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Wien | 25.10.2008 | 11:47 
Dave digs the dirt, webtips and IT-memes.

Pinguin, BorisJordan

Today's webtip
  is one of those things I can't stop playing with. Most of it sucks.
Especially after having been spoiled by the potential shown in the Xbox Media Center. No, not any kind of official software or anything, it's a lovely bit of homebrew for hacked Xboxes that showed the world what electronics companies COULD have been making if the didn't have such terrible conflicts of interest.

Of course, not everyone wants to hack their Xbox, so their were loads of other bits of soft out their for those brave souls who wanted to put together their own Media Center hardware. After having tested a lot of it, none of it comes close to what the kids at have been doing. Which meant that their branching off into builds for Linux, Windows and Macintosh was a very good thing indeed.

That branch kicked off all sorts of crazy development, with several sub branches for the Mac, AppleTV and even a Social Mediacenter.

But some of the other options are still tryng. Elisa is one for linux and Windows that has been around for a little while, and it looks pretty promising. I don't know what advantage it might have over XBMC, but I plan on finding out real soon.

Plex (XBMC Branch for the Mac)
Boxee (the social MC in private beta)

Sarah Palin
  the thought of everyones favorite pitbull in the oval office is enough to cause some people to lose a bit of sleep. Not because of fear of the future, but because they are up coding a silly little website meant to entertain with a little fear mongering.

It's a point and click presidency with loads of little sight gags that will be updated daily until the 4th of november. As we all know, that is the day President2008 will be determined.

Fortune Cookies
  are one of those typicaly American things Americans think come from someplace else. China.

That's because they are usually given out at the end of a meal in "Chinese" Restaurants in the US. OF course, the fact that it was a tradition first started by a Japanese restaurant in San Francisco just makes it that much more endearing. It also makes the sites signature fortune that much more poignant.

"The greatest danger could be your stupidity"

Aint it the truth though?

  aren't any fun. A band that is already a legend by the time you are getting into music is no longer human. Those aren't people on stage, they are super-stars. Machines. Product.

That's probably one of the reasons I always enjoyed my local scenes.
The musicians are still people. I can still relate to them.

Of course, most of the legends were like that once upon a time as well. It's just not something most of us who came to the party late get to experience. That was my experience with the Who at least. I liked their music. Most of it. Sometimes. But, well, they were just always so big. And Daltrey's hair always made me so nervous. They were stars, and for all practical purposes (in my case) they always had been, and always would be.

Until I saw this lovely little video from a french music show. It was apparently from 1966, which would mean that the band had been around for about 2 years (well, with that name at least) and had already charted in the UK. It was still some time before they would break into the top 10 in the states though, so they were still far from being legends.

  They were still a bunch of guys with instruments.

The clip starts up with a cover of the Beach Boys song Barbara Ann. A song they played to placate Keith Moons love of that musical style, and they were even tolerant enough to let him on the microphone in a prominent position. Something the band didn't usually encourage. After hearing him screech Barbara Ann, I am sure you will see why.

But as terrible as his vocals were, it just made him so terribly human that by the time he was destroying his drumset in My Generation, I had totally lost it. I fell in love with a drummer. Pete Townshends attempts at escaping his suit were charming, and Daltrey at least managed not to annoy me TOO much, but Moon put in a show that just had to make me a fan.

28 years after I discovered the band.
  has had me going lately. Actually, it had me gone, as I haven't really been reading it anymore. One too many posts of self aggrandizement I guess. Although it might have been the absolutely terrible hardware review I read on BB gadgets.

Whatever the case may be, I was gone. But now I am back to the BB list because John Hodgman is doing a stint as guest blogger. Yes you could just read his own blog type thingy, but why settle for less, when every one knows, more isnt only merrier, it's mandatory.

So do your duty to God, your country and the world economy. CONSUME MOAR!

Mr. H.'s Blog...
... and a post on BB

Rock, Paper, Scissors
  is a brilliant game. It's highly portable, easy to understand, and you don't have to clean up afterwards.

It also has a posse.

Not just a posse, but a dedicated horde of followers and players who have banded together to form the World Rock Paper Scissors Society.
They organize a world championship, have a webpage and even put out RPS trading cards.

I would say that rocks, but apparently, rocks are for rookies.

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