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Vienna | 24.7.2009 | 09:48 
Letters from a shrinking globe: around the day in 80 worlds

Zita, Rotifer, Steve

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  |:::Are Smoking Bans Effective?
The controversy is sparking up again in Austria. What's the experience abroad? [more]
12:02 MET
  |:::On The Third Day...
My first and last Euro 08 journal on the fate of those Three wounded Lions. [more]
20:12 MET
  |:::A Goodbye to Extremism
Former extremist Ed Husain explains why he was seduced and ultimately repelled by militant Islam. [more]
18:58 MET
  |:::Race and Rugby
The colour of your skin shouldn't be an issue in sport, but in South Africa it almost inevitably is. The rugby team that is deemed "too white". [more]
13:02 MET
  |:::The Right Choice
The Nobel Peace Prize goes to Al Gore. All cynicism aside, I think the committee got it spot on. [more]
14:00 MET
  |:::Grit not Glamour
As the rugby World Cup enthralls millions, the Austrian national team fights for recognition. [more]
16:13 MET
  |:::Back to the roots
Some Californian legends, some recycled rubbish and a serious amount of adrenaline. [more]
14:32 MET
  |:::Confessions Of A Former Hooker
A funny little video that tells you all you need to know about THE GAME. [more]
10:49 MET
  |:::The Return of Fear
The demonstations in Myanmar (Burma) continue. But the crackdown has begun. What will happen next? [more]
13:56 MET
  |:::"You can't save the planet."
We're cycling more, we're recycling more. But have we been distracted from the bigger picture? [more]
11:02 MET
  |:::Of Guns and Birds
A story of wings, traditions and slaughter. And of hope. [more]
10:02 MET
  |:::The Politics of Urination
A cage, a fountain and far too much wee - a postcard from Bratislava. [more]
14:21 MET
  |:::"Time and money is running out"
35 million South Asian flood victims face hunger, exposure and disease: Why we need improve our response to these disasters. And how we can do it. [more]
12:16 MET
  |:::The Morning After
Are festivals really worth the effort? [more]
16:20 MET
  |:::Post Card From Brussels
Ordering a coffee in the capital of our continent can be a tricky business. [more]
12:10 MET
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