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  Österreich |  28.1.2006 | 18:31 
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Programm: Sonntag, 29. Jänner
Morning Show (06-10)
  with Dave Dempsey
Sunny Side Up
  with John Megill

A Little Soul

Wilson Pickett / Time To Let The Sun Shine On Me (1978)
Wilson Pickett was one of the most popular soul singers of the 1960s has died one week ago aged 64 after suffering a heart attack in Virginia. Born in Alabama, Pickett shot to fame in the 1960s with hits including "In The Midnight Hour" and "Mustang Sally". Fans and critics admired Pickett for his sensuous, energetic performances. He moved south, and his hard Memphis sound was in contrast to the smoother soul hits produced by the Motown label in Detroit. He often recorded with Booker T and the MGs, the band closely linked to Stax Records. Soul singer Solomon Burke added: "We've lost a giant, we've lost a legend, we've lost a man who created his own charisma and made it work around the world."

Earth, Wind & Fire feat. Ramsey Lewis / Sun Goddess (live - 1975)
Earth Wind and Fire is one of the tightest bands to ever step onto a concert stage with vocal harmonies that make the Beach Boys sound like they are out of tune and funk that could get George Clinton thinking about what happens if he got doobie in HIS funk. Led by Maurice White, a former session drummer and member of the Ramsey Lewis Trio, Earth, Wind & Fire are best known for their hits of the 1970s, among them "After the Love Has Gone", "September", and "Boogie Wonderland". On "Sun Goddess" the band establishes some sort of Guinness World Record for smoothness with a vocal jam that features a guest appearance by Ramsey Lewis.
  Marcos Valle/ Garra (1971)
The title track from Marcos Valle's masterful 1971 release, "Garra". It's unabashedly poppy, lush with all sorts of easy listening flutes, splashes of organ, strumming guitars, strings, twinkling pianos, and breathtaking arrangements made seemingly effortless. Every song is a gem but "Garra", practically bursting at the seams with too-muchness, seems particularly well suited to introduce the albums many charms.

Roberta Flack / Go Up Moses (1971)
Taken from Roberta's 1971 terrific release "Quiet Fire". The opening "Go Up Moses" is a loping funky groove with a terrific spoken exhortation by Flack, who co-wrote with Joel Dorn and Jesse Jackson. Sarting as a jazz-fusion stylist, she moved on to intricately-produced pop and even disco. Her crystal-clear voice and classy arrangements sold a pile of records and spawned a whole school of imitators. Since the late 70s she's struggled commercially, though she was been pushed back into the spotlight by a smash cover version of her signature song, "Killing Me Softly With His Song," by the Fugees.
  Patti Labelle / Teach Me Tonight - Me Gusta Tu Baile (1978)
Born Patricia Holt on may 24, 1944, Patti Labelle is the epitome of a diva. From girl group success in the 1960s to international superstardom as a singer, actress, author and performer, she has always exuded strength, courage, intelligence, grace and compassion. She is best known for her strong vocals and her signature high-octave vocal belting. She has been largely compared to Aretha Franklin during the 1970s, but her distinguishing, over-the-top octane vocal range remains unique and very easily recognizable. She is also a bestselling cookbook author.

Jorge Ben - Ponta de lanca Africano ( early 7o ies)
I grew up hearing this one around the house. Even as a kid, I loved it. The African percussion; the all-female chorus; the voice-drum-handclap break midway through; Jorge's obvious ease and confidence, vocally. It didn't hurt that the song has an anthemic, sing-a-long quality: it's the type of record a nine-year-old and his brother and sisters can sing along to even without understanding a word of the lyrics. I thought of it as one of the coolest and classiest liberation songs of Jorge Ben ever made.
Doppelzimmer (13-15)
  mit Fritz Ostermayer und Thomas Edlinger
Gästezimmer (15-17)
  mit Natalie Brunner

