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Vienna | 24.7.2009 | 09:48 
God, what's happening in the world! A reality check on the web.

Chris, DaddyD, Zita

|:::The eight years of George W. Bush
After eight years of moaning and groaning, I've searched long and hard to come up with eight pleasanter aspects of the Bush years. It took some doing. [more]
18:43 MET
|:::Sri Lanka
an island paradise with the spectre of terror. But after a quarter of a century of fighting is this the last stand for the Tamil Tigers? [more]
12:02 MET
|:::Reality Check Special (12-13)
Professor Peter Duesberg has challenged the virus-AIDS hypothesis and started a controversy. [more]
11:15 MET
  |:::Obama & Science
Space, particle accelerators, stem-cell research. And will the new Science Officer have the President's ear? [more]
16:01 MET
|:::There's a party goin' on
Yes we can? Yes we did. A historic night. The transition of power from Bush to a future President Obama! [more]
10:58 MET
  |:::It's Election Day in the US.
After months of campaigning are the Democrats really about to take back the Whitehouse? [more]
11:35 MET
|:::Meet the Republicans
Having spent the last few days in heavily Democratic Washington D.C. it was time to head into Republican territory ... [more]
18:31 MET
  |::: Seven days to go and then we'll know
Obama & Biden or McCain & Palin? Ahead of FM4's live coverage from Washington DC, Steve Crilley ponders the final week of campaigning. [more]
13:15 MET
|:::... and I feel fine
Prepare yourself for the end of the world: Swiss scientists are creating a hungry black hole - this Wednesday. [more]
11:23 MET
|:::Reality Check: 3 Weeks To Go
A close look on the Austrian Elections. [more]
14:55 MET
  |:::About Pollution and Tradition
Impressions from Beijing during the lead-up to the Olympics. [more]
19:39 MET
|:::Reality Check: A Quest for a Free Tibet
Richard Bennett has been causing great waves in a western world that campaigns ceaselessly for a free Tibet. [more]
11:45 MET
|:::Israel at 60!
On this Saturday's Reality Check: Sixty years after the declaration of Independence, how should the world be marking this anniversary? [more]
10:06 MET
  |:::1968 and all that!
Love, peace and demonstrations: Where have all the protests gone? The Spring of '68 epitomized the protest generation but are we more bothered about what's on our iPods? [more]
21:48 MET
  |:::Reality Check Special: Poker
Poker is booming once again - but what's driving young people to hit the tables and win the big cash. [more]
18:01 MET
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