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Wien | 4.9.2004 | 15:13 
Dave digs the dirt, webtips and IT-memes.

Pinguin, BorisJordan

I love Surprises
  Even if they make me feel like a total jerk.

Not that I am encouraging anyone to find new ways to surprise me into feeling like a jerk or anything. I'm not.

The ARS Electronica has been full of little surprise for me so far. Whether it was the simple joy of running into people I haven't seen in decades, or getting that interview I didn't think I would get, or just seeing some stencils that made me smile.
A Stencil Says a thousand words.
Or something like that.
The Real Joy
  came where I least expected it.

At an Evening in the Gardens. A party/event out in the hills overlooking Linz. With hängematten. And Action Cooking. Sound Installations. Art.

I really expected the worst. I even almost found it.

After 20 years of alternative/experimental cultural stuff, I really thought I knew what to expect. And I wasn't looking forward to it.

Sure enough, the location was pretty, the lighting a let down, I only saw one hängematte, and the first sound thing I saw might have been innovative in 1987. To top it off, the action cooking involved standing around waiting for a very long time, and the bar was in a VW käfer.

The only thing I didn't see were Birkenstocks. Lot's of middle-age thrill seekers though.
Fuzzy Love Saved My Soul
  or at least my evening.

Just as I was ready to throw in the towel (and a temper-tantrum to boot) I heard the titillating tones of an home organ. One of those pensioninsten dreams with the mad presets. It was beautiful.
  What followed was an incredible collection of classics. Space Oddity, Born to be Wild, Sweet Dreams (are made of this)...

and some more recent classics, like Smells Like Teen Spirit or Black Hole Sun. Our night was saved.

Glowing tikis, a bunny lamp, theremin, and more kitsch than my grandma's kitchen. It was pure party bliss. I didn't even mind not being able to find a hängematte.
Like Arnold
  they will be back.

und zwar on the 24th-25th of september to perform as a part of
KONTRASTE 2004 along with vegetable musicians and falling buildings.

I will be there.
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