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  Österreich |  15.7.2006 | 18:08 
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Programm: Sonntag, 16. Juli
Morning Show (06-10)
  with Hal Rock
Sunny Side Up (10-13)
  with John Megill
 A Little Soul 
artist title
 Serge Gainsbourg Requiem pour un C
 Ramsey Lewis Eternal Journey
 Randy Crawford Cajun Moon
 Lebron Bros. Funky Blues
 Roy Ayers The Boogie Back
 Quinteto Violado Vaquejada
  Serge Gainsbourg - Requiem pour un C (1969)
Whatever you might say about Serge Gainsbourg, it has probably been said before and probably by Gainsbourg himself. Was there ever a man or woman more intent on self-promotion? Whether burning a 500 franc note on television, writing a reggae take-off on 'La Marseillaise' or appearing half naked with his 14-year-old daughter in the video for 'Lemon incest', Gainsbourg always kept his name in print and his face on the covers of magazines and newspapers. His impact on French music is inestimable, and his admirers include many who found his lifestyle objectionable. With over 200 songs recorded by everyone from Juliette Gréco and Yves Montand to Alain Chamfort and Vanessa Paradis, Serge Gainsbourg reached an audience that spanned generations and musical eras.

Ramsey Lewis - Eternal Journey (1968)
16.7., Birdland

Jazz legend, composer, and pianist Ramsey Lewis has been referred to as 'the great performer", a title reflecting his performance style and musical selections which display his early gospel playing and classical training along with his love of jazz and other musical forms. A native Chicagoan (born May 27, 1935), Mr. Lewis represents the great diversity of music for which Chicago is noted. By 1965, he was one of the nation's most successful jazz pianists, topping the charts with 'The In Crowd', 'Hang On Sloopy' and 'Wade In The Water'. He has three Grammy Awards and seven gold records to his credit.
  Randy Crawford - Cajun Moon (1995)
20.7., Schlossberg, Graz

Randy Crawford's initial notoriety came from her fiery vocal on Joe Samples 'Street life', a 1979 song matching her with the Crusaders that was included on the soundtrack for Burt Reynolds' film 'Sharky's Machine'. Earlier she worked with Bootsy Collins, Quincy Jones, and Cannonball adderly. The 48 year singer's other hits include 'One day i'll fly away', and 'You might need somebody'.

Lebron Bros. - Funky Blues (1975)
The Lebron Brothers were an icon between 1968 and 1974 with an array of hits and the fact that they were recording many of their songs in English. The latin superstars Brothers, cool-looking dudes who are still recording today. 'Funky Blues' is a boogaloo version of 'Summertime'. It's hot steamy, dirfty, funky and bad.
  Roy Ayers - The Boogie Back (1974)
22.7., Wiesen

The genius of Roy Ayers spans decades. From the '70s to the present day, his music continues to be supported by performers and audiences of various genres. It was the fusion of jazz, soul, and dance music that impacted the afro-heads of his day. Currently, a new generation of dreads, weaves, and baldheads are enjoying the fruit of his labor. By sampling or covering his hits, many R&B and rap artists have prompted a Roy Ayers revival. Although successful, today's use of his music is merely an introduction to this legend. Roy Ayers has proven that songs don't have to be weighed down with pounds of lyrics to be a hit.

Quinteto Violado - Vaquejada (1973)
The brazilian group started in 1971, rescuing and reviewing traditional and folk northeastern music through the utilization of classical music elements. They have made or played in over 25 albums since 1972, performing all over Brazil and in other countries. They have also established a consistent educational work, giving workshops at schools in Pernambuco/Brazil. By the late 90s, they created the Quinteto Violado Foundation to promote culture.
Festivalradio (13-17)
  mit Natalie Brunner

Live vor Ort berichten die FM4 Festival-Reporter von den schönsten Momenten, größten Campingplätzen, schlimmsten Backstageräumen, ergreifendsten Konzerterlebnissen. Dazu gibt's Interviews, Hintergrundberichte, Livemitschnitte, Ticketverlosungen, Festivalupdates und die Lieblingsplatten der Festivalbands.

Heute unter anderem vom Nuke und vom Poolbar Festival.

Plus: die Soundpark-Highlights der Woche.

Im Gästezimmer: Adam Green
Adam Green beim Nuke Festival 2006 [more]
artist title
 Bob MarleyHigh Tide,Low Tide
 France Gall Poupée de cire, poupée de son
 Bad BrainsIn the house of suffering
 Tony BennettStranger in paradise
 The StrokesOn the other side
 Roy OrbisonCrying
World Wide Show (17-19)
  with Gilles Peterson
Zimmerservice (19-21)
  mit Martin Blumenau

Im Sumpf (21-23)
  mit Ostermayer und Edlinger

Alles bleibt anders? Zum Prinzip Wiederholung

Alle schon mal da gewesen, ewig grüßt das Murmeltier: Copy & Paste. Imitate, Zitate, Simulationen, Remixe, Cover, Kopien, Plagiate. TV-Serien, Moden, Musikstile. Liebesfreuden, Liebesleiden. Hunger auf Schnitzel, Lust auf Sex. [more]

Graue Lagune (23-00)
  Sommerserie 'Festplatten-Platten' (Teil 1)
fm4 playlist    
artist title
1 Crime And The City SolutionGrain Will Be Grain
2 Inca BabiesTwo Rails To Nowhere
3 Goodbye Mr. MackenzieJims Killer
4 Goodbye Mr. MackenzieTitanic
5 SpasmodiqueYour Boyfriend
6 SpasmodiqueMarcus Was
7 HullaballooBlow Me Fucking Canada
8 Coyote And The Lost DakotasUnchained
9 Jazz ButcherMy Destert
10 Anthony MoreJudy Get Down
11 Anthony MoreLucia
12 JamesReally Hard
13 Supreme DicksAll That Returns
14 Fallen AngelsChasing Dreams
15 Fallen AngelsGoodnight Darling
Liquid Radio (00-01)
  Switchstance Records - 'Fantastic Freeriding (The Next Chapter)' in the mix

Das Label Switchstance Records aus Deutschland hat sich im Rahmen diverser Boardsport-Events (u.a. Air & Style, Burton European Tour) einen Namen gemacht und fährt musikalisch das volle Programm zwischen elektronischen und organischen Beats, Uptempo und Downtempo, Jazz und Funk, Dub und Afro. Die aktuelle Labelcompilation 'Fantastic Freeriding (The Next Chapter)' gibt's jetzt im Plattenladen eures Vertrauens.

artist title
 KABANJAK Revelation Dub
 PROTASSOV Butterfly Dub
 KABANJAK Night People
 DEELA Makulu
 DEELA Danube Bird
 DEELA Swing The Dictum
 SUBROK MISSION Groovin Smooth
Soundpark (01-06)
  mit Mari Lang

Diesmal: Your Ten Mofo | Emilys Vater | The Seesaw | Scream Records | Mieze Medusa & Tenderboy [more]

FM4 Soundpark - Your Place For Homegrown Music

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