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Wien | 24.9.2008 | 19:12 
Please don't put your life in the hands
of a rock 'n' roll band

Farkas, Christianlehner, Ondrusova

Out of their element
  Kreisky go Bauernhof, the Vivian Girls get lost in the woods and Hot Chip hit the ring in these small screen stories.
  It's strange for me to write in English about Kreisky, seeing as they are perhaps the epitome of Austrian music. Franz Wenzl stands for Viennese glamour as much as he does for swagger & Schnitzel...a dichotomy that only he can make happen. You can read more of my gushing for this band here. Kreisky know how to rock in their suits and how to write catchy hits while they're at it - their debut which came out last year, is still on heavy rotation chez Matthews. And soon, although not before 2009, we'll get some new material. A Kostprobe from that is 'Jacqueline", the video for which brings the boys into a new terrirorty: rural Austria. Let's be honest -they look just as good toting around a pitchfork as they do in suits. Luckily, we get both:

Dir. Stefan Czaky, Lelo Brossman

And you guys do know this one, right?

Vivian Girls
  "Tell the World" - that the Vivian Girls are amazing! I am obssessed with these ladies, almost unhealthily so. They are glamorous, mysterious and in very high demand in the indie circles of the US. They are defying the rules and regulations of the game by playing a myriad of unannoucned shows, pushing a record that his been sold out for almost a year, and releasing singles only on vinyl, which you can't get anywhere. And so it's no wonder that us fans had to wait ages for the ladies to finally realize themselves on the small screen. But here we are, "Tell the world" is out, and it's both very '80s public access television and very current Brooklyn low budget cutesy (Owls!Fake mustaches!). If you're not into the (intentional) lack of acting in front of the green screen, wait until the end, when the ladies get lost in the woods and attacked by hipsters thinly veiled as woodsy goblins. God, I hate when that happens!
Hot Chip
  Musically, Hot Chip have long been breaking genres and jumping out of their designated categories for a long time. And after seeing them in all kinds of arty situations, I figured them to be a pretty adaptable, colorful bunch. But the last place I ever pictures the H.C. was in a wrestling ring or a hip hop inspired video, beefing it up with James Murphy. With all due respect (love the Elvis Costello look!), the bespectacled lead singer just never struck me as threatening. What do you know, it's all about kill 'em with kindness afterall. James Murphy get's lots of mean head-bobbing and finger-pointing in his direction and lots of boisterious talk about cage-matches. Not much actual beating occurs, but let's be honest: someone who lists his fighting tricks as "half nelson, full nelson, Willie Nelson", is pretty fierce.

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