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Wien | 15.11.2008 | 10:52 
Dave digs the dirt, webtips and IT-memes.

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Today's webtip:
Some People
  just don't get it.

Whether you are talking about sex, politics or the internet, the chances of stumbling across the occasional clueless bastard are pretty darn great. In most cases it's probably the best thing just to /ig them and get on with life. And sometimes they need to be schooled.

Welcome to Internet for Idiots, lesson 1: "Good internet is better than bad TV".

Yes, it's true. Good internet is better than bad TV. It's also cheaper. And, best of all, it's something anyone can make. Well, not anyone anyone, but you know what I mean. TV is something that can only be made by a handful of people. People who have gone through a massive process of natural selection, one that weeds out many potential producers and reduces the functional pool of creative concepts down to something less than the I.Q. of the worlds last Commander in Chief.

Unfortunately for us, just what the criterion of this selection process might be remains a mystery. It is most certainly NOT the abillity to create and produce entertaining and enlightening programming.

  On the internets, things are a little bit different. A teenager with a good idea and a quirky sense of humor (for example) could manage to create a video series with international viewership and shows that have been viewed over 11 million times. Something many of the already small number of international television executives can still only dream of.

And you know what's even better about it? That teenager probably did it for less than it would cost to take a family of 4 out to dinner at an interntaional fast food chain.

Lucas Cruikshank has done that. His series of video journals by Fred Figglethorn are massively popular. They are also creepy, entertaining and satisfyingly simple. And very, very, cheap.

Lucas Cruikshank @ Wikipedia
Breaking News!
  Palin might not actually be as stupid as she was being accused of.

Do you remember that interesting little news story that members of the McCain-Palin camp had leaked information that Mrs. Palin was somewhat less than well informed about Africa?

Turns out, it's not true. Not only is it not true, but the supposed member of the campaign isn't a member of the campaign, and doesn't really exists outside of some videos and a blog. A fictional character so to speak. A hoax. Or maybe just alternative reality.

It's a beautiful story being told on the New York Times site. One that highlights just how sloppy so many people in the medias have become. Or still are. A current article on (published today) is still reporting the Africa incident as fact.

I guess they didn't get the memo.

Making Multimedia
  can be loads of fun. Finding nifty little bits and pieces to flesh it out can be less so. Yes, there are some nice collections of CC licensed stuff out there, but there use for potentially commercial projects can be limited or even worse just unlcear.

One site that is offering a pretty good size collection of audio bits and bos is called SoundSnap. You can use the files there for any kind of derivitave work, commercial or not. The only thing you can do is simply redistribute the file itself for fun and profit. But only a trogolodyte would want to do that anyway.

So if you have been looking for a fabulous collection of soundeffects and other fun for your next mix or media project, it may be worth your time. And if you are the type to go out and make those things, maybe you will want to share?

The loneliness engine
  Is one of the games presented at invisible games. Like the rest of the games on this site. It never existed.

It should have.

The Game
  is easy. It's so easy, it would be a waste of my time to explain it to you. It would also ruin the fun if I told you about it. So, just like life, there is really only one option. Just play it.

Ronald Mallet
  built a time machine once. Since it was based on the illustration for a science fiction book, things didn't work out very well. But that wasn't enough to stop him from trying again. He just decided to find a way that would actually work.

That decision led to a career as a physicist. It also cost him his marriage and forced him to lead a secret life, hiding his time travel research from colleagues for fear of becoming a laughing stock.

You can read his story, and learn about the results of his research, here:

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