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Wien | 21.1.2009 | 10:39 
Dave digs the dirt, webtips and IT-memes.

Pinguin, BorisJordan

Today's webtip
Bad Movies
  make the world go round. Really. That means that we can probably thank Ed Wood for the fact that the planet still enjoys the lovely side effects of things like night and day.

I know, lots of people can make bad movies. You might even try to argue that MOST people could make a bad movie if the put in the least bit of effort. And you would be right. But it takes a special type of deranged genius to make movies like Ed Wood. There is badness that is the result of ignorance or laziness, and then there is the badness that is the result of obsessive dedication and drive.

And a little bit of the crazy.

That's the kind of bad that makes things good. And it's the kind of bad you will be confronted with if you take the time to watch nearly 2 hours worth of documentary about the life and works of Ed Wood.

Haunted World of Ed Wood Jr

George W. Bush is History!
  And he is apparently aware of the fact that he isn't going to be getting a very favorable review in the history books.
Apparently the man is already a bit concerned about his legacy and has already set about publishing a series of pamphlets, that should set things in the proper light. With titles like "100 Things Americans May Not Know About the Bush Administration Record" they don't feel defensive at all...

And then there is the way the rest of us will remember the last 8 years:

Of course, it hasn't been all bad. Bush has done wonders for the US entertainment industry, and Mercenary services have never done as well. Stewart and Colbert pretty much owe their success entirely to the Bush legacy, and the onion got more than a handful of excellent articles out of the whole thing. A list of their Bush headlines actually makes a pretty entertaining read all by itself:

And finally, before everyone turns their attention to the first 24 hours of soon to be President Obama, why don't we take a look at what the last 24 hours of G.W. Bush might look like...

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