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Vienna | 24.7.2009 | 09:40 
Letters from a shrinking globe: around the day in 80 worlds

Zita, Rotifer, Steve

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|:::A Boatman's Story
Immigration from the eyes of a survivor of the hellish crossing of the Mediterranean in an open boat. [more]
13:25 MET
  |:::Israel in Pictures
60 years of history, captured on the camera of one photojournalist - Viennese born David Rubinger. [more]
10:59 MET
  |:::Like a King of Hawaii
Surfing is doing some serious soul-searching and returning to its roots. A more sustainable and spiritual approach to a mass industry.
14:51 MET
  |:::"What do they think of us?"
It's tough to be stigmatized, but is a PR campaign the right answer? [more]
18:24 MET
  |:::My New Red Shirt
Has the big money Premier League killed or cured English football? [more]
07:07 MET
  |:::Don't Worry About The Waiter
Why we should call a spade a spade; and admit whose eggs are being broken. [more]
15:27 MET
  |:::Jogging With A Superhero
My hot date this morning! [more]
14:32 MET
  |:::Saved By The Schlauchomat
A novel idea to help those who lack air! [more]
15:24 MET
  |:::The Price of a Conscience
The story of Augustin Aguayoa - deserter from the Iraq war. [more]
12:04 MET
  |:::"Die Stadt Gehört Dir"
Getting the human spirit back on the city streets. An experiment in "shared space". [more]
18:57 MET
  |:::Liberty, Nazis and Prohibition
The influence of history on the current tobacco debate. An interview with American science historian Robert Proctor. [more]
14:24 MET
  |:::Helmut's Helmet
Figures for winter sports injuries are spiraling. What's the best way to protect yourself? [more]
13:23 MET
  |:::Sentenced to Death
A 23-year-old faces the death penalty for distributing a polemical internet article promoting women's rights. An interview with Reporter's Without Borders' Asia expert Vincent Brossel. [more]
11:59 MET
  |:::The Shadows of a Dream
Football can offer untold riches to Africa's urban poor. But for every Essien how many get left on the wayside? [more]
15:36 MET
  |:::A Hero to Believe In
He was strong, modest and a generous benefactor of the poor. Sir Edmund Hillary will be sorely missed. [more]
13:13 MET
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