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Sarajevo | 24.7.2009 | 09:46 
Ups and downs of life in Sarajevo.

Rotifer, Hedi, Janis

  |:::Summer Comes in February
Triumph of Bosnian film at the Rotterdam Film Festival and another Oscar nomination. [more]
21:11 MET
  |:::Here and There in Ljubljana
Does the lively art and music scene come in small bottle? This is not a try to argue Slovene case. [more]
14:17 MET
  |:::Wild, Wild (Mid)West
Looks as dead city, has highest crime rate in US and blooming underground music scene, no main street but a gate to the west - St. Louis, MO. [more]
13:23 MET
  |:::Satelites Are Spinning
Afrobeats: Sun Ra documentary and Fela Anikulapo Kuti's B-Day in Brooklyn, NYC hosted by Rich Medina. [more]
00:04 MET
  |:::Summer in the Golden Valley
Two new Bosnian movies become the stars of 9. Sarajevo Film Festival. Folk, hip-hop an Fast Film. [more]
10:54 MET
  |:::Echo, echo ...
Big and loud - the 'Echo Festival' in Belgrade, which was held from July 10th to July 13th. A festival report. [more]
14:47 MET
  |:::Music Festival Season 2003
Summer music festival season in this part of Balkans kicks off with two big ones. [more]
16:53 MET
  |:::Bye, Bye UN
After 12 years of fun United Nations circus is leaving Bosnia. Next stop Iraq? [more]
20:47 MET
  |:::No Action Is Reaction?
Sarajevo makes little action about the war on Iraq. Have we already forgotten what happened here or is the situation really beyond our help? [more]
12:57 MET
  |:::NY: what is it good for?
Replacing calendars and clearing the conscience. What happens with un-published stories and Sarajevo as New Year commuters heaven. [more]
16:48 MET
  |:::Ljubljana: LoungeBox
15:43 MET
Mostar   |:::Mostar
15:40 MET
  |:::Journeys by DJs: Episode #2
Futura festival, floods and escalators, political concerts, lost DJ-bags, lost DJs and more [more]
11:59 MET
  |:::Journeys by djs: Episode #1
4.000 km run with obstacles is behind me now. How I grew my beard traveling Sarajevo-Vienna-Sarajevo-Izola-Vienna-Ljubljana. [more]
20:16 MET
  |:::Chillout Escape (3)
Off-season Adriatic coast - perfect time and place for maximum chillage. [more]
18:56 MET
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