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Wien | 17.10.2008 | 15:31 
Dave digs the dirt, webtips and IT-memes.

Pinguin, BorisJordan

Today's webtip
Have you ever thought to yourself
"Gee, I wonder where all the disasters are?"


Neither have I. But that's okay, because other people have, and they were nice enough to make a map of the world that highlights all of the current disasters taking place. From Bee Attacks (?!?) to technological disasters, with all of the usual suspects in between.
Surprisingly enough, the number of terrorist attacks are rather small, while the number of biological hazards and volcanic activity is considerably greater.

If I were a celebrity
  I would probably blog. Having had some limited contact with the kind of people that tend to take up space in the media world, blogging seems like it might offer a pretty nice way of making contact with the rest of the world, while keeping it at a safe distance.

And there are indeed a few famous types who actually manage to blog occasionally. Better yet, there are one or two who actually blog something worth reading. Like Mr. Fry.

Or John Cleese.

The Cleese Blog (you really must watch the Palin, Parrot Video)

  tend to be pretty heavy resource hogs. Trying to keep up with the gaming industries demand on computing power can get to be expensive. Or time consuming if you happen to be a cheapskate.

Which is why some of us just keep playing the same old shooters, day in and day out. For decades.

Unless you play Assaultcube. It's a tiny, open source, first person shooter that will run on ancient machines that only have a dial up connection. A perfect way for those of us with less capable machines to kill some time (amongst other things).

For Windows, Linux, and Mac. Amazing huh?

Mobile Computing
  gets me all twirled up. I just love having access to all sorts of useless information wherever I happen to be. Really.

Being forced to hop between hotspots on my jaunt to SF made aware of just how dependent I had become on my mobile data plan. So much so, that I could probably drop my voice account completely and just go with data. Well, I could if the rest of the world would get with it.

Until then, I can only try to convert the unbelievers out there.

One site that is also doing it's best to spread the word is mjelly.
They have a blog featuring links to articles and information about current developments in mobile computing and web access. But the real fun is their neatly curated collection of mobile apps. Software for your phone that lets you take advantage of that computer in your pocket without having to worry about things like pda's and smart phones.

The Blog

The App lists

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