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Vienna | 6.9.2008 | 14:55 
God, what's happening in the world! A reality check on the web.

Chris, DaddyD, Zita

3 weeks to go!
  It's all eyes on Sunday September 28th for the Austrian elections. And with just 3 weeks to go before Election Day, Reality Check has been focusing upon some of the main talking points. We've also been looking at what the current surveys are telling us and early feelings about which parties could go into coalition together. One of things we try to get to the bottom of is: how do voters really feel about the election? And for that we tuned to to SORA's Eva Zeglovits who explained that there are some new issues for the electorate to consider like rising prices and how the individual parties are promising to tackle this.
  There are some interesting new/old dynamics in these elections. For example, the SP's new leader, Werner Faymann, is placing his five point anti-inflation plan on the table. Jrg Haider is back in the limelight again after taking over the leadership of the BZ. He's faired rather better in some of the TV debates so far but is he, like the FP, offering any real election platform or is it more about slogans on posters and election rhetoric?

  What is also interesting for election watchers is the fact that both the SP & VP are hitting problems when it comes to getting a consistent message across to the electorate and really appealing to voters. In fact, most of the polls to date say both of these parties are likely to lose support on Election Day. So if they are down in the polls, which of the smaller parties are taking the most amount of advantage out of the situation?
Many are scratching their heads wondering not only what will really happen on Election Day but when the dust on September 28th has settled, who will marry themselves together with whom and what will this mean for the future direction of the country?
  As well as SORA's Eva Zeglovits, Herbert Lackner from Profil Magazine & Thomas Hofer from H&P Public Affairs present us with their thoughts to date.

title: Reality Check: Austrian Elections - 3 weeks to go
length: 17:02
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