Gogol Bordello / Eugene Hütz
Eugene Hütz - Schauspieler, DJ, Gründer, Sänger und Chefideologe der mitlerweile recht bekannten Gipsy Punk-Truppe "Gogol Bordello" - bietet vordergründig alles, was ein Karikaturist einem südosteuropäischen Auswanderer andichten würde. Schnauzer, Golduhr, schwerer Akzent. Außerdem feiert er viel und trinkt ganz gerne. Am Tag seines Wien Konzertes, hat er bei uns im Studio vorbeigeschaut und anschließend ein FM4 Gästezimmer aufgenommen. Kopfweh-geplagt und überhaupt sehr gezeichnet stellt er uns doch hocherfreut seine persönlichen Tourbus-Hits vor. Die Mischung ist mindestens so krude wie die seiner Band: Serviert wird Rock von Nick Cave, Dub von Rootsman und rare, authentische Gipsy-Musik aus Sibirien.
World Wide Show (17-19)
  with Gilles Peterson
fm4 playlist    
artist title label
1 Nightmares On Wax PassionWarp
2 The Invisible Session I'll Be Your Wings Schema
3 Aronas God Save The GoatStrange Records
4 The Beauty Room Don't You KnowPeacefrog
5 Roy Ayers A Touch Of ClassBBE
6 Kelly Polar Ashamed of Myself (Osunlade Remix) White
7 Osunlade UntitledWhite
8 Living Soul My DestinyWhite
9 Unknown Pharell's Acid Drop' White
10 Prefuse 73 Illiterate InterludeWarp
11 Prefuse 73 Weight WatchingWarp
12 Unknown UntitledWhite
13 The Electronic Spirit Of Erik Satie YaughtingDeram
14 Mia Doi Todd and Adventure Time AmorPlug Research
15 Michael White, Albert Ayler, Sun Ra The Awakening, Albert Ayler, Sun Ra' White Label
16 Sun Ra 'Tapestry From An Asteroid' CDR
17 Sun Ra UntitledWhite Label
18 Flying Lotus SketchbookPlug Research
19 Prefuse 73 and Broadcast UntitledCDR
20 Stereolab PhasesElektra
21 Egberto Gismonti UntitledEMI Odeon
22 Francis Bebey Binta MandialoTrikont
23 Hermeto MourningMuse
24 Ba-Benzele UntitledWhite
25 Neo UntitledCDR
26 Ken Mcintyre UntitledInner City
27 S.O.L.A.R. RainbowAtlanta 1983
28 Carnival UntitledWhite
29 Caetano Veloso UntitledPhilips 45
30 Luis Arudo UntitledRed
31 Erik Rico Peace Of MindCDR
32 Tom Ze TocContinental
33 Antonio Carlos E Jocafi 'Tereza GuerreiraRCA/Victor
34 Amado Maita Samba De AmigoCensura
35 Imyra, Tayra, Ipy, Taiguara Aquarela De Um Pais Na LuaOdeon
36 Domingo Enino GraciososPhillip
37 Gotan Project DifferenteWhite
38 UFO My Future DreamsVerve
Zimmerservice (19-21)
  mit Martin Blumenau

Im Sumpf (21-23)
  mit Fritz Ostermayer und Thomas Edlinger

Mark Stewart & the Maffia Live
Am 30. Oktober 2005 gastierte der Ex-Sänger der "Pop Group" und spätere Durchlauferhitzer von Postpunk, Funk, Industrial und Dub im Wiener Flex. Das Konzert präsentierte den Briten in nach wie vor unversöhntem, paranoidem Weltzorn und die Original "Maffia" (Doug Wimbish, Skip McDonald, Keith LeBlanc und Mischpult-Hexenmeister Adrian Sherwood) in furioser Spielfreude. Wir bringen eine etwa 70-minütigen Mitschnitt.

Radio Russendisko
Wladmir Kaminer und Juriy Gurzhy offerieren den nächsten Produktschlager ihres Kulturimportunternehmens aus dem Wilden Osten.
Graue Lagune (23-00)
  mit Fritz Ostermayer

New York Noise Vol. 2 - Music From The New York Underground 1977 - 1984
u.a. mit Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham, Jill Kroesen, Sonic Youth, Don King, Clandestine, Mofungo, Y Pants, The Del-Byzantines (featuring Jim Jarmusch
Liquid Radio (00-01)
  Mikkel Metal - Victimizer in the Mix
(Kompakt release 30.1.2006)
Make no mistake that this is our main man in Denmark.
After three singles on KOMPAKT and a slew of releases on his own label Echocord, Copenhagen based Mikkel Meldgaard aka MIKKEL METAL presents his first full length of new material.
MIKKEL METAL has always refused to force himself on the listener, rather acting as a commentator on what can occur from a higher state of conscience, without provoking any sort of superiority complex. Arrogance is not his thing.
After all, this humble graduate of philosophy has recently turning thirty and entering fatherhood, a constant observer of his surroundings and himself.
VICTIMIZER is his self-invented expression.
The word characterizes people who always see themselves as the role of a victim. Those that always blame others as responsible for their miseries. The victimizer isn't able to take one's life into their own hands.
Those who come across such personalities know how severely these sorts can get on a person's nerves.
Deep breathing seemed to be the only cure to this sorry predicament.
MIKKEL METAL anticipates VICTIMIZER will serve as an alternative tranquilizer against such mistreatment of the soul VICTIMIZER gives new meaning to the proverb 'the more haste, the less speed' - his music shines with wisdom. Oh yes, there's one last thing before we leave you. Pay heed and be prepared to be bewildered as to where one should categorize this release. Though VICTIMIZER inspires from the fringes of dub, indie-rock, vocoder-pop and of course Minimal Techno, this album isn't so simple to pigeonhole in your encyclopedia of genres.
Genuinely, MIKKEL METAL has delivered dynamic, universal music that once again showcases the progressive growth and depth in KOMPAKT's blossoming family.

Soundpark (01-06)
  mit Marianne Lang

Ein Rückblick auf das gestrige Vorfinale des Protestsongcontests 2006 im Wiener ÖGB Kongresshaus, plus die akustische Vorstellung der 10 Finalisten. Die Grazer Alternative Hard-Pop Band "Facelift" hat ein neues Album. Deshalb gibt's ein Interview mit Sängerin Andrea und eine Listening-Session durch "Impossible Somethings". Die House of Pain-Punkerecke stattet uns einen Besuch ab und bringt die Band "Candy Beat Camp" mit. Und wie immer, werden jede Menge musikalische Neuzugänge aus dem Soundpark vorgestellt, von Hip Hop über Elektronik bis Rock.

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