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Sarajevo | 4.11.2000 | 14:35 
Ups and downs of life in Sarajevo.

Rotifer, Hedi, Janis

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adi lukovac & ornamenti
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  slika iz milana
Live in Milano: Bransky playing traditional instrument Saz
Adi Lukovac & Ornamenti
  Adi Lukovac & Ornamenti are the pioneers of electronic music in Bosnia and Herzegovina and still the most important producers of the electronic sounds.

Adi Lukovac and Ornamenti members Bransky, Adnan Zilic and Vedram Mujagic make the perfect combination either on stage as live band or as DJs of their label Post War Sound System. The rumor goes that they met through newspaper adds...

Their music drives the force from combining traditional instruments and ethno sounds with modern but dark breakbeat rhythms comprising the elements of apocalyptic (post) war experiences.

adi lukovac
  zabranjeno pusenje
Adi Lukovac and Adnan Zilic: Chilling in their studio
Vedran Mujagic in small but cool studio located in the heart of Old Town
A Part of International Music Scene
  Last year, their first album 'Pomjeranja' (Movements) rocked Bosnian charts for months. Adi Lukovac & Ornamenti tracks are included in numerous compilations - from cult wartime compilations.

These days they are finishing the studio work for the release of Adi Lukovac & Ormanenti new album 'Fluid'. The album, expected to be out soon, will include various contributions including Fun-da-Mental's Dave Watts and Aki Nawaz.

The band played various concerts and festivals around Europe: Italy, Germany, Sweden... (more info on their web page).

 Live in Rome at Bienale of Young Artists
  Post War Sound System
Arezzo Festival Italy
  Respected for their production work Adi Lukovac & Ornamenti were invited by Dino Merlin, maga pop star in ex-Jugoslavia, to produce his last album 'Sredinom'. The album was sold in more that 100.000 copies and became a part of history with the hit single 'Godinama'.

'Godinama' - the duet of Dino Merlin and Croatian pop diva Ivana Banfic - made outstanding success and reached No1 on all charts in all countries of ex-Jugoslavia.

Adi Lukovac & Ornamenti played together with Dino Merlin on his Bosnian tour which culminated on Kosevo Olympic Stadium in Sarajevo with audience of more than 50.000 people.
  Adi i Dino Merlin
The duet with Dino Merlin mega pop star in ex-Jugoslavia
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