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Wien | 27.8.2008 | 12:48 
Please don't put your life in the hands
of a rock 'n' roll band

Farkas, Christianlehner, Ondrusova

That old time-y thing called film
  Foals, Noah and the Whale, The Guillemots, The Charlatans und ihre Small Screen Stories.
  Do you remember a time...when things were filmed It wasn't that long ago, and my trained eye of an '80s born kid can usually tell you when something's digital or old school. These days, if a feature film is committed to celluloid, it makes headlines. Much like if an album is recorded analog. A lot of times, things will be manipulated in post-production so it looks like it was done on film. Then it gets really confusing. But luckily, in the world of short-form, some crazy out there film-makers will still use the real thing. Or at least fake it like nobody's business.
  Foals are perhaps my favourite band in the world. When you elevate a band to that level, stumbling upon a music video of theirs is kind of like meeting your lover's parents for the first time. Are they cool? Luckily, being the geniuses they are, Foals have chosen one filmmaker to create most of their videos for them. Dave Ma is a young guy from Brighton who had only committed a few things to film before Foals picked him up. When he's not making beautifully creepy and innovative things like "Red Socks Pugie" clip, he tour documents the band on the road and creates poetry out of everyday things like airport lounges. Just you wait, one day he'll have a collector's DVD just like Spike Jonze.

Noah and the Whale
  Was there really any other choice than to make a video exactly like this for "5 Years Time"? It's my feel-good song of the summer, so of course a deliberately kitschy feel-good video was in order. I love the over-saturated look - when I fantasize about stumbling upon old Super 8's videos in my non-existant attic, I think about them looking like this. Style-wise it's very Wes Anderson-ish (that font again!) and it instantly brings a smile to my face. Add to that the charm of a summer camp talent show and I'm sold. Who doesn't want to see awkward dancing in yellow tennis shorts? This is what stuff looks like when it's made with love and attention to detail.

  5 Years Time
The Guillemots
  Now far from cute or feel-good are The Guillemots. This video is actually my first introduction to this band, and I liked the video instantly. It's nothing fancy but I like how it's made to look like an old, messed up VHS that was made my highschool kids in their parents' basement. It reminds me of the days when I used to tape my favourite music videos off the television and play them back after school over and over again. I still have those tapes now and if I dared to stick them in again, I'm sure they'd have those lines running across the screen as well. I doubt this was really shot on film, but I think it's funny how annoyances of yester-year are now nostalgia. Aww, remember when you had to rewind?
The Charlatans + Garbage
  And as a special treat for you and me - a rather recent Charlatans thing and a throwback to '97 with Garbage. The Charlatans musically bedazzle a woman trapped in a '40s film, manipulated by an old man on a projector (I would have loved to see Tim Burgess' face when he was proposed that treatment...). And the Garbage video is a great example of what acid and razorblades can do to film. After the footage was shot, Shirley Manson personally set about to mess up the roll. At least, that's how the legend goes...

  Garbage - Stupid Girl

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