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  Österreich |  29.12.2006 | 18:31 
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Programm: Samstag, 30. Dezember
Morning Show (6-10)
  with Stuart Freeman
Update (10-13)
  with Hal Rock

Best of Prime Cuts: The Veils - 'Nux Vomica'
Trail of Dead - 'So Divided' | Termine | DVD Corner: Die Praxis der Liebe (erschienen in der Edition österreichischer Film)
FM4 Unlimited (13-15)
  DJ Beware, DJ Functionist und Gäste in the mix.

Mehr Infos:
2006 on 45 (15-0)
  mit Kristian Davidek

Die besten Dance- und Club-Tracks des beinahe schon vergangenen Jahres, ausgewählt und gemixt von den besten internationalen und österreichischen DJs.

Alle Infos samt Tracklists gibt es hier.

Sleepless (00-05)
  with JoeJoe Bailey

Digital Konfusion Mixshow

THE LAST SHOW - of this year! And we're all the way live!

Usually, the DK Mixshow is on air between 1 and 3am. But today, it's gonna be different! First of all - as it is the last show of this year - we're starting an hour early. Secondly, we've even extended the show until 5 o'clock!

So, what to do with such an amount of time? Well, back again on the decks are those 5 DJs that evoked the most feedback through their DKM-sets that they played during the last 12 months:

DJ San Pedro (Cream Art Collective, VIE). He's due to flavour your speakers with the finest mash of Funk, Soul and Breaks!

Next one in the line, it's Miss Protexid from Steyr. The Female Pressure DJ will bring the latest Tech-House tunes up in your eardrums!

Miss Protexid is followed by DJ Laszlo. You might know him as the opening DJ of Beat It at Flex - and if not, be assured, you're going to remember his name after his Electro-Breaks set!

Later on, it's DJ Crisp's (Tag Team, VIE) pleasure to play the HipHop-hour of today's extra-large, party-banging DK Mixshow.

All together 4 DJs? Right? Yes, true! ... The DJ of the 5th hour is a special surprise!

Have a great and a happy new year!

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Liquid Radio (05-06)
  Wiederholung des Winter Dub Specials vom 17.12.06
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