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  Österreich |  24.12.2006 | 18:39 
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Programm: Montag, 25. Dezember
Morning Show (06-10)
  with Duncan Larkin
Sunny Side Up (10-13)
  with Hal Rock
 The Very Best Of Little Soul 
artist title
 Enoch Light & The Light Brigade Bond Street (1969)
 Roberta Flack Go Up Moses (1971)
 Stevie Wonder Village Ghetto Land (1976)
 Mildred Clark & The Melodyaires I'm Going On (1974)
 Claudine Longet Let's Spend The Night Together (1966 )
 Perez Prado Mambo Nr. 5 (1978)
  Enoch Light & The Light Brigade - 'Bond Street' (1969)
Taken from the the ultra rare album 'Spaced Out'. Enoch Light was a popular bandleader of the '40s and '50s who is best known for his Persuasive Percussion and Provocative Percussion albums of the mid-'50s, which were some of the first albums to exploit the capabilities of stereo recording and 35mm film as a recording devise. One of the most notable features of these albums were their 'ping-pong stereo,' which featured the music jumping from the left speaker to the right, and vice versa.

Roberta Flack - 'Go Up Moses' (1971)
Taken from the album 'Quiet Fire'. 'Go Up Moses' is a loping funky groove with a terrific spoken exhortation by Flack, who co-wrote with Joel Dorn and Jesse Jackson. You could argue that the gentle soul sound espoused by Roberta Flack, was R&B's answer to soft rock; you could also argue it just developed from the more contemplative work of Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding. In any case, her crystal-clear voice and classy arrangements sold a pile of records and spawned a whole school of imitators. Since the late 70s she's struggled commercially, though she was been pushed back into the spotlight by a smash cover version of her signature song, 'Killing Me Softly With His Song,' by the Fugees.
  Stevie Wonder - 'Village Ghetto Land' (1976)
Stevie Wonder mastered Motown's distinctive fusion of pop and soul and went on to compose far more idiosyncratic music, an ambitious hybrid of sophisticated Tin Pan Alley chord changes an R&B energy, infected with jazz, reggae, and African Rhythms. Born Steveland Morris May 13, in Saginaw, Michigan. Stevie Wonder was placed in an incubator and given too much oxygen, causing permanent sight loss. In 1976 he released his masterpiece double album entitled 'Songs in the Key of Lif'e. This album runs the gamut of different musical styles, from the baroque classical in 'Village Ghetto Land' to the gospel soul of 'As,' the fusion jazz of 'Contusion'to the all-out funk of 'I Wish.' and the boogie-woogie jazz of 'Sir Duke' to the Middle-East influenced 'Pastime Paradise,'

Claudine Longet - 'Let's Spend The Night Together' (1966 )
This lithe French chanteuse rendered gentle, breathy treatments of pop songs on several sophisticated '60s albums, had a notable turn in the Peter Sellers movie 'The Party', and started living the celebrity life that would end in tragedy and scandal in the mid-'70s, when she allegedly shot and killed her lover, a handsome and dashing skier named Spider Sabich.

Perez Prado - 'Mambo Nr. 5' (1978)
Perez Prado pretty much invented mambo, plain and simple. Sure, you can point to earlier artists as having laid some of the groundwork for it, but it was Prado who brought it all together as one genre. Forties/Fifties latin-pop crossover star Prado enjoyed a renaissance four decades later with this UK chart favourite and Lou Bega¹s cover of his Mambo No 5.
Christmas Day mit Jan Delay (13-15)
  Ja, Jan Delay bestreitet am 25. Dezember diese zweistündige Sendung auf FM4. Zu hören gibt es zum einen seine ganz persönlichen all-time-favourites, zum anderen einige der Songs des Jahrgangs 2006, die ihn besonders beeindruckt haben. Also auf der einen Seite Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Public Enemy oder The Meters, auf der (aktuelleren) wiederum Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Justin Timberlake oder Snoop Dog. Ein feines, zweistündiges Musikprogramm, handverlesen von dem großen Funk-Reggae-Rap-Popper Jan Delay.
Connected (15-17)
  mit Gerlinde Lang

FM4 Ombudsmann
Best of FM4 Radio Sessions (17-19)
  Boris Jordan präsentiert Ausschnitte aus den Akustik- Sessions von Donavon Frankenreiter, José Gonzáles, Lambchop, Jeb Loy Nichols, Placebo, Boy Omega und Bishops. [more]
 Best of FM4 Radio Sessions,
Montag, 25.12.2006 (17-19)
artist title
Move By Yourself (Frankenreiter)
 Butterfly (Frankenreiter)
 Stay Young (Gallagher/Lyle)
 José GonzálesHeartbeats (The Knife)
 Crosses (Gonzales)
 Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)
 Lambchop Paperback Bible
  The Militant
  The Man Who Loved Beer
  You Masculine You
 Jeb Loy NicholsAs The Rain
  A Few Good Times
 Post Blue
 In The Cold Light Of Morning
 Pierrot The Clown
 Teenage Angst
 Song To Say Goodbye
 Because I Want You
 Boy Omega Leafless
  We Might Not Be Real
 BishopsI Can't Stand It Anymore
  So High
  House In The Desert
Homebase Parade (19-22)
  Kristian Davidek erfüllt Musikwünsche

Heartbeat (22-00)
  Eva Umbauer präsentiert Aktuelles aus der Indie&Alternative Pop&Rock-Welt.
 Heartbeat 25.12.06 
artist title
 My Brightest DiamondDragonfly
 Joan As Police WomanI defy
 Harper Lee He holds a flame
 The Sunshine UndergroundThe way it is
 Clinic Paradise
 I Am Kloot Strange without you
 My Bightest Diamond Golden star
 Aimee MannWhatever happened to Christmas
 Christina Carter Moving, intercepted
 Waitstill BaxterChained cowboys/FM4Heartbeat Session
 Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins[playlist: siehe unten]
 Viva VoceSpecial thing
 Dayna Kurtz Sloop John B.
 Centro-MaticDon't talk (put your head on my shoulder)
 MazarinI know there's an answer
 My Brightest Diamond The robin's jar
 The Long WintersClouds
 Chad Van Gaalen Sing me to sleep
 Now It's Overhead Night vision
 Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins @ Oxegen Festival, Irland 8.7.06 
artist title
 Big guns
 You are what you love
 Changing sky
 Rise up with fists
 Handle with care
 Jack killed mom
 Born secular
 Cold Jordan
Open Mike (00-01)
  'Brüchige Stimmen, brüchige Welt'

Astrid Schwarz spielt Musik von Tom Waits, Coco Rosie, Joanna Newsom, Antony & The Johnsons u.v.m. [more]
Sleepless (01-06)
  with Joe Joe Bailey

03-05: Solid Steel Radio Show
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