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Wien | 10.9.2008 | 15:46 
Please don't put your life in the hands
of a rock 'n' roll band

Farkas, Christianlehner, Ondrusova

Bands Wreaking Havoc
  Music videos are for having fun, silly! CSS, Foals, The Death Set und ihre Small Screen Stories.
  So you're in a band. You've picked a couple of people to enter into a musical marriage with. You spend countless hours in a dark and dingy practice space, countless hours arguing about the design for your first t-shirt, countless hours in a crammed van going to the middle of nowhere to play a show. Ah yes, the joys of being a musician! But if you're lucky, you could one day find yourself in a foreign country on with a day off and a talented director at your side. The label gives you carte what do you do? Make a fucking crazy video, of course!
  The new CSS video was leaked onto youtube before it was even properly colour corrected by the director himself. That's detremental to the enjoyment of the artwork of course but let's be honest: how cool is it that people are excited enough about music videos these days that they actually want to be the first to break the news? Short form is a whole new ballgame these days - where it used to be (and still is, with a big budget) about making mini-movies, these days it's about brainstorming and putting stuff together at lightning speed. And who's better at coming up with crazy stuff at the drop of a hat than our favourite Brazilians CSS? I love the Polaroid-covered van they drive around in and the creative snapshots they take. It's happy, colourful and very much 1992. Reminds me of snap-bracelets, for some reason. Anyone want to guess all the places they travel through?

Dir Keith Schofield
Death Set
  The Death Set are amazingly dedicated to touring and travel. Jonny Siera, the lovely frontman is a master networker and seems to create a following wherever he goes. So no wonder that on a day off in Brooklyn, on one of their many jaunts around the globe, a video had to be made. Low budget as can be with good-spirited kid's humour (hanging onto the fender of a minivan to skateboard), it's a testament to when music videos were all about bands being their crazy selves. And besides, anyone who wears those big glasses with the nose and mustache attached to them is a friend of mine. Enjoy a hyperactive tour through Greenpoint, Brooklyn:
  Intermission video directed by Dan Santiago
  I know we had them last time, but since they are the best band in the world (tm), I must again mention the glorious Foals. "Red Socks Pugie" was actually a little older, and they just completed their newest video for "Olympic Airways". Once again they worked with upstart Dave Ma, who is quickly turning into my favourite director (tm). This time, he's got the gang running around a little campsite, in a setting very reminiscent of a "Lord of the Flies"-type atmosphere. Considering the song is about summer vacation in Greece, if this is how Foals spend their days off, I wouldn't mind joining in. Because besides setting stuff on fire, throwing sparklers around and smearing themselves in oil and blood, they are shirtless. Yes, ladies (and gents), the best band in the world (tm) in nothing but skinny black pants.

Sonic Youth
  Bands being ridiculous in videos is nothing new - the great forefathers of amazing music, Sonic Youth, did that stuff before most of the Foals were even born. "Mildred Pierce" looks like it was filmed while the band was out in Los Angeles and features Thurston Moore shirtless as well (not a bad thing, if you ask me). Also, Sofia Coppola does a terrible (but that's the point, right?) Joan Crawford manically applying lipstick. Besides the parts where they have instruments strapped to their bodies, it looks like home-video footage from the Sonic Youth family outing ca. 1991. The world needs more schlubbily dressed bands dancing under the Hollywood sign, don't you think?
  Sonic Youth - Mildred Pierce

Dir. Dave Markey
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