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Wien | 20.12.2008 | 12:15 
Dave digs the dirt, webtips and IT-memes.

Pinguin, BorisJordan

Today's webtip
Holiday Classics
  in Austria I guess "Dinner for One" would be the typical film that fits that description.

Where I come from, it's Frank Capras "It's a Wonderful Life". Many people see it as the pinacle of Holiday Kitsch.

And some people don't. I have to admit, I haven't actually watched it for a couple of years, so this seems like an appropriate time to check it out.
And for the ADDers out there:

The year in Review
  Incompetent, ignorant, idiot.
Judging by a survey of one thousand people, that might just be how G.W.Bush is going to go down in the history books. Those three words have seen the greatest change in the number of peope who would use them if they had to describe the current president with one single word.

The rest of the results are pretty entertaining as well. And as an added bonus, you can use it to remind Americans that 4 years ago, they were probably still pro-bush.

The Bush Years

David Bowie
  was my hero. Between the ages of 9 and 12 he couldn't do anything wrong. It was a musical attraction that resulted in fisticuffs, bad haircuts and much gnashing of teeth.

It also pissed off my mom.

Until she realized that my David Bowie was the same nice young english man who did that lovely little christmas duet with Bing Crosby. That made up for everything. Or it would have if I hadn't gone and gotten a bad Aladin Sane haircut in 7th grade.

The haircut didn't last long, and my fondness for Mr. Bowie danced out the window before that hideous bit of his career featuring the Serious Moonlight Tour, but I still like pulling out that weird bit of pop cultural history at christmas time. It's one of the few alt-christmas tracks that isn't patently offensive.

Bing Crosby and David Bowie: "Little Drummer Boy"

And here is some background info about the track:
Wikipedia: Little Drummer Boy

Hello Kitty
  Is giving guitar lessons. Now, I could take this as a chance to get all angry and cynical about the commercialisation of art and culture, but I won't. Because it's actually sort of cool, and I really like the idea of hordes of 12 year old girls learning power chords in their bedrooms.

Between the kitty and YouTube, it looks like we might be heading towards a major rock revolution. Now give me a hello cthullu drum lesson, and the world will indeed be a more beautiful place.

The Wisdom Of Fools
  that's a nice way of saying that the rulers can be morons.

In the case of this whole global financial situation it's really starting to feel as though the planet is being run by con-artists and dunderheads. Or a combination of both. We have only just recently been informed by other news sources that that one of the leading financial stars (that Madoff dude) was actually running a Ponzi Scheme. That is basically a nice way of calling it a scam.

And it's something that some people thought has been going on for a while now.

The only problem is that those people were comedians rather than members of various financial control agencies. Comedians who made the whole thing pretty darn funny. Comedians who have since revised their original sketch in order to bring it up to date.

At least the comedienas were doing their jobs.

The follow up:

Brent Green
  makes Nervous Films. That is the name of his website. The films he makes aren't really nervous, but they might make you a bit jumpy.

He does animations using found objects, bits of paper and plastic. He then throws the animation up against a wall behind a band, puts on a guitar and grabs a mic, and the end result is somewhere near a poetry reading gone wrong, an art band gone right, or a silent film that's pretty damn noisy.

It's very much worth watching.

You can do that online, or if you are lucky enough to be able to get to Munich, Berlin or a few other German cities this month, you might be able to see the whole thing live. Or you could do the Austrians a favor and give him a call and see if you can't talk him into running down here to do an impromptu show. That would be mighty cool.

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