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Wien | 31.10.2008 | 10:42 
Dave digs the dirt, webtips and IT-memes.

Pinguin, BorisJordan

Today's webtip
  is my favorite holiday. Really.

And it's starting to take off around these parts as well. Tonight I know I can expect a handfull of kiddies to show up on my door and threaten to pull some pranks on me if I don't give them something sweet. To be honest, I'm tempted to refrain just to see what kind of pranks they might pull.

In themeantime, I will be gettin in the mood by checking out Halloween on flickr. It's the worlds greatest collection of all things Halloween. Seriously. There are some incredible costumes, beautiful decorations, amazing pumpkins and of course documentation of other peoples parties. It's fun.

For those of you who feel a it more creative and want to get your hands dirty with some DIY, I have to suggest an incredible page about pumpkin sculpting. That'S right, sculpting, not carving. Incredible 3d works of art that truly take the whole artistic squash thing to the next level.

And finally, a how to video for one of the coolest costume rigs I have seen in ages. Articulated dragon wings that move when you change your body posture. That is SOOOOOOOOO cool.

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!

Halloween on

Yes indeed
  the times they aren't really a changing, they are just getting more like themselves, as the shiny surface of our collective presence starts to get eaten away, exposing the true nature of things just below the surface.

Bringing Palin into the fray has certainly done an awesome job of bringin out some of the uglier sides of the American psycho. Not that they weren't there before. Hilary and Obama have been able to push some buttons with a certain group of people in the states simply by existing. But since Palin has come on board, it sort of feels like a lot of people feel more comfortable saying things that they might not have said in polite company before.

Crooks and Liars has a lovely little collection of examples for you.
Not that they are in any way unbiased. Palin and friends would probably view that site as a hotbed of socialist terrorism, but don't let that stop you from seeing what they got.

Images from the campaign: What McCain/Palin hath wrought
I actually feel sorry for Mccain, who really does seem uncomfortable with the fear and loathing on display by his base:

Youtube: McCain Counters Obama 'Arab' Question

And to keep things fair and balanced, how about a taste of dumb democrats?

Youtube: Hillybilly views of Obama -The Ayrab

  who shall remain nameless, because I really don't know who it might be, sent me a link to a rather frightening film. It was a ficitious news clip about the lone idiot who didn't vote and cost Obama the election.

That lone idiot was me.

The video is a piece of rather clever motivational propaganda put together by MoveOn. You can have it personalized for any potential slackers you might know and have them recieve their very own bit of finger wagging video fun that could leave the more sensitive types a mass of socio-political jello. It sort of sucks to be praised by O'Reilly, even if it's a fake.

Still, it reall is a clever way to get out the message that your vote can count. Even if that's a message some non-voters are fully aware of.

Obama's Loss Traced To daddy D.

Once upon a time
  there was a revolutionary new cable only television station called MTV. They had this brilliant idea of putting the promotional video clips bands had made to sell their music on air. And nothing else.

People were amazed. It was a massive success, and MTV ended up becoming a network that did all sorts of stuff.

Except for playing music videos on air.

Maybe it was because of some weird licensing pressure from bands, maybe the music companies decided they wanted to start making money off the of the promotional videos rather than seeing them as tools to sell the band, maybe the folks at MTV just got bored with the whole thing. Whatever the case may be, a lot of their programming became variations of reality shows and low cost gross out entertainment. And some excellent animated features.

And the music videos went to the web. YouTube and cohorts ended up attracting a lot of new eyeballs by making it easy for pepole to share and view music videos by musicians they liked. There are loads of wonderfully obscure videos available online now. Of course, there are also loads of your average top40 stuff available too, and I Imagine that doesn't sit too well with various Music Executives and other suited types in the industry.

SO I guess it makes sense that MTV finally gets back to the M part of their name by opening up an online music video outlet. They announced it yesterday and there are loads of videos from what must be their incredibly massive collection, with many that I suspect never actually saw any air time on MTV. You can also sign up and do that whole social network web2.0 type stuff I guess, but right now I am too busy looking at interviews and other clips I have never seen by bands that don't annoy me.

There are one or two to be found...

  you know Ali G, you might know Noam Chomsky, and you can probably imagine what happens when the two come together.

And you would probably be right. Chomsky approaches Ali's idiocy with patience and clarity, and Ali uses Chomsky as the ultimate straight man. Hilarity ensues.

Ali G interviews Noam Chomsky on youtube

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