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Sarajevo | 10.10.2000 | 13:56 
Ups and downs of life in Sarajevo.

Rotifer, Hedi, Janis

  Meat attack!
This is cevapcici - Bosnian fast food. It is served with special bread and yogurt. The white stuff on top is onions .
The Original Cevapcici
  It probably came with Turks (rumor goes that originates form Liban), spread all over ex-Yugoslavia and later came to Europe, but 'cevapcici' is traditional Bosnian fast food and something that Bosnia is famous for.

All the great 'cevapcici artists' are ethnic Albanians for generations making cevapcici under secret rezept in Sarajevo. Strange fact and unwritten rule is that cevapcici places are named after football clubs, players or even numbers on their backs. The connection of cevapcici and football is still to be explained.

Cevapcici are eaten and oredered by five pieces. Women and childern mostly order only five. Ten makes a normal portion, but you wouldn't like to be seen ordering that: MEN order (and eat) 15, 20 or in some extreme cases 25 pieces. It would be unwise to try to avoid the bad breath by not ordering the onions with cevapcici since the bad breath will be there for the rest of the day anyway and you would not get the full satisfaction. Cevapcici are eaten by whole pieces with a single fork and bare hands.

Sahin i Svabo
 The place of honour: photo of Memeti Sain, owner of 'Zeljo' and Ivica Osim, coach of Sturm, Graz
  A place for people who know their cevapcici
Cevapcici are eaten by all young, old, businessman, students and paupers...
  Vidi Harisa!
The walls are decorated with the pictures of politicians (incl. Bill Clinton) and footballers. in the upper left corner is the hyper-realistic paining of ex-prime minister, work of unknown author.
Ministry of Cevapcici
  Experts would agree that the original cevapcici could be found only in the heart of Sarajevo Old Town - Bascarsija. There, the most famous cevapcici p(a)lace is 'Zeljo' located in Kundurdziluk street. The name comes from the nick name for one of Sarajevo football clubs - FK 'Zeljeznicar' (zeljeznicar=railroad worker).

  Cevapcici making in progress..
The Artists
Profound taste in interior design
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  DISCLAIMER: Do not try this at home. Cevapcici making is delicate process wich needs secret rezept and trained professionals. Any misuse can cause bodily injury and serious stomach aches.

bad cevapcici rezept
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