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  Österreich |  30.12.2006 | 18:57 
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Programm: Sonntag, 31. Dezember
Morning Show (06-10)
  with Stuart Freeman
Sunny Side Up (10-13)
  with John Megill

Holiday Special:
The Very Best Of Little Soul
  Chakachas - 'The Party' (1972)
Fake latin funk straight outta Belgium. Gaston Boogaerts was the alleged leader of the group, but investigation proved that Chakachas were a bunch of Belgian studio musicians looking to made some money on the side via outside work. They hired a New York band, Barrio, to do live dates. In 1972 Chakachas released their only hit, 'Jungle Fever' reaching towards the top 10.

Lalomie Washburn - 'Man Power' (1977)
Lalomie "Marion" Washburn, nickname "Lomie", often provided background vocals for Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones albums, but despite her own disco release in 1977, 'My Love Is Hot', she is best known as a songwriter. Lalomie was also the featured vocalist with the group Hi Voltage during the Eighties. Lomie died in september 2004.

Irene Reid / Moondance (1970)
Jazz legend Irene Reid has been a singer all of her life. In 1947, she won the Apollo Theater Amateur Hour for five consecutive weeks. From 1948 to 1950, she was the vocalist for Dick Vance, the big band at the famous Savoy Ballroom. As a result of her stint with Dick Vance, Count Basie asked Irene to audition with his band, and she sang with Basie from 1961-62. There were European tours during this period, with appearances in Sweden, Switzerland, England, France and Australia. She has appeared in 'The Wiz' on Broadway and shared stage billings with Carmen McRae, Sarah Vaughn, Aretha Franklin, B.B. King and many others.
  Mereilles - 'O Orvalho Vem Caindo' (1966)
More madness feat.the Brazilian masterdrummer Meirelles & his Orchestra. Taken from his 60s album 'Bossa Nova Fire Relax.'

Bossa 70 - 'Get Out Of My Way' (1971)
This incredible funky tune was recorded in 1971 in Lima, Peru by this relatively unknown 6 piece ensemble, called Bossa 70. This cut is simple very rare and very funky.

The Undisputed Truth / Showtime (1979)
The Undisputed Truth served as the launching pad for producer Norman Whitfield's funk experiments. The original trio of Joe Harris, Brenda Joyce and Billie Ray Calvin was assembled from two struggling groups that couldn't land a deal, the Delicates and the Preps. Whitfield hooked them up with a classic song for their debut single, 'Smiling Faces Sometimes'. They piddled along for the next couple of years, landing moderate hits like 'Help Yourself' and "Big John Is My Name;" they also recorded the original version of 'Papa Was A Rolling Stone'. LPs such as Face to Face and The Undisputed Truth were loaded with extended psychedelic funk jams with plenty of experimentation in the mix. The cumulative effect was reminiscent of Funkadelic, whom Whitfield had obviously been checking out.
Doppelzimmer (13-15)
  Mona und Hermes plaudern sich mit euch durch den Silvesternachmittag
FM4 Jahrescharts (15-19)
  mit Kristian Davidek

Die großen 50 - die besten Songs des Jahres 2006. Die Spannung ist groß: welcher von den vielen formidablen Ohrwürmern schafft es auf Platz Eins? Oder ist es ein Außenseiter, der sich unbemerkt an allen fast schon sicheren Siegern vorbeischleicht? Am letzten Tag des Jahres um 19:00 werden wir es wissen ...
Projekt X Silvesterstadl (19-0:30)
  mit den Hauptprojektleitern Haipl, Knötzl und Votava

Die Hauptprojektleiter gestalten den Übergang in das neue Jahr garantiert ohne Pummerinläuten und Donauwalzertanzen - obwohl, so genau weiß man's bei ihnen nicht ...
FM4 Silvester Partymix (0:30-08)
  mit Gerlinde Lang

Nach Mitternacht fängt die Silvesterparty erst so richtig an, die richtige Musik dazu liefert Gerlinde Lang mit dem FM4 Partymix.

Folgende DJ Mixes werden gespielt:

3h: Moonbootica
4h: M.A.N.D.Y.
5h: Âme
6h: Martin Solveig
7h: Nightmares on Wax (leider keine Playlist)
 FM4 Silvester Partymix: Moonbootica (3-4) 
artist title
 Marc Romboy vs. Stephan Bodzin Atlas
 Booka Shade In White Rooms
 Ante Perry Beach Power
 Fuckpony Ride The Pony
 DJ T vs. Booka Shade Queen Lucid
 Marlow & Delhia Movin (Matthias Tanzmann Remix)
 Gui Boratto Sozinho
 Bini & Martini Stop (Luca Bacchetti Remix)
 Trentemoeller Killer Kat
 Moonbootica Support Wildside
 Gus Gus ft. Daniel Agust Moss
 Hugg & Pepp Snabeln
 FM4 Silvester Partymix: M.A.N.D.Y. (4-5) 
artist title label
 SideshowPhilly Soundworks Simple
 Bad Mouth Anymore (Luke Solomon Remix)FMR
 Martin Buttrich Lazy Bastard Pokerflat
 DJ T. Lucky Bastard Get Physical, unreleased
 Anthony Collins Fortuna Get Physical, unreleased
 Sebo K Horizons (Exercise One Remix)
 Guido Schneider Transmission Pokerflat
 Efdemin Lohn & BrotLeiebe Detail
 Ion O'Brian Docker (Martin Buttrich Remix)
 Reynold Intercity Trenton
 Depeche Mode Sinner in me (Ricardo Remix)
 ShinedoeBerlin - Amsterdam
 Novox Boopie Trap Balkon Rec
 FM4 Silvester Partymix: Âme (5-6) 
artist title
 Laurie Spiegel Appalachian Grove 1
 New Musik 24 Hours From Culture Part II
 Double Woman Of The World (Instrumental)
 Nexus Stand Up
 Coldcut ft. Robert Owens Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Henrik Schwarz Mix)
 Atjazz For Real (Version Mix)
 Ben Westbeech So Good (Yoruba Soul Remix)
 Jonny L This Time (Carl Craig Remix)
 Chateau Flight Baroque
 Lucien-n-Luciano Stone Age
 Capracara Flashback 86
 Funtopia ft. Jimi Polo D.Y.W.K. (Derrick May Remix)
 Ame Nia
 Jump Cutz vol 5 Deep Introspection
 Ashra Sunrain
 FM4 Silvester Partymix: Martin Solveig (6-7) 
artist title
 Lee Fields I Got A Woman
 Next Evidence It¿s Only Right
 Jackson Sisters I Believe In Miracles
 The Chi-lites Are You My Woman
 Incredible Bongo Band Apache
 The Rebirth Evil Vibrations
 Kurtis Blow The Breaks
 George Clinton Atomic Dog
 Charlatans NYC (No Need To Stop)
 Francine McGee Delirium
 Cloud One Happy Music
 Martin Solveig Rejection
 Bugz In The Attic Booty La La
 John Arnold & Paul Randolph Rise Up
 Martin Solveig ft. Stephy Haik Cabo Parano
 Monica Nogueira Eu Vou Lever (DJ Gregory Remix)
 Jorge Ben Oba La Vem Ela
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