Alive will present his new label plus of course his I.Q breaks: From
23.00 till 01.00 D.Kay in control,
this time with material from the U.K, Austria, New Zealand, Brazilia, Holland, Russia and an interview with the well known English DJ and Producer John B (Metalheadz & Beta Recordings).

From 00.00 till 01.00 John B will be taking to the decks
and rocking the bollocks in a Doggy styley. And what about later, we hear you ask??? Weeeeeeeeelllll...

Slack Hippy has this time looked across the Atlantic for inspiration crossing over to New York and then hopping on an inland flight to the West Coast to the city of nightmares L.A.. From 1.00 to 4.00 Breakbeats of all flavours from the good ol` U S of A- W*A*R*N*II*N*G!
This is not music for softies, jazz&latino freaks or for anyone with a love of mellow... OH NO
First up from 01.00-02.00 Breakcore special!!

DJ Baseck from L.A., one of the most famous underground DJs from the West Coast, his reputation is based on his crazy scratching and beat mixing at the amazing 200bpm sound barrier. Yes, Breakcore for the masses, lets see what you think about this one boys&girls!!! (DJ Baseck is DJing on the 28th June@Kristallwerk in Graz)
  From 02.00 to 04.00 DJ Aaron Spectre from N.Y.City,
a multi-sided DJ who's as much at home playing drum and bass as he is playing electro, downbeat and ambient. His 2hour set incorporates Old School D&B, Hard Core D&B, HipHop, Dope, Ambient, Minimal and old school electro. Definately worth checking out and if you want more info then check out

From 04.00-05.00 an unknown DJ from Vienna, Michael Beim,
who succeeded in impressing the Dogs Bollocks crew with his good selection of Dub and Funk flavoured breakbeat tunes... plus pretty good mixing in SlackHippys opinion...

From 05.00-06.00 a rewind section of Slack Hippys chill mix from March
to sooth your ears after the CORE/DUB battering.

So we are excited and we hope you are too, pin back your ear drums for Dogs Bollocks on FM4 from 21.30-06.00
Hear you then!

Dogs Bollocks Crew
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