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  Österreich |  23.2.2006 | 18:59 
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Programm: Freitag, 24. Februar
Morning Show (06-10)
  with Stuart Freeman
Update (10-12)
  with Dave Dempsey

Close Up: Movie Update

Termine | Prime Cuts: The Infadels - 'We are not the Infadels'
Reality Check (12-14)
  News of the Day with Hal Rock

* Bird Flu in Europe
* State of emergency in the Philippines following attempted coup
* Record robbery in UK - how it was done, and how the money might be laundered
* The British National Party and the Mohammed cartoons
Connected (14-17)
  mit Claudia Unterweger

Heuer findet zum 12. Mal der Flüchtlingsball statt. Gerald Votava moderiert gemeinsam mit Mirjam Unger in der großen Festhalle. Heute schaut er gemeinsam mit Willi Resetarits im FM4-Studio vorbei und erzählt über die Ballvorbereitungen.

IT News
US-Investor steigt bei österreichischen Internettelefonie-Firma ein: (webaktivierte Telefonie) (Arthur Einöder)
Seit 2001 gibt es die Möglichkeit für KünstlerInnen einen Zuschuss für die Pensionsversicherung zu beantragen. Diese Förderung, ist unter anderem an ein Mindest- bzw. Maximaleinkommen geknüpft. Seit Herbst haben 900 der rund 3500 im Jahr 2001 geförderten KünstlerInnen eine Rückzahlungsaufforderung für die Zuschüsse im Jahr 2001 bekommen - 300 da sie zuviel verdient haben, 600 da sie 2001 über kein Ergebnis unter ihrem Einkommenssteuerbescheid aufweisen konnten, das über der Geringfügigkeitsgrenze liegt. Karl Schmoll hat mit Daniela Koweindl von der ig Bildende Kunst über das umstrittene Fördermodell gesprochen.
Update (17-19)
  mit Heinz Reich

Close Up: Movie Update

Termine | Luna News | Prime Cuts: The Infadels - 'We are not the Infadels'
Jugendzimmer (19-20.15)
  mit Elisabeth Scharang

Die allmonatliche Ausgabe von Liebesflügel&Sexmuffel
mit dem Team von "Achtung Liebe!"
Salon Helga (20.15 bis 21.30)
  Mit Stermann und Grissemann
La Boum de Luxe: Dog's bollocks (21.30-06)
  the breaks and beats show presented by D.Kay, Slack Hippy and Prof. Alive

February always catches us out, what with it being the shortest month in the year. And us in the Dogs Bollocks Hundes Heim thinking we have an extra week to plan and construct the Breaks and Beats to make your brain go bleep with that dancing message for your feet ; ()
So, we got it wrong, which involved a lot of running around and stressing Djs and record shops for fine new sounds.
We were, however, successful and have organised a fine friday night/saturday morning programm for all you music lovers out there.
 DKAY TRACK LIST 21:30-00:00 
artist title label
1 unknownmagnolias???
2 logisticsblackouthospital
3 concord dawnnever give upuprising
4 tc feat jakesdeepvalve
5 high contrastremember the futurethe contrast
6 twisted individualswan cake???
7 high contrastdays go bythe contrast
8 krustmaintain (tc rmx)V
9 freshnervousbreakbeat kaos
10 dave angelbrothers (xrs rmx)liquid V
11 concord dawnbroken eyesuprising
12 krustwarhead (tc rmx)V
13 matrixamerican beauty rmx???
14 concord dawnsay your wordsuprising
15 logisticsthunder childhospital
16 marcus intalexprincess warriorsoulr
17 bad companytrue romance vip???
 DnB TOP 5 Februar 2006 
artist title label
1 baronat the drive inbreakbeat kaos
2 high contrast vs logisticsif i couldhospital
3 tactilemist (klute rmx)timeless
4 noisia+phacehomeworldcitrus
5 hype+jmajiklook to the futuredubplate killaz
Cutting edge drum and bass awaits you when d.kay takes over the mic and selectionn. the hottest tracks on the scene guaranteed, he will take you on a journey throught the whole dnb universe, spanned around the globe. expect new flavors from the likes of dj fresh, nutone, matrix, chase and status, and many more. also listen out for ticket giveaways for your favourite party and the dates section, presenting you the best club nights all over austria. tune in, brock out!!

Slack Hippy and Prof. Alive presenting the hottest new tunes from the Anything Goes Universe just down the road from the D&B universe.

 DKAY representin' the dogs bollocks!
DJ Rosenauer presents Le Garage. A mix of Garage, Dub Step and Grime No Tracklist available.

Paul Murphy - head honcho of AfroArts Records, UK sent a friend of ours a mix. He gave it to us , and we give it to you.
 01.50 playlist Paul Murphy 
artist title label
 Juju OrchestraHipnessAudiopharm
 Paul MurphySoul callAfro Art
 Alan GlenStone fox chaseSoundboy
 Jose Mangual JrMantecca 77True Ventures
 ? ??
 Sicania SoulLife is a TreeIrma
 Buddy Rich & Eric DelaneyFragmentsStudio to Stereo
 Ray City BowlerShalalaGrande Buffo
 Jazz Juicethe KickerFreestyle
 Danny LewisBallisticaDefected
 Sly ButtermilkAutumn
 Third WorldPapa was a rolling stoneTappa
 Danny LewisGhost DogAfro Art
 DJ Farrapo &YanezBaiano Vem Baiano VaiAfro Art
 Quantic Soul OrchestraEnd of the RoadTru Thoughts
 Wilson PickettSoulDance 3Atlantic
Mafie Electronique (Belgrade/Serbia): New School Electronics Mix
 02.50 playlist Mafie Electronique 
artist title
 Mafie ElectroniqueHigh Tension
 SantosTry to Burn
 Atomic HooliganSeven 10 Split
 Depeche Mode Photographic (Rex the Dog Rmix)
 JCat feat AmbaGood Times (Atomic Hooligan rmx)
 PFNStich Up (Live at the Roxy)
 JinxTurbo (Spincycle Rmix)
 Tomas AnderssonWashing Up (Tiga Rmix)
 MyagiDirty Girls (Atomic Hooligan Rmix)
 Force Mass MotionSkyline
 Elite ForceReclaim the Airwaves (PMT Rmix)
 Mafie ElectroniqueMy name is James
 The BreakfastazKick It
 MulderListen to the Basstone
 KillahurtzKiss for the Dying (Hybrid Rmix)
D.Kay presents: Mat & Shnek Mc live im Tatort, Köln

Slack Attack. Part 2 of Slack Hippys 8 year old down beat mix made for the love of his life back in the days.
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