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  Österreich |  20.6.2002 | 10:56 
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Mitarbeiter des Tages: Duncan Larkin
  name: Duncan Larkin
show: Morning Show
born in: Kensington
(lived in Essex, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Scotland)
My Family Tree (without tree)
  When I was small, in fact until the age of 2 , I was dressed in what can only be described as white dresses. This was just the fashion among the trendy socialite babies where I lived... but it could have been worse... My grandfather Alf Cane (as in my middle name) is pictured here with his mother, (and what a friendly soul she looked) he is done up in his best sailor suit, as were most little boys around 1890...The closest he ever got to the sea was unloading cargo ships at the London docks where he drove a massive crane for 40 years or more. The dockers never stole anything that fell out of broken boxes (or the boxes they broke)... they called it "liberating"!

Joan Rosanna Lucy Larkin
  Grandfather Cane grew up, despite the first world war and produced two children... Tony, my uncle, (not pictured) and this little lady, Joan Rosanna Lucy who seems very happy to be on holidays somewhere on Englands south coast, in 1933 ... but then she did not know that she was going to be my mother.

The House I Grew Up
  This is the house I grew up in for the first 2 years of my life. It is still there, in the Kings road, Chelsea, and although it has changed it's uses over the years, having been a dairy, a supermarket, a DIY shop and many a trendy fashion clothes store: I don't know what they sell there now, but the cow's head at the top is still clearly visible, even today. I don't really remember living there.

"Hello Bugger"...
  I expect we all have at least photo of ourselves wearing clothes mummy bought, in a hole that daddy dug for us on a beach somewhere in Europe? Well, this is mine.
I was about 3 years old and still couldn't talk except to say "Hello" . My mum used to say that if it wasn't for Marks and Spencers clothes shop, I would have been naked at this age... the second word I learned was "Bugger"... I wonder if there is any connection?

Alan Charles Larkin
  ... my dad. He was a Royal Marine for nearly 20 years and taught people how to shoot guns and how to kill each other with their hands, he had a very loud voice and a frightening look when he was angry ... I did not use to argue with him very often. But I miss him now.

Spittin' YaYa
  I actually remember this photograph being taken in our garden by my swing. It was the world Cup that England won... (the last one) and although I felt very proud to be wearing the Tee shirt, I did not want to stand next to YaYa, (my maternal Grandmother) because she was always giving me wet kisses and spit wipes with her handkerchief, if I ever got food or ice cream around my mouth... I can still remember those spit wipes too... Euuugh...

Dressed Up
  Well, as you know you can see me or any of the other presenters every day in the webcam, so here is one that shows me at my very best when I go out to parties. I like dressing up and impressing people with my sartorial elegance, very much like Hermes does when he is out and about for FM4. This was at a private party... thank god, say so many people.

  The party went on, and on and on and the make up came off and off and off...This is at the time we all started to swap clothes and costumes... fortunately I was dragged of home before it got any worse.

Osama Ben Larkin
  There I was walking along a beach in Tunisia in May , when a man with a camel came up to me and asked me to get dressed up all over again. I even rode the camel afterwards...
This I suppose is the "Osama Ben Larkin" pose. Tunisia is a beautiful country, but the robes and the camels really smellt...

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  Remembering Duncan Larkin
Duncan Larkin died on Sunday, 21.9. 2008 in Vienna following an extended illness. He was 49 years old. Joe Remick remembers a friend and colleague he had the honour of knowing for the past 16 years.
